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From Out of the Past and Into Future Dreams 24


Unbeknownst to the newly awakened Stratus, he caused a chain reaction of awakenings. Tuxedo Mask instantly became Prince Endymion. Sailor Moon became the Moon Princess. Normally, Sailor Moon became the moon princess when she had to perform a task that only Princess Serenity could perform. She was in control all those times, but this time, something caused her to become the Moon Princess. It was the second time something caused her to transform. The first time was when all the rainbow crystals combined to create the silver crystal. This time, it was Stratus. She looked at Darien to find him to be Prince Endymion. One look and they both knew that Stratus was awake.

"Stratus," Prince Endymion said.

"Yes," said Serenity. "He's near."

Hermione's necklace only began flashing purple and Ron's watch green seconds before they stood as Amethyst and Agate. They looked confused for a short moment and went on fighting. Amethyst and Agate pulled their swords from their sheaths and attacked with their newfound powers. The awakenings did not end there—two more were about to commence.

Right after disarming and stunning a Death Eater, Professor Halos began having an excruciating headache. His eyes stung and he was not able to utter any more spells. He slipped into an empty classroom, just barely missing a curse shot at him. Amethyst jumped forward to allow him a safe escape, knowing that something was wrong with him and he could not fight anymore. A severing charm grazed her cheek and within a second, the wound healed.

"You'd have to do better than that!"

Agate cut a Death Eater's wand in half, then pushed the Death Eater so hard that he flew ten feet in the air. When Agate turned to another Death Eater, the Death Eater turned around and ran away. Agate hit the wall hard with his fist, sending vibrations down the wall in the direction the Death Eater was running. He caused a suit of armor to fall down in the Death Eater's way, tripping him. Agate felt as if he had a dozen strengthening potions. Agate knew where all the strength came from, though Ron did not. Ron Weasley was always tall and lanky. The muscle went to his brother Charlie. Now Ron felt, for a moment, what it was like to be as strong as Charlie—perhaps even stronger. When Ron became Agate, he had the strength of ten men. He was more protected than he had ever been. When a Death Eater sent a curse at him, there was a sudden shield around him but Agate was certain he had not performed a shielding charm. It was if Agate could not be touched.

Professor Halos staggered further into the room and slumped against the chalkboard. He held his head, moaning. Was he hit with a Headache Jinx not knowing it? Why was in so much pain? It was unbearable, causing his vision to go fuzzy. However, though the room was all blurry, he saw images clear as day: images of the Moon Princess, Prince Endymion, and the attack on the Moon Kingdom. He saw it as if he were there. A flood of images—no—memories came back to him. They were memories of his previous life on the moon as the Moon historian, Archon. His headache subsided and he stood up, no longer dressed as the Magical Mythology teacher but as he was a thousand years ago. He was dressed in white robes. While looking himself over, he heard the window break. He gasped and looked at it, only to see that two bodies had crashed into it. Glass flew everywhere; he shielded himself and looked down to see who it was.

"Dumbledore!" he exclaimed. "Sailor Venus?" He bent down and slapped her face. "Sailor Venus, can you hear me?"

Sailor Venus groaned and opened her eyes. "Hey…do I know you? Where did you come from?"

"I—I'm not sure really," replied Archon. "A short moment ago I was a teacher, and now I'm someone I once forgotten."

"What?" asked Sailor Venus.

Archon smiled. "That does not matter now. I should take you to the Hospital Wing."

There were more shouts and incantations. Archon looked at the door and back at Dumbledore and Sailor Venus.

"As soon as this ruckus is over," he said. "It's not safe right now."

Snape and Malfoy hurried down the stairs. They did not stop to fight anyone, they just on running. "We are leaving!" Snape announced. "Let's go!"

The Death Eaters paused then followed Snape and Malfoy.

"The Death Eaters are escaping!" Ginny exclaimed, who was slumped against the wall. "Stop them!"

Everyone moved to send an attack at the escaping Death Eaters, but someone prevented them from going any further. A man with long wavy dark auburn hair wearing a brown cape, white jacket and brown pants stepped in their way. He unsheathed his sword, swirled it sent a wave of energy at the running Death Eaters. They were thrown backward and rendered unconscious. Only one of them managed to get away with Snape and Malfoy.

"This is as far as you go," said the stranger, sliding his sword back in the sheath.

Princess Serenity gazed at him in surprise. "It can't be."

"Princess, who is that?" questioned Sailor Jupiter.

"Nephlyte?" mumbled Endymion, walking toward the man in the cape. "What are you doing here?"

"I'm not so sure myself," replied Nephlyte.

"Nephtlye!" exlciamed Sailor Mars. "But—we saw you die!"

"Hmm, yes, I think that is what happened to me," said Nephlyte, "but I heard someone telling me I deserved a second chance. We can discuss this later. We should gather the remaining Death Eaters and hold them in the dungeon."

"What about Snape and Malfoy?" questioned Agate. "We need to send someone after them."

Immediately after Agate pointed this out, someone was already on the case. Stratus ran down the hall, flipping over the Death Eaters lying on the ground. Stratus was so furious, he made the air around him hot as fire. He moved so quickly that the others hardly noticed him. Endymion looked after the gray and green blur.

