Title: Never Forgotten

Author: SakuraHikari

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Summary: Sasuke has left for sometime and now return home for something. He was Naruto to help he restore his clan. The question is, where is Naruto? How can he help and most importantly will Naruto be willing or does Sasuke have to force him. After all Uchiha always get what they want.

Rating: R to NC-17

Pairings: SasuNaru, others like ShikaIno maybe LeeSaku, KakaIruk

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Characters: Sasuke, Naruto, Sakura, basically almost everyone except for Ochi. (snake head gives me the creeps) and Kabuto (they are dead in the story)

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"Ohhh…my head," Naruto moaned softly. He opened his sky blue eyes, blinked once, twice then gave a scream. There staring down at him was blank ebony eyes. He had returned.

"What the hell are you doing!" Naruto scream from the other side of the bed. "Y-y-you shouldn't be looking at people like that. You should have knocked Uchiha! That would be the polite thing to do."

Sasuke couldn't help but raise one dark slender eyebrow. "You want me to knock to get into my own bedroom," Sasuke questioned with slight amusement in his tone.

"Ummm, well, I'm using it now, so you have to knock," Naruto replied lamely looking at the ground awkwardly then back at Sasuke.

The answer brought a very creepy (to Naruto only) grin, to the Uchiha's flawless face, which usually remained emotionless. Sasuke in return replied, "So you have decided to stay here with me after all. I bet you're hungry? Here are some soup and vegetables." Sasuke put a tray of food on the nightstand before sitting on the bed as if it was an ordinary thing to do after you kidnapped and molested, or half molested in this case, someone.

"No, I don't want any food, I want to go back to the village! I don't like you anymore, not after what you done. You made us worried especially Sakura-chan; she really wanted you to come back. I promised her…" Naruto's rant was soon cut off by Sasuke.

"Look Naruto, you are not going back." Sasuke's expression had changed from kindness to fury. Sasuke seemed to lose his cool when Naruto mentioned their other teammate. "Why the hell do you want to go back so much? Is it because of her, do you still love her? Do you think that she cares for you? Sakura never care for you, all she wants is to use you to get me back, no one cares for you as much as m-"


That was Naruto's fist making contact with Sasuke's face.

Naruto face was blood red, his eyes a dark crimson red and shaded. He was baring his fangs at Sasuke and growling at the same time. "How dare you? What right do you have in saying those things about Sakura-chan, or anyone else for that matter. You hypocrite, you are doing the same thing as what you are accusing people of. You just want to use me to procreate your clan. You don't care what happen to me before you left the village; how the hell did you come in caring for me now. I bet after using me, you would marry other people and left me to rot or better yet kill me when I have no more use. Am I right, well? Ahhhh…!"

Sasuke had decided to jump at Naruto. And as such, the wrestling match had begun. Each one wanted to dominate the other. After a few punches here and there, the winner (to no one's surprise) was Sasuke (but you have to consider the fact the Naruto had been out of practice for a few years now). Sasuke was now striating Naruto, using both of his hands to pin Naruto's arms down.

"Get off me you teme!" Naruto shrieked, thrashing his head form side to side. Naruto started to wiggle around trying to dislodge the bigger, dark haired teen. But stop abruptly when he met the avenger's eyes, the eyes that had gone blood red, the eyes that were glaring down at him. That could have frozen an active volcano, and then some. Anyone would have stop moving, but not Naruto.

'Oh, man that was scary, maybe I should stop…no, no, no, no, no, no' Naruto started to shake his head while thinking, 'I will not give in to this teme, over my dead body. There is no way am I submitting to him!'

Since Naruto being the stubborn or stupid or brave depending on how you see it, started to move some more. Twisting left and right, Sasuke who was still on top opened his eyes wider feeling his body being affected by the movement. After all Sasuke is still a hormonal teen, who right now is on top of the object of his desires, fantasies, and dreams. There is no way that he could stay mad at Naruto, especially when Naruto kept rubbing against his fast growing erection.

Sasuke's mind was starting to pack up for vacation. 'Shit, if Naruto doesn't stop moving I'm going to take him here with or without his approval. I wonder what it's like to be bury in that warm, tight heat of his, to lick that golden brown skin, to touch it, hear that pouting lips moaning my name over and over until he came as I fu… oh man, that did not help.'

Sasuke finally left his daydream behind and gasped out, "Naruto stop moving. Stop moving, you're inviting me, dobe."

Naruto not having a clue by what he might took the command as an insult (no clue how). "Don't tell me what to do! Get the hell off of me, bastard," Naruto hollered.

Naruto finally noticed that something was wrong. Sasuke's head was tilted down and his bangs were covering up his face. So Naruto stop moving to puzzle over the fact of why Sasuke was quiet, ignoring the warning bells that was ringing in his head.

'What the hell is wrong with him…'

Sasuke finally look up at Naruto. His eyes were glazed over with desire, and lust, but if look closely enough there was love shinning in their dark deeps. Some thing that Naruto thought that he was imagining.

