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Part II–Touch and Go

At around two in the morning, it became quite apparent to Tobin that someone else was sharing his black leather couch with him. A familiar perfume invaded his nostrils as he inhaled the scent of his companion. Silvia... Yes, it was definitely Silvia Broome. His body was resting on hers a little too forcefully, so he shifted his weight ever so slowly to relieve her of any discomfort. But not slowly enough...

"Hmm..." Silvia murmured in her sleep. She sank closer to his body warmth.

"Hey," he whispered back.

"Hey," a groggy, throaty sound escaped her mouth.

Her long eyelashes lifted up toward his similarly questioning eyes. She arched an eyebrow in protest.

"How long have I been asleep?" she asked, slowly stretching to sit up. "Or rather, how long have you been watching me sleep?"

A small smile began to curve at her lips. It made Tobin mirror her actions.

"Well, you know, that is what I do best–watch people."

He leaned down, much more boldly than earlier that night, to kiss her before her smile faded. However, she scooted shyly away from him on the couch. The moment she moved out of his body heat she regretted it.

"Tobin–" she offered his name as an apology, but it came across as a scold.

"Don't–you don't have to..." he slid his legs onto the ground and put his head in his hands.

While running his hands through his hair, he realized the conversation they had flirted with earlier was going to happen now. And it scared him to no end. He had never been so vulnerable in his life to another woman's actions, and he knew that Laurie's death was just a contributing factor–not the whole reason.

"Tobin," she began delicately. "Edmond Zuwanie is arriving here tomorrow afternoon...and now that Gamba is dead..."

Tobin felt that she was having a struggle within herself. Was there remorse in her voice? It couldn't be. Silvia had said she didn't want Zuwanie to die, and now he truly believed her, but what else could she possibly mean by the tone of her voice?

"And now that Gamba is dead, Zuwanie won't be assassinated," Tobin finished for her, begrudgingly. "Same old, same old," and then he said the words he didn't think he'd ever say again to her: "I don't think you're telling me the truth."

Silvia shot him back a hurt expression, though inwardly she knew it was true. What she was going to do tomorrow... Tobin had no idea. And that was the way she wanted it to remain. He'd never let her go through with her plan otherwise. However, she was dangerously close to slipping up with her plan and she decided it was time to leave, no matter how much it was going to hurt her. If things went according to schedule, she'd never see Edmond Zuwanie–Matobo's horrific "teacher"–again. Although, she'd never see Tobin Keller again, either.

"Why would I tell you it if it weren't the truth?" she sputtered, and he bristled, but then her tone softened. "The truth is...I'm leaving today. So I can't imagine that I'll–"

A pained expression came to his face, making her words stillborn, and he finally was able to hold her gaze. The sadness radiated from him in waves, and she stood up and grabbed her now dry cardigan from the edge of the coffee table. Tobin stood up with her, feeling his muscles tense with age and stress. He followed slowly behind her as she made her way to his door. Ever so softly she placed the sweater back on her arms, and Tobin reached out his arms to connect with her body again.

He gently slid his hands up and down her arms, warming her in a nervous habit of his that said, "Don't go." He brushed her bangs out of her face with one hand and he swallowed somberly.

"I can't believe I'm saying goodbye to you," he admitted, feeling his eyes well up.

"It's never really goodbye," she whispered, and he pulled her into a tight hug.

"It's not supposed to be goodbye..."

Silvia loosened her grip on him so that only her left hand was consumed in his right one. She pulled away from him and slowly looked him in the face. Uncertainty read across their faces like books. Unsure of himself, Tobin gritted his teeth in an attempt not to lose his cool. Silvia was impatient with him to let go of her hand, which he held in a vise-like grip, but at the same time, she just wanted him to move so that damn expectant look on his face would leave. Couldn't he see she was on the verge of tears? The verge of losing her nerve?

As if he had no restraint anymore, Tobin pulled Silvia back to him and kissed her with an urgency she had never felt from anyone before. She let out a little moan as she began to cry, realizing that this was all she would have left of him in her mind, and she didn't want it to end. Tears of his own began to mix with hers and no matter how hard he tried to keep her with him, he was losing the battle. If she would stay with him, it couldn't be because she felt grief for him and his own sorrows. God knew she had enough of her own. This was not the time for them to be together.

The intensity of their kissing had finally begun to dwindle and now he laid sweet kisses on her cheek, forehead, and eyes. He just didn't want to let go of her...

Silvia suddenly felt him pull away from her and an ill relief began to wash over her body. He was allowing her room to leave now. He had, to the best of his ability, accepted her departure. Without a word and only a long, meaningful glance of "will I ever see you again?" Silvia slipped out the door and down the elevator to wherever she was headed. Tobin could only gaze at the air that had once been occupied with her, in his still, dark and lonely apartment.

After sitting in the dark for two hours more, Tobin went up to his counter top and found his answering machine. After gazing at it for a long moment, Tobin deleted Laurie's last message home. What good would it do him just waiting there for him, haunting him? He went back to his couch and finally rolled over and slept, being able to smell the lingering scent of Silvia.

At about six, gray light began to shine through his large windows onto his face. Edmond Zuwanie would be arriving that very morning to speak to the General Assembly at the UN. Tobin's eyes were sore from the tears that had been shed only hours before. His face was lined with a hint of stubble and his clothes bore into him as he had slept uncomfortably in them the whole night.

A miserable feeling began to swell in the pit of his stomach. She's really gone. I can't believe she's gone...His eyes scanned to his coffee table and he saw a newspaper he had picked up the day before with a picture of the explosion remains of the bus on it. A thought dawned on him that gave him the slightest bit of hope.

Why would Silvia just leave the country...the very day the man who had her brother killed was visiting as a head of state, trying to keep the peace? It wasn't possible. Maybe there was a chance she would still be there–at the UN. If not, (as Tobin had been told what failed attempts on a man's life could due for his image) he needed to do his best to make sure nothing happened to Zuwanie. He owed her that much.

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