"Who was that?" he wondered. "It can't be…can it?"

"Did you guys see that?" asked Sailor Mars. "What's going on here?"

Once the storm on the tower died down, Sailor Saturn was able to leave the tower and down to the level everyone was standing.

"Everybody!" she called. "I saw Stratus change!"


"Stratus is here," she said. "He is Harry Potter—I saw him change on the roof. He is very angry and he caused a storm. It was so fierce that the wind nearly blew me off the roof! I had to wait until he was in the castle before I could come in and tell you."

"Harry Potter?" said Serenity. "Are you sure?"

"I saw it with my own eyes!" Sailor Saturn exclaimed. "He saw Snape kill Venus and Dumbledore!"

"What, Sailor Venus and Dumbledore are dead?" Serenity said. "That can't be!"

"I saw him use the killing curse," said Sailor Saturn, "but they may have gotten out of the way in time."

"We need to go looking for them," said Sailor Mercury.

"You do that then," said Endymion. "I'm going after Stratus." Without another word, Endymion took off running."

Serenity looked at the scouts. "Let's round up the Death Eaters and see if we can find Sailor Venus and Dumbledore. I'm sure that they have survived, but they may be injured."



Snape and Malfoy had just made it out of the castle and onto the grass. They were headed to the gates leading to Hogsmeade. They were unaware that Harry—or Stratus—was right behind them. As Stratus crossed made it through the large Oak doors and saw Snape and Malfoy about to leave Hogwarts grounds, his whole body disappeared in a tornado of light and wind, then reappeared right in front of Snape and Malfoy. Disaparation may had been impossible in Hogwarts, but it did not effect Stratus.

"I will not let you get away with what you've done!" shouted Stratus.

"Potter?" mumbled Snape.

Stratus grinned. "Potter is not here right now."

Snape smiled as if Stratus was playing a joke. "What are you doing in than ridiculous outfit, Potter?"

"I told you, Potter is not here right now. I am not the boy you decide to maltreat in each of your pathetic lessons," muttered Stratus. "No, you've no idea who I am or what I can do. I will tell you who I am before I destroy you. I am Prince Stratus of the Golden Kingdom."

"Golden Kingdom?" mumbled Malfoy.

"I am going to pay you back for everything you've done, first thing with avenging Harry's parents. It was you that sent them to their deaths! You told Voldemort about that prophecy—did you forget that his father saved your worthless life? You have taken important people away from Harry—and me—and I will not allow you to take anyone else away!"

"I've taken no one away from you," said Snape. "Now out of my way!"

"NO!" shouted Stratus so loudly that it made Snape bend back. "You k-killed Professor Dumbledore, and after everything he's done for you! You killed Sailor Venus…my one and only true love."

Professor Snape looked at Stratus as if he had gone mad. Malfoy looked back at the school, feeling nervous.

"Severus, let's just go!" said the Death Eater with them.

"Potter, I think you are suffering from a Cunfoundment Jinx," said Snape, attempting to walk past him.

"Don't you walk away from me!" Stratus grabbed Snape's shoulder, sent a small jolt of electricity in his body to mess with Snape's own nervous system. He made Snape step back a few spaces. "I'm not done with you! You deserve to be punished!" Light danced on Stratus' arm and he held it in front of Snape.

Snape thought "protego" at the right moment. He used a shielding charm to put between him and Harry's attack.

"Earth Sun Burst!"

For a moment, it seemed that the light was going to burn through Snape's shield, then Snape used another counter attack.

"What kind of spell was that, Potter?"

"I am only getting warmed up," said Stratus. "And stop calling me Potter!" He sent an intense wind at Snape and the others. Malfoy and the other Death Eater jumped out of the way and Snape countered the attack once again. After the millennia long sleep Stratus had, his powers had been dormant.

"It is all just a breeze with you," said Snape and he sent an impediment jinx at Stratus, who flipped out of the way.

"I can blow you away," said Stratus.

"Is that true?" Snape questioned. "Then show me something new. Let's see if you've learned anything in the last six years."

There was a glint in Stratus' eyes as a mischievous grin came on his face. Malfoy noticed it and he was reminded of the look Harry gave him when they started their duel in their second year. There was a determined and a roguish look about him and Malfoy knew that Stratus had something up his sleeve.

"Professor…" Malfoy began.

"Something new," said Stratus, "I'll show you something I learned just a second ago!"

Stratus' eyes seemed to sparkle in with electricity and cloud over, just as the sky clouded over. The clouds became thick and dark. Stratus took three steps toward Snape, throwing punches. Stratus' fists did not meet Snape's body, but something much more lethal did.

"Earth Triplex Bronte Annihilation!"

Lightning hit Snape, three times, each more powerful than the first. On the final blow, Stratus called down all the lightning he could muster down onto Snape. Snape was completely consumed in the lightning. When Endymion exited the castle, he witnessed the intense the lightning hitting Snape. Endymion stood at the Oak doors in surprise. Never in Endymion's life had he seen such a powerful display of Stratus' abilities. There was a scorched mark on the ground where Snape was. Stratus turned to Draco, who fell right onto his backside in surprise.

"You're the reason behind all this," said Stratus.

"P-Potter," Draco stammered.