Sasuke leaned close to Naruto's ear and in a dark, husky and lustful voice, "I told you to stop moving, dobe. You're just inviting me, you know. I didn't realize that you want me that badly but now I know you do, especially with the way you're moving.


Sasuke quickly leaned in farther before Naruto could move his head, tracing the shell of his delightful ear with his tongue, enjoying the gasps as be blew on it lightly before trailing open mouth kisses down Naruto's tan throat. He attached his mouth to the junction between Naruto's neck and shoulder, sucking and nipping at it till he was satisfied with the purplish red blemish he left behind.

He looked at Naruto's face to see his eyes screwed shut in barely controlled pleasure, he was biting his lower lip to try to clam down his now haggard breathing, and smile slightly. 'Cute.' He thought as he returned to his job marking his Naruto's neck, trying to distract him as he opened his jacket with his free hand.

This though, did not work as Naruto struggled against Sasuke's body weight and strength. "St-stop teme, don't."

"Relax, dobe. You'll enjoy it soon enough." Sasuke whispered, his hand slipping off the orange clothing, followed shortly by a black tank top. His pale hands caressed the soft skin of the tattoo, rising up to play with small rosy nipples, extracting a small moan from Naruto, who was still struggling faintly against Sasuke's grasp. Sasuke's eyes flashed, he wanted more of those delicious sounds. He quickly grabbed the discarded shirt and tied it around Naruto's wrists and to the bedpost.

Now securely bound in place, Sasuke continued mapping out his blonde's body, rubbing seductive circles on his hips as he pulled down his pants and boxers slightly. He keep Naruto busy by suckling on the now hardened buds of his left nipple, kissing and nipping at it occasionally before lifting up and blowing on it, only to continue the procedure once again until he was satisfied, before turning his attention to the other neglected nipple.

Naruto gasped and moaned and shivered and arched with each lick, each kiss, each touch to his sensitive virgin body. He couldn't seem to control himself, no matter how wrong this was. It was Sasuke for gods sake! He shouldn't be reacting this was, he shouldn't be reacting at all! But it felt so good…

Naruto gasped as he suddenly felt cold air hit his aroused lower body and instinctively closed his legs to cover himself, both for cold and dignity. Foreign hands were on his thighs though, preventing his from doing so, and forced them apart instead, exposing his most private regions for all to see. He looked up at Sasuke's face, whose eyes were transfixed on his penis and anus. He blushed darkly when he saw the unguarded lust clouding Sasuke's eyes, which were now in its sharingan.

"I want to remember, just like this. Under me withering with passion, for me, only me." Sasuke whispered sensually. Rubbing his cheek against Naruto's knee, his red eyes outlining every part of his beautiful body. 'And it's all mine…'

"Stop it you stupid jerk! Let me go! This isn't funny anymore, put my cloths back on! I want to go home! And stop looking there you homo! Only the person I love can look there!" Naruto yelled, struggling with a vengeance to get himself free from Sasuke.

Sasuke's eyes went back to his original onyx color, darkening, flashing dangerously when Naruto said he didn't love him. "I'll make you love me then! You'll beg me for more before I'm done."

Naruto's eyes widened as his legs were opened wider and Sasuke sunk his head next to the head of Naruto's erection. "N-no! Stop, p-please!"

Sasuke ignored his cries and took Naruto's erect penis into his moist mouth. He was delighted when a loud cry of pleasure erupted from his Naruto's soft lips, and took in all of Naruto into his mouth, sucking lightly on it, before pulling back up until only the head remained, making Naruto whimper in protest.

"Sa-Sasuke! Oh...Sasuke... hah...more" Naruto gasped out, clasping tightly onto the cloth binding his hand. God, it was so hot, so wet. He want-no needed-more! His lust filled mind no longer cared that it was Sasuke Uchiha delivering the exquisite pleasure, only that he was the one receiving it, and wanted more of that molten mouth around his cock.

Sasuke smirked and complied with Naruto's feeble request and began to lift and lower his head on Naruto's cock. Told you my love, Sasuke thought, you'll beg me for more.

The Uchiha was greatly rewarded with loud moans and screams for more as he sucked Naruto off. This was how it was meant to be. Him and Naruto, together forever.

It didn't take long for Naruto to cum; he was after all still a virgin. He relished his load into Sasuke's awaiting mouth, and whimpered as he felt Sasuke swallow his semen with his dick still in his mouth. He felt Sasuke lift himself up from between his sticky sweaty thighs to pull off his shirt and pants and lay down his now uncovered chest on his harshly lifting and falling one, still recovering from the orgasm. Sasuke also untie his hands in the process.

"Still doubt my love for you Naruto?" He heard Sasuke whisper into his ear, before he closed his eyes and all went black.

Sasuke received no answer from Naruto, and listened as his breathing evened out to one who was asleep. He smiled and gave a small peck to Naruto's nose and lips, and gathered his small body into his arms, careful not to wake the sleeping beauty, pulling the covers over their bodies.



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