A Twist in the Game

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Hermione Granger lay in her bed, staring at the dark and uninteresting ceiling. 'Yet another night in my life,' she thought to herself. She waited for sleep to overcome her, but it did not. She scowled at the ceiling, as if it was the fault of the ceiling she could not drift off into unconciousness.

A tapping at her window ensued, which cause Hermione to jump. She quickly realized it was an owl and rushed over to let the it in. It was a rather awkward one, she saw as the large, feathery thing flew in. It was big, black, and scary-looking really, but the thing flew to a corner in the room and huddled there like a small child being laughed at in the playground. Hermione neared it slowly, only to almost step on the piece of parchment it had dropped a few feet away from itself.

Hermione picked up the letter, and with a weary glance at the strange owl, she unfolded the parchment.


I know this is very sudden and strange, as I am sure you would not be expecting to receive a letter from the likes of me, Fred Weasley. But I am at my wits end. George has left me here at the Burrow for his honeymoon and I have been making the attempt to spend some time with my family. But, Ron, the miserable git, will absolutely not shut up about how much he adores you! I am quite sure you are already aware of this, and if not, surprise! I've tried every prank, every single witty thing I could conjure up, but there is no relief! I am asking you to please be my salvation.

'Who does he think I am, Jesus? I believe that's blasphemy,' She thought to herself and continued reading.

I am certain my Mum and Dad would be fine with you staying here, at the Burrow, and Harry is coming to stay also. I wasn't quite sure if you were coming this summer, but I could not bear any more of this! If you're here, Ron will shut up, for fear you'll find out (even though you know now) and I know it is a lot to ask, but please, please, for the sake of everyone else in this household, please, save us. I am sure it won't be too bad, Ron knows he has no chance...Well, unless of course, he does, which then, I would be thoroughly surprised, no offense...

Fred Weasley

"Well..." Hermione whispered to herself, "This is a bit odd...Fred owling me...Just to beg for me to come to the Burrow? Well, I thought I might get a break from Ron's advances...Ugh, I mine as well, it's better than my bleak life here..."

Hermione sat at her desk with a parchment and quill and began to write back to Fred.


Honestly, Ron and I are just friends and it is not changing. I suppose I will come, and as soon as possible, as I'm sure my parents won't mind. This is rather odd to receive a letter from you, you must be miserable. Well, I hope to see you soon, and please Fred, stay out of mischief.


She coaxed the big owl to her and handed it her letter. "Take this back to Fred please." She requested, then the owl quickly flew out her window and far away.

"This is going to be one hell of a summer," Hermione said to herself. She plopped onto her bed and laid back.

'Fred Weasley writing to me...' was the last thought she had, before finally drifting into slumber.

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