"Didn't you hear me earlier?" asked Stratus. "I'm not Potter. You deserve to be punished too."

"Listen, I didn't want anyone to get hurt," said Draco. "But the Dark Lord was going to kill my family. I had no choice."

"No excuses," said Stratus, his hand leveled at Draco's face. He shot a beam of light at him, singing his face and hair. There was a smoking circle on the ground next to him.

"That was a warning," said Stratus. "next time, you won't be as lucky."

Draco became so overcome with shock that he passed out. The remaining Death Eater caught him and looked at Stratus, wondering if Stratus was gong to toast him too.

"Leave," said Stratus, "and tell your master that Potter has gained the power to destroy him for good. Dumbledore might be dead, but he has someone new to fear."

The Death Eater did not argue with Stratus. He ran past the gates with Malfoy in his arms. Once they were out of Stratus' sight, Stratus looked up at the tower.

"My love," he said, "I am so sorry I was unable to protect you a second time. Forgive me."

"Stratus," said Endymion, walking up to Stratus. "Stratus—it's you."

Stratus brought his eyes to his elder brother, smiling. "Hey, Endymion. What took you so…long?" Exhaustion took Stratus over, his eyes closed and his body swayed. Endymion lunged to catch him. Endymion looked down at him and smiled back. "You always made things difficult for me."

Stratus changed back to Harry and Endymion reverted to Tuxedo Mask. Hagrid came running out of his cabin.

"Harry—Harry!" he shouted. "Is he all right?"

"He's fine," said Tuxedo Mask.

Hagrid breathed a sigh of relief. "I thought that maybe…."

"No," said Tuxedo Mask. "He's just tired. Can you help me with him?" He looked at Snape .

"Oh," said Hagrid. "O' course." Hagrid bent down and slumped Snape over one shoulder. "Blimey, I must say, I've seen Snape looking better…not that he ever did look much good before…"


The group that had fought against the Death Eaters was sitting in the hospital wing, watching Madame Pomfrey and Mercury work on the wounded. Princess Serenity kept glancing at the entrance, wondering what was taking Endymion. Nephlyte had found Archon with Dumbledore and Venus and helped him take the two to the hospital wing. Madame Pomfrey bandaged their wounds and took care of the gashes on Bill's face.

"He's going to be all right?" asked Ginny. "Greyback wasn't transformed when he attacked him."

"I don't know," said Madame Pomfrey. "There is no cure for werewolf bites."

Ginny looked at Lupin for an explanation. Lupin shrugged. "We won't know for sure until he wakes up but he may have some wolfish traits. He'll always have those scars."

"Not if I can do anything about it," said Sailor Moon, still in her princess form. She remained as Princess Serenity incase there was someone that needed her help. Princess Serenity drew out the crystal from her, startling the other soldiers.

"No, Sailor Moon!" cried Sailor Mars. "You know how dangerous it is for you to use the crystal!"

"Don't worry," said Serenity, coming to Bill's bedside. "I've learned to control the crystal better so it won't take much of my strength. Besides, I only need to heal his cuts. It should be no problem."

She held the crystal above his face and the silver light seeped into his open wounds. The cuts slowly began to close as if he was being stitched back together. Once all the healing was complete, the moon princess turned to Lupin.

"I can do the same to you," she said, "if you'd like. I still have the strength to use the crystal one more time."

Lupin looked at her in surprise. "I—I can't ask you do that. There is no cure."

Princess Serenity smiled. "Do you see any scars left on Bill? This crystal is pure crystallized silver. It can do about anything; and knowing that silver is fatal to werewolves, I'm sure it should kill the werewolf in you. If that's what you want."

Tonks put her hand on Lupin's shoulder and turned him to her. "You know I really don't care if you're a werewolf. I've told you a million times."

"And I've told you a million times," he said, "I'm too old, too poor…too dangerous."

"You'll be none of those things once you've been touched by the light of my crystal," Princess Serenity said softly. "It's your choice. If you still want to live the way you are, you can but you don't deserve to live this way anymore. If you want to be a better man for Tonks, I can take the curse away."

Lupin looked at Tonks then at Princess Serenity. Being a werewolf was hard on him, ever since childhood. He always dreamed about a cure. Now a cure was right here on a silver platter. He couldn't believe it. He wouldn't have to worry about accidently injuring Tonks. He could be with her every day of the month. If they had a child together, it would be free from the werewolf curse. Lupin could look on the full moon without fear. After thinking about it, he realized it was no contest.

"All right," said Lupin. "Do it."

Princess Serenity nodded, activated her crystal and silver light shined onto Lupin. The scars on his face vanished. His hair darkened and color returned to his pale face. Every ailment that he contracted after Greyback's infectious bite left Lupn's body. The light died down and Princess Serenity could not hold her princess form any longer. She returned to her soldier form and Sailor Uranus moved just in time to catch her.

"Sailor Moon!" she said, more in anger than concern. "You must be more careful."

"I'm all right," said Sailor Moon weakly and she looked at Lupin. "How do you feel?"

"Better," said Lupin. "I haven't felt this good in years."

"I'm glad," said Sailor Moon with a weak smile.

Tuxedo Mask entered the Hospital Wing carrying Harry. Hagrid was behind him with Snape. Sailor Moon gasped and rushed to Tuxedo Mask.

