Authors Note: This is my first Star wars Fanfic. Thanks to Kd Skywalker for encouraging me and helping me to get this here. This story starts at the very end of Anakin and Obi Wan's fight in revenge of the Sith. This is an AU Padme does not die. Anakin does not loose his legs or get burned up all the way.

Disclaimer: I do not own Star Wars. Although I love it.

Chapter 1

Anakin stood on the tiny platform fury causing him to breath raggedly. Obi Wan had lithely jumped from the platform onto the higher ground, and now he had the advantage of the higher ground. Then what really caused Anakin's anger to climb higher was that Obi Wan had to proclaim this fact to him.

"You can't win now, Anakin, I have the higher ground."

Anakin seethed and thought to himself " You know nothing my old master. You think you are so unattainable but I can and will bring you down."

"You know nothing of my power if you think I can be so easily defeated. I am stronger than you ever dreamed."

In that instant, Anakin jumped gathering the Force to himself so he could propel himself higher than Obi Wan. But the Force cheated him and mid flip Obi Wan was able to use his light saber to dismember Anakin's left arm from his shoulder. Anakin fell not above Obi Wan as he had planned but below him landing on the hot sand along the lava river. His severed arm rolled into the river, popping as it hit only to disappear immediately in a small fireball. Anakin started to panic as the heat from the sand started to seep through his cloths.

"Obi Wan!" he called pathetically.

"NO Anakin! You were the chosen one! You were the one who was to bring balance to the force, not leave it in darkness! You were supposed to destroy the Sith, not join them! You were my brother! I loved you, but I can't save you. Goodbye!"

Obi Wan turned and ran for Padme's ship. He knew something was very wrong with her, but he also knew if Anakin was to be saved the one person who would do it was heading his way right now. Obi Wan never met him on the way and that made him very pleased. He knew if he was to be of any help to Padme and her baby he needed to get to her fast.

Anakin lie on the sand pushing with his feet and clawing with his hand trying to pull himself up to the higher ground, but the shock of loosing his arm was making it impossible to get very far. The lava river boiled and spouted a chunk of lava stone that landed on his back immediately igniting his cloths. He screamed in pain and hazily made out the form of an "old friend" coming to his aid before darkness took him.

Palpatine gasped as he saw the fire upon Anakin's back and raced over to him with 2 clone troopers. The troopers immediately put out the fire but Anakin was unconscious. They picked him up and moved him to higher ground while Palpatine Called for 2 more troopers to bring a stretcher.

"Rest easy, Vader. I will make everything better for you." Palpatine said to form lying there but no sound or movement came from him. Palpatine was worried but he knew Anakin was breathing and he felt his heart beating steadily. Palpatine knew he would be ok once his wounds were healed, and he was quite happy with himself for picking a young and viral apprentice.

The troopers finally came and they quickly took him aboard the ship. The med droid hooked him to oxygen and did all he could to ease his pain for now. The burns were bad but not unfixable with a few skin graphs and lots of bacta baths he would be back to normal.

Padme was not doing to well. She seemed to be breathing normally and all but she was not waking up. Obi Wan was worried for her sake and the sake of the baby. They still had a day to travel to get to the rendezvous point. He had alerted Bail to the fact that that he was coming with a medical need. He did not mention yet who it was or that she was pregnant. He was not sure if Bail knew of Padme's condition. He certainly knew Master Yoda had no idea. Right now all he could do watch over her and make sure they got safely to Polis Massa.

Padme slowly felt wakefulness coming to her. She did not want to open her eyes there was a light too bright for her eyes just yet. She wondered where she was at the moment. For that matter she wondered why she was somewhere that was this bright. Her bedroom was always kept in the dark or lower lights, and her room on her ship was warmer and a lot less intense also. She decided to use her other senses to determine where she was. She smelled cool crisp air and she heard the hum of an engine roaring at light speed across space. She opened her eyes expecting to see Captain Typho or Anakin at the controls. Who she saw really shocked her.

"Obi Wan!" she asked shocked to see him in her ship. "Why are you here?"

"Padme, I am so glad you are awake. How do you feel?"

"Weak, terribly weak," she replied letting her head fallback onto the pillow. "Why are you here?"

"Don't you remember anything?"

"I know I went to find Anakin." She searched her mind and it did not take long for everything to come flooding back to her. She looked at Obi Wan accusingly, "You stole on my ship. What did you do to Anakin?"

A dark look came over Obi Wan's face. "Nothing I wanted to do but something I had to do."

"Is he dead?"

"Not when I left him," he said flatly.

Padme lies back down as tears formed in her eyes. All she thought about was what happened between her and Anakin. Her heart felt heavy and she started to cry uncontrollably. Her already weakened condition, added by the heartbreaking sobs, caused her to fall into unconsciousness again.

Obi Wan watched the lines of stars stream past him begging the force to hurry them to Polis Massa.

Padme again woke as she was being carried to the med center room where the Med droid checked her over. After his initial check he left her to go talk to Obi Wan and Bail.

Padme looked around her room and she tried lifting her head to see where the doctor went. Her head felt like a lead brick so she just lies back down. She thought on Anakin and her heart felt like it was tearing in two. Why had she gotten pregnant? Why had she been so foolish to keep secrets from Anakin? In fact why had her heart betrayed her by allowing her to fall in love with Anakin anyway? She knew it was wrong. They had been married 3 years and she hardly had a chance to be a real wife. All that hiding and lying for the one thing she thought was real. Real? Do I even know what is real anymore? My husband, the one who made my life better, has turned into a monster. Though I know he still has good in him. I know I saw it when I tried making that connection again, but even that connection is not enough to keep him loving me. What has happened to him? Such awful power I felt, and then he tried killing me. I can't blame him though. It looked like I betrayed him. But I loved him. I still love Him. I still want him. I Still live for him. I can't live without him. He doesn't me anymore! WHY!

At that moment, Padme's belly was gripped in a horrendously strong contraction. She screamed at the suddenness and strength of it. The medical driod rushed back in along with Obi Wan. Padme held out her hand reaching for Obi Wan's, trying to draw strength from him. He grabbed her hand and sat with her as the doctor accessed her. The droid told Obi Wan he was going to take the children, because Padme would not live through a delivery.

"Children?" Obi Wan questioned.

"Yes, twins."

"Padme you are having twins. You must try to live for them."

Why? When their father does not want them or me. She cried out in pain as another contraction wracked her body. She lies panting afterward because she could not seem to catch her breath.

"Can't you do anything for her?"

"She is almost ready." the droid said as he gave her a local shot of anesthetic. "I need her as awake as possible or she will die before the twins are born."

Obi Wan nodded automatically keeping his eyes on Padme.

You should not be here. Anakin should be here. I should not be feeling this way. This was supposed to be a happy time for us. We were going to see together if it was a girl or a boy? Anakin Why aren't you here!

"If it is girl, Obi Wan please call her……." She groaned as the droid took the baby from her.

"It's a boy," the droid said a little too cheerily.

"Padme, it's a boy. Hold on please don't die."

Padme turned to look at the baby. "My boy." Oh Anakin! "Call him Luke."

It's a boy Anakin do you care? Will you care? Another groan escaped her lips.

"It's a girl."

"Padme, now you have girl. Come on Padme, they need you. Can't you live for them?"

I wish I had the desire Obi Wan. These were gifts to Anakin he can't have them and I can't live with that.

"Please, Call her Leia."

Anakin I love you more than you will ever know.

"Obi Wan there is still good in him……. I…. know…it."

With that, Padme let the blackness take her.