Never Forgotten

Chapter 1

Kiba POV

"Hokage, Hokage" I called out, as I ran into the Hokage's office, I couldn't believe it, afterall this time. It had been three years since the incident and now he's back. I grew since then and have been made into a Chuunin. "What is it, Kiba," Tsunade asked?

"Hufff…It's Sasuke, he's outside a-". "What," she scream! I knew that was going to happen. She seem to calm down and her face had gone blank. I wonder what is she going to do, I also wonder if I should tell her about the shinobis that follow Sasuke here, she might scream or kill me. I decided to tell her any ways. The Hokage didn't have a single reaction.

Tsunade POV

I knew this was going to happen, after receiving information about a large army of shinobus on its' way to Leaf, I had try contacting the Hidden Sand, however there was yet a response. I had warn everyone and cancel all missions and got everything ready for an invasion. This would be a bloody battle if I can't get us out of this, there is also a high chance that we will lose. We have yet to recover completely from the Sound attack three years ago.

Who would have thought that they would recover so quickly. I am getting to old for this. The most disturbing news that we got from the Sound two years ago was that Orochimaro was dead and that Sasuke had taken over. And was building his power rapidly. "Did he say anything Kiba" I asked him? "No, not a thing, all he wanted was to see you," Kiba replied, his face still red from all that running. "Very well, gather the abus and all available shinobis to the gate," I told two anbus guards. I reach the gates and the door was open. There was Uchiha Sasuke, what could he want? If he wanted to attack and destroy the Hidden Leaf, he could have already attack, but he didn't and that's what worries me.

"What do are you doing here, Uchiha," I had to keep a blank face on, there was something deadly about the way he was staring at everyone and thing. "I just want one thing from this village" he said in his smooth, alluring voice and yet at the same time full of power. He is still pale as can be, maybe paler, hair longer and those cold, coal eyes.

"What happens if we do have it or is willing to give it to you," I asked of him, which is considered a bold move. I could hear the other behind me. "Hokage," a voice said. I turn around and there was Kakashi and Sakura, who is now a med – nin. The girl was looking at the Uchiha with longing, I wanted to smack some sense into her. "Oh, you have it. You see, I have the power I need already to defeat Itachi but I have still to complete a goal of mine, I need to restore my clan," he told me.

I was petty much surprise by what he said, who would have thought. I wonder who he had in mind, Sakura who was his teammate or maybe Hinate from another clan. If it is Sakura, I'm sure she would mind going with him and bearing his child. "What do we get in return," I question. "I won't attack" he simply replied. It was too god to be true, but there was no way I could give a life to Uchiha, who knows what would happen to that person. But then again there is really no choice. If I don't do what he wants he would sure destroy the village and take what he wants. I then notice that he was looking for something, just his eyes, that's it.

"You really don't have much of a choice, Tsunade" he said, "One person for a whole village". He caught me there. "Who do you want" I said in defeat, my hands coming together to form a fist at my side as I made the second most hardest decision. "Blonde- haired, blue eyes"- for a second I thought it was the Ino girl "loud mouth Dobe". He finished his description. My heart stop right there.

End of Chapter 1

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