"Tuxedo Mask!" she said. "I was getting worried."

"I'm all right," said Tuxedo Mask. "So is Harry." Tuxedo Mask set Harry down on a bed. He turned to Sailor Moon and put his arms around her. "We've finally found Stratus."

"Stratus?" said McGonagall.

"That is why we're here," explained Sailor Pluto. "Our whole reason for coming to Hogwarts. We were looking for Stratus, Prince Endymion's brother. Dumbledore knows."

Mr. and Mrs. Weasley came into the room, followed by Fleur. Mrs. Weasley looked over Bill's newly repaired face.

"I don't understand," she said, looking at Lupin. "I thought you said he was attacked by Greyback."

"He was," said Sailor Moon. "His face looked pretty bad, until I healed it."

Mrs. Weasley turned to her. "You healed it? But I always thought that there was no cure."

"There wasn't until I proved it wrong," said Sailor Moon.

"It's true, Molly,' said Lupin. "She healed me too…just now. I believe there is a new hope for werewolves now."

Mrs. Weasley smiled at Sailor Moon and then walked to embrace her. "Thank you—thank you so much!"

"It's all right," said Sailor Moon. "It's my duty to help people."

Mrs. Weasley turned form her and noticed Ron and Hermione. They were sitting side by side on a bed, looking dazed and confused. They couldn't believe what had just happened to them. They hadn't said much to each other after the battle, except voicing their disbelief of transforming into people they never knew of.

"We never learned that in transfiguration," mumbled Ron. "What was it—hero transfiguration?"

"No idea," Hermione mumbled back.

Mrs. Weasley noticed something off with her son and stepped to him. "Ron—wake up! Did something happen to you? Did someone get you with a Befuddlement Jinx?"

"What?" asked Ron.

"Something's different about you," she said, conjuring a mirror and hanging it in his face. "See? What's with the hair?"

Ron's hair was six inches longer and streaked with blue. His blue eyes were outlined with a bluish-green. Some of his freckles were gone.

"I'm fine, Mum," said Ron. "Just the hair dye I got from Fred and George."

Mrs. Weasley frowned and looked at Hermione. Her once bushy hair was smoother and a foot longer, with streaks of purple. Her brown eyes had flecks of purple.

"You trying the hair dye too, Hermione?" asked Mrs. Weasley.

"Er, yes, Mrs. Weasley," lied Hermione.

Mrs. Weasley shook her head and looked at Harry. "What about Harry?" said Mrs. Weasley.

"He'll be all right," said Madame Pomfrey. "He just needs plenty of rest. I think you should all leave now so my patients can rest."

The Weasleys and Lupin were hesitant to leave. Tonks had to prod Lupin. Fleur kissed Bill, told him to get some rest and she pushed her future in laws out of the Hospital Wing.

"Bill iz strong," she said, "and 'e iz brave. 'Arry too. They will be all right."

Once The Weasleys, Tonks, Lupin and Fleur had left the hospital wing, Pluto asked Madame Pomfrey for permission to stay.

"We won't disturb anyone," said Pluto. "We'll be quiet."

"Oh, very well," said Madame Pomfrey. "I will be in my office."

Madame Pomfrey walked into her office and Sailor Pluto began to solve the mysteries that were running through everyone's minds. She talked about the Silver Millennium, the sailor scouts, Archon, Nephlyte Endymion and Stratus and Stratus' guards.

"What I don't get is," said Sailor Jupiter, "is how Nephlyte got here."

"I am not entirely sure myself," said Nephlyte, "after I died, I heard a woman speaking to me. She told me because I died trying to protect someone I cared about, I deserved another chance. But I forgot all of this until just a few hours ago."

"It must have been Queen Serenity," Sailor Moon said. "She gave you a second chance to prove yourself, as a whole different person and erased your memory from your past life. She's done the same to us, twice actually." Sailor Moon smiled, looking at her comrades.

Archon nodded in understanding. "I knew from the legend of the Millennium that Queen Serenity sent not just her daughter and her court, but everyone of the moon to Earth. I just never supposed that I would be one of those people, let alone as anyone as important as the moon's historian."

"You said something about Hermione and me being guards for Harry?" Ron said, rubbing his head.

"Yes, a thousand years ago," answered Pluto. "Your powers were derived from gems. Much unlike your powers now."

"I read about gemology," Hermione sighed. "I assumed gemology was a shallow sort of magic, like divination. I never thought there'd be truth in it."

"Oh, there are magic in all things, Hermione," said a deep voice. Everyone turned to Professor Dumbledore's bed. He was awake and sitting up. Sailor Mercury went to his side and checked his pulse.

"Professor, how are you feeling?" she asked him.

"Quite well, thank you."

"Yes, your pulse is steady now," said Sailor Mercury.

"Do you remember what happened?" Sailor Saturn questioned. "We were one the tower and Professor Snape tried to kill you. Sailor Venus pushed you out of the way just in time."

"Ah yes," said Professor Dumbledore. "That's right—I told Severus to kill me."

"What?" everyone shouted, causing Madame Pomfrey to rush out of her office.

"All of you," she hissed, "be quiet so my patients can rest or take it outside!"

"Ohh, it's all right, Poppy," said Dumbledore idly, waving her away.

"Oh, all right, Albus," said Madame Pomfrey as she returned to her office.

"Professor Dumbledore, why would you tell Professor Snape to kill you?" inquired Hermione.

"Because I was already dying," replied Professor Dumbledore, holding his right hand. "My hand was poisoned last summer and the poison was slowly killing me."

"That's right," said Ron, "at the welcoming feast, we've all noticed it. But we didn't know it would kill you…and it's better now."

"I've got Sailor Saturn to thank for that," Professor Dumbledore nodded. "She healed the physical scars caused by the curse I received and it bought me some time. However, I am still old and I feel my strength waning. Especially after our experience tonight, I fear I do not have much longer. I believed that young Draco Malfoy had orders to kill me and I arranged with Severus to kill me if Draco couldn't."

"But why?" asked Hermione. "That would make him look like a traitor."

"Absolutely," said Dumbledore. "So that Voldemort would put more trust in him. Snape would become the next headmaster, fool Voldemort into thinking he had control over Hogwarts."

"Only, you survived," said Sailor Moon, "Sailor Venus pushed you out of the way just in time."

"Something I did not think was going to happen," said Dumbledore, quite surprised. "So this does change the plan. I can remain Headmaster for another year or two, but Voldemort will know Draco had failed. I am not sure what to do and by the looks of Severus," Dumbledore looked at the burned Snape lying on the bed. "I do not think he will be up to being the next Headmaster. Does anyone know what happened to him?"

"Yes sir," said Tuxedo Mask. "It was Harry. He was Stratus; the one we were searching for."

Dumbledore shifted in his bed, sitting up more and his face became more surprised. "Dear me, Harry Potter was Stratus? I knew when I met him he would be very extraordinary—but I never surmised anything like this. Even after meeting you and learning about your long lost brother. Seems we all have hidden talents."

"So what are we supposed to do now?" said Hermione. "What does this mean?"

"We'll talk about this more later when Harry wakes up," said Pluto. "He'll have questions too."


Three days later, Sailor Venus, Snape and Harry were the only three that remained in the Hospital Wing. Madame Pomfrey did all she could for Snape, but he was still badly burned and could not wake up. Sailor Venus' dislocated shoulder was popped back into place, her cuts and bruises bandaged and Madame Pomfrey gave her a strong sleeping potion. No longer feeling pain in her right shoulder, Sailor Venus woke up and tested it.

"Wow, that feels tons better," she said, turning and twisting her arm. While looking at her arm, she noticed who was in the bed next to her. "Harry! Harry, Harry what happened?"

Thinking he was badly hurt, she jumped out of her bed and next to his. She pushed his unruly black hair from his forehead. It was still black and the same length, yet she noticed streaks of gold in it. She looked him over, finding no cuts, bruises, or burns. Whatever wounds he had, Madame Pomfrey must have already taken care of them. Sailor Venus leaned down and kissed Harry's lips. There was a small spark passing between their lips. Harry moaned and opened his eyes. She only had a second to notice specks of gold in the emerald orbs before he pulled her to him and kissed her deeply. It was the most passionate kiss either of them had ever had. It was long, lingering and on the edge of lustful.

After an eternity, Harry stopped the kiss and pushed her against him, his breath in shuddering gasps. She could feel his heart hammering in his chest.

"I—I—I thought you were dead," he stammered, on the verge of tears. "When I saw you fall, I thought it was the last time I'd ever see you again. It was like history was repeating itself."

Sailor Venus was surprised at Harry's reaction. She did not expect him to kiss her back, or to speak of things that that made no sense. "History repeating itself?"

"Long ago, on the Moon," said Harry, "when the Negaforce killed you. I was powerless to stop it."

Then it came to her. Sailor Venus leaned back. "H—Harry, are you—are you Stratus? The one we've been looking for?"

Harry nodded. "When I saw you fall over, something just snapped and I remembered everything. I screamed, and I heard Stratus screaming with me. I thought you and Dumbledore was dead."

"Wait a minute, you were on the roof?" Sailor Venus asked

"Yeah, I had my invisibility cloak on. Dumbledore put a freezing charm on me so I couldn't move."

Harry glanced around him. "Dumbledore—Dumbledore, what happened to him?"

"I don't know," said Venus, "I just woke up myself. But I pushed him out of the curse just in time. But I guess I lost my footing and we just fell over the edge. I kinda panicked, and I just used my love chain to stop us. I kind of jerked my shoulder out of place and then we landed in a classroom. I heard Dumbledore talking after we fell, so I'm sure he's alive. If he's not here, then he must be in his office."

"You shoulder?" he touched it gingerly. "Are you all right?"

"Yeah—I'm sure Madame Pomfrey popped it right back when I got here."

Harry looked at Snape in his bed and scowled. "I chased him down and attacked him…I thought I killed him too. I guess I didn't use enough power."

"Harry, it's all right," said Sailor Venus. "You don't have to become a killer. I'm sure when Snape wakes up, he'll regret everything."

"Yeah," muttered Harry. "He'll probably be in Azkaban by then. Well, at least I got the horcrux." He reached in his pocket and pulled out a heavy golden locket. "This is what Dumbledore risked everything for. Finding these will stop Voldemort."

Harry opened the locket and found a piece of paper inside. He read the message and gasped in shock.

"No, oh no!"

"Harry, what's wrong?" Sailor Venus asked.

"The horcrux!" Harry said. "It's a fake! Dumbledore nearly got killed for nothing!"


When Harry was released from the hospital wing, he knew he had to tell Dumbledore. He wanted to postpone it and try to figure out how to tell the Professor about the fake horcrux. He decided to take a bath to clear his head, and clean his body. Every since he changed into Stratus, his scent changed. He smelt like rain and a little bit like smoke.

As he was about to jump into the water, he noticed something strange about his reflection.

"Why does my hair have gold in it?" Harry wondered aloud. He walked into bath to get a better look at his face. His eyes were still green, but there was some sort of gleam in his eye that he hadn't seen before. In addition to the new color in his hair, it was a little longer. It wasn't as much as it was for when he had transformed into Stratus, but just enough to tell a difference. Harry groaned and soaked in the water a while to gather his thoughts before going to Dumbledore. After his bath, he pulled himself out of the large tub, clothed himself and went on to the headmaster's office.

Harry knew someone had to tell him the horcrux was not real and he felt he should be the one to do it. He felt like a complete failure. He hated to hear what Dumbledore would say and see that disappointed look on his face.

Just as he reached his hand to knock the door, it opened and he nearly collided with Raye. She had been borrowing Dumbledore's office for a fire reading. She wanted to know what the next step was now that the group found Stratus.

"Oh, sorry," said Raye.

"It's okay," said Harry.

Raye squeezed passed him. "Hey, can you come to greenhouse four in an hour? Bring Ron and Hermione with you."


"Can't tell you that now," Raye replied. "It's not a good time."

"What do you mean it's not a good time?"

"Because Ron and Hermione and Ron are not with you.'
"Huh? Why don't you just give me a straight answer?"

Raye laughed. "Because that's Pluto's job. See ya in an hour!"

She waved at him and then went down the spiraling staircase. He stared at her, wondering why the heck fortunetellers, seers, and diviners never made sense. However, she wasn't as dramatic as Trelawney.

"Do come in, Harry," said a deep voice.

"What?" Harry turned around, saw the open door of Dumbledore's office and walked inside. "I was…just talking to Raye."

"Oh yes, she comes to visit me time to time," said Dumbledore. "So, what can I do for you, Harry?"

Harry stared at the Headmaster for a time, placing his hand in his pocket. "I—I—wanted to--," we went blank. What did he come to Dumbledore's office for? He then felt the locket in his pocket, then handed it to Dumbledore.

"Oh—right," he moaned. "The Horcrux was a fake, professor."

. Dumbledore looked at the note and then smiled.

"How interesting."

"Interesting?" Harry said in surprise. "Professor, we went through all that trouble to get the horcrux and it wasn't real!"

"Indeed," said Dumbledore, "but this tells us that we weren't alone. Someone else knew Voldemort's secret and tried to put an end to him."

"This R.A.B bloke?" said Harry. "But who is he? How do we find him? He might be dead already."

"I do not know," said Dumbledore. "But you're right about him possibly being dead. His note does say he may be dead by the time Voldemort finds this. But I believe we can find out who he is and if he is still alive, he may be able to help us."

"With only his initials?"

"Well, if he was my student," said Dumbledore. "I would know. I never forgot any of my students. There are only a few with these same initials. I can probably trace the writer of this note with a few simple charms."

"Really?" said Harry.

"Yes," said Dumbledore. "I am sure we will find the real horcrux eventually, and all the rest. Now, Harry, something has come to my attention recently."

"What's that?"

"Your alter ego," said Dumbledore, "Prince Stratus."

"Oh, yeah," said Harry. "I remember now. It's kind of weird, knowing I was somebody else in a different life."

"It will take some time for you to train your new powers," said Dumbledore.


"She didn't tell you what this was about?" Ron asked Harry as they made their way to the greenhouses.

"Not a clue," said Harry.

"It must be with what happened with us the other day," Hermione said. "Us all transforming into different people, when the Death Eaters came."

"Are you sure?" asked Ron.

"You got a better idea?" Hermione asked him. "I know that sailor scout knew more than she told us but she couldn't get into it with everyone there."

"Good point."

Ron opened the door and let Harry and Hermione go before him. They saw the scout group and Tuxedo Mask standing in the middle of the room in their civilian forms.

"Mina?" said Harry.

"Thanks for coming Harry," she said. "We've got a little show and tell for you."

Within a few seconds, the ten people transformed into their warrior forms. Harry, Ron and Hermione gaped at them in surprise.

"Wow," said Ron. "If that was possible in transfiguration, then McGonagall's been holding out on us."

Harry walked up to Sailor Venus. Was his girlfriend really the scout of love and beauty the whole time?

"Wait—I always thought that you could be," Harry said. "But didn't think it would be true."

"It's true," smiled Sailor Venus. "I'm sorry I didn't tell you, but superheroes need to keep our secret identities secret. Otherwise they'd just be 'identities!'"

She laughed and Harry would've laughed too, if he understood everything. He sat on a table, feeling slightly lightheaded. Sailor Venus held onto his hand.

"You'd better start talking, Pluto," Sailor Venus said, "before he passes out."

Sailor Pluto told Harry, Ron and Hermione all about the Silver Millennium, how they got their powers, Harry's and Darien's dreams and how they were able to track them down.

"So, let me get this straight," said Ron slowly. "Hermione and me were Harry's guards? We were supposed to protect him?"

"Correct," said Pluto.

"And we had powers," added Ron, "but not like our wizarding powers?"

"Precisely," said Pluto. "Your powers were derived from the crystals of your names. It is much different than your wizarding magic. Agate is associated with strength, protection, health, courage and wisdom. Have you noticed something like that happening to you?"

"Yeah, I have," said Ron. "My grades have been getting better and I do feel braver. I got the guts to break up with Lavender, and normally that's not something I would do. I'd probably hide whenever I saw a girl come near me. By the way—that reminds me of something--," Ron looked at Hermione. "Hermione, will you be my girlfriend?"

"Aww!" Sailor Moon said, suddenly appearing at Ron with her hands by her cheek. "That's so cute!"

Hermione gasped and blushed. "R-Ron! This is hardly the time."

"You can't leave him hanging!" said Sailor Moon, now at Hermione's side. "Go on, say yes!"

Hermione ignored her, clearing cleared her throat. She and looked at Sailor Pluto. "And I was Amethyst? I read a little bit of gemology. Amethyst is also a healing stone. That'd explain why I heal fast."

"Okay, we can talk later," said Ron as Pluto began talking to Hermione.

"As well as your power of clairaudience and knowing when someone is truthful," said Sailor Pluto. "I'm sure these things began to happen sometime after you got those?" she gestured to Hermione's amethyst necklace and Ron's agate watch. "You two have power over gems, and when you are wearing amethyst or agate, it intensifies your powers. After you two have transformed, part of your transformation lingered with you. Your wizarding magic will most likely be affected by this."

"How come we ended up together," said Hermione, "if this Queen Serenity wanted us to live new lives?"

"Sometimes we walk the same circles in life," answered Pluto.

"Wow," said Ron. "I can't believe this. I'm supposed to use gems to fight evil? I have a hard time with potions."

"I told this to Harry," said Sailor Saturn. "You should hear it too."

Ron looked at her expectantly.

"You all have power in you," she said, "from the moment your wizarding powers began to surface. The same with every witch and wizard. Some have more power than others, but it does not matter how much power you have, it is what you do with it that counts."

"I think I understand," said Hermione.

Darien's hand fell on Harry's shoulder. "Come on," said Darien. "Let's go for a walk. You look like you could use the fresh air."

"Sounds good to me," said Harry."

They walked around the grounds for a while. "You really gave me quite a hard time tracking you down."

"Sorry," said Harry, "but the last time I believed a dream, my godfather was murdered."

"I can understand," Darien said. "It must be difficult, if you can't even trust your own dreams. I've had quite a few unbelievable ones myself. Each one of them was a lesson and a test. I must say the past few were the most I've ever been tested."

"So what happens now?" asked Harry. "Are you going to stay here?"

"Only if you want me too," said Darien. "I came all this way to find you and I don't want it to all be in vain. I'd like to help you bring down Voldemort if I can."

Harry smiled. "Yeah, but if I need you, I know you're just a dream away."

Darien laughed and Harry looked at him. "You were always acting to be so tough."

"I'm serious," said Harry. "I know how to stop Voldemort. I just have to find the horcruxes and destroy them."

"How will you do that?"

Now it was Harry's turn to laugh. "Not a clue."

"Well, I understand that Sailor Saturn came with you to the cave," said Darien. "She could really help you. We all can, and I'm sure your friends will need some training on their powers."

"Yeah," said Harry, pausing at a tree. He saw a cat climbing down from it. "Hey—I know that cat. It looks like the one Hagrid found. Nimbus." He walked closer to the tree and the cat ran to him after climbing down. The cat jumped right onto Harry's shoulders, causing him to laugh. "wow, you're a lot friendlier than I remember."

Darien took a step toward that cat to get a closer eye. Wasn't that the same cat he saw at Mrs. Figg's place? What was it doing here? Then he remembered a dream he had not too long ago. Didn't someone give Stratus a cat with the same markings in one of his dreams?

"Harry, did you just call that cat Nimbus?" he asked.

"Yeah, that's what I named him," said Harry. "Because of his markings. But also, it reminds me of the cat I had before…no way...Nimbus?" Harry took the cat off his shoulders and looked at him closer.

"Nimbus…it's you!" said Harry.


It was the day before the end of term and Harry was packing his trunk. His old companion and pet, Nimbus was sitting on the bed. Harry empted the contents of Mundungus' suitcase into his trunk and Nimbus jumped into it.

"Hey, Nimbus," said Harry. "This is no time to play."

"What makes you think I'm playing?" said a voice from within the trunk. Harry stepped closer to the trunk and looked in. It was just Nimbus and he was looking at him intently. The cat's mouth opened and instead of a meow or a hiss, out came perfectly pronounced English.

"You dumped something important in here," said the cat, bending down and picking up a golden locket in its mouth. Nimbus dropped the locket in his hand and Harry could not speak. "Gee, you're welcome."

"You talked," said Harry. "And I understood you. I must be going crazy."

"Come on," said Nimbus, "you can talk to snakes, too—that doesn't make you crazy."

The cat had quite a mouth on him. Harry raised an eyebrow. "Hey…."

Nimbus hoped out of the trunk and back on the bed. "I've talked to you before, Harry. Long time ago. But I couldn't talk to you until you were awakened. Anyway, that locket is pretty important. I sensed something about it. Don't you think you should be getting that to your Headmaster?"

Harry looked down at the item in his hand. It looked identical to the locket he gave Dumbledore. But how did it wind up in here? It was in Mundungus' briefcase, and that must've meant that Harry had the horcrux the whole time? Why didn't he ever think to open the briefcase before?

Harry ran nearly as he did as Stratus to Dumbledore's office. Gasping, he held out the golden locket and with hardly any breath, he told Dumbledore about Mundungus.

"Mundungus was trying to sell Sirius' belongings?" said Dumbledore. "Then this locket belonged to his family."

"Yeah, maybe they handed it down," said Harry with a shrug, "or maybe…the note…R.A.B.."

"Regulus!" said Dumbledore and Harry together.

Dumbledore smiled. "A shame Regulus is not here today to hear how pleased I am to know he learned the Voldemort's secret, and tried to put an end to him. Not too many Death Eaters rebelled against Voldemort."

"I wish Sirius were still here, at least," Harry mumbled.

"Don't worry, Harry," said Dumbledore. "We will not let Regulus Black's death be in vain. Now, we just need a way to destroy it. I'll send for Sailor Saturn. Dumbledore stepped to a portrait and spoke to one of the former headmistresses. "Dillys, kindly get me Sailor Saturn…and if you can't find her, find Hotaru Tomoe."

"Right away, Albus," said Dyliss. Fifteen minutes later, Hotaru Tomoe stepped into the office.

"You sent for me, Professor?" she said.

"Yes, Hotaru," said Dumbledore. "We this horcrux destroyed."

Hotaru transformed into Sailor Saturn and took the locket. She placed it on Dumbledore's table. "I should be able to remove the part of Voldemort's soul without destroying the locket. However, I might end up destroying your desk, professor."

"I can conjure a new one," said Dumbledore.

"Please stand back," said Sailor Saturn, calling on her glaive. She brought the blade onto the locket and a green sphere of light appeared between the locket and her glaive. The curse was resisting its destruction. Sailor Saturn began to hear voices.

You can't destroy me. The other sailor scouts feared you. They did not want you to destroy things because they believed you were evil. If you destroy me, then they will be right.

"Stop," she muttered. "I may be the scout of destruction and death, but I will decide what dies and what gets destroyed! GLAIVE SOUL EXTRACTION!"

A jet of purple light entered the locket, forcing out Voldemort's soul in an acid green mist. It hissed and sizzled, then the mist was gone. The green S turned purple.

"Looks like the S now stands for Saturn," said Dumbledore.

"Or for Stratus," said Sailor Saturn as she handed it to Harry.

"No…Sirius," Harry said, putting the locket into his pocket. He looked at Sailor Saturn. "How come you didn't tell that the other locket was a fake?"

"Because I didn't get a good enough look at it," she replied. "And this is my first time experience with these sort of matters. But the next time we find what we think is a horcrux, I will need to have a look at it to make sure it is the real deal."


Snape was still asleep when the students left for home. Poppy was not sure whether to keep him at Hogwarts, or send him to St. Mungos. It was possible that anyone could enter St. Mungos to kill him or kidnap, just as it was as easy for Hogwarts to be infiltrated by a dozen death eaters.

Regardless of the attack on the school, Dumbledore kept Hogwarts open and went the extra mile in keeping the school secured. He destroyed the vanishing cabinet that Draco used for the Death Eaters to enter, turned off the all the Hogsmeade fireplaces to the floo network and increased the anti-disaparation charm into Hogsmeade. Though it was hard for the villages when they wanted to leave their village, it also helped them knowing that it would be more difficult for Death Eaters to come into their village.

Dumbledore also arranged for the sailor soldiers to escort the students to the train station. The sailor scouts were at each entrance and patrolled the aisle and rushing into every compartment when they heard the slightest noise. Sailor Mercury became very embarrassed when she entered a compartment when she heard a girl shout, but it was only because her boyfriend was kissing and tickling her.

His arm on Harry's shoulder, Darien walked Harry down the platforms as they discussed the upcoming year.

"Voldemort probably knows you're more powerful now," said Darien. "But that doesn't mean he's still not dangerous."

"I know," said Harry. "Thanks for going through all that trouble to find me, even though I made it hard for you."

"You're my brother," said Darien. "Of course I had to find you."

Harry smiled. "Thanks."

"Come on, boy," said Vernon Dursley.

"Is that your uncle?" said Darien.

Harry looked at Vernon, Petunia and Dudley. "Hurry, we need to get Diddyiums new food for his new diet."

Dudley groaned at being called Diddyums in public.

"Yup, that's them," said Harry, grinning.

"I understand they upset you in the summer," said Darien. "I can have a few words with them if you like."

"I think Dudley learned his lesson," said Harry. "But if I need you, all I have to do is dream."


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