Title: Vulnerable Strength

Rating: PG-13, which would make it T by the site's new rating system. (Anyone know why they bothered with that?)

Summary: Harry Potter/YYH crossover. When he is targeted by a group of magic-wielding strangers as a prize for their 'lord', Yuusuke discovers a gaping weakness in his demonic defenses. Luckily, Koenma has a plan to keep the Toushin safe, even if it involves sending Yuusuke undercover into a school full of wizards...

Pairings: None as of yet, though I might get bold and try a little romance.

Warnings: Some violence, slight gore, and some smatterings of foul language. (It's Yuusuke, remember?)

Author Notes: I can't believe I'm doing it. I'm breaking two of my promises to myself. a) Never write a Harry Potter fanfiction, and b) Never write something that runs the risk of becoming average, run-of-the-mill, and/or cliche.

And here I am starting a Harry Potter/Yu Yu Hakusho crossover fanfiction.

...actually, I'm breaking three rules. I forgot c) Never start a new story without finishing one you've already started.


Suffice it to say that my life (such as it is) has become something of a waking nightmare. Family, money, and computer problems have taken too much of my interest away from Mission X for too long and I've lost my momentum. So now, I'm beginning this fic in the hopes that I can return later to finish Mission X with a new bout of creativity.

If you can be understanding about this, thank you. If not, please leave your e-mail address with your flames so I can flame back. Consider it professional courtesy.


)) Chapter One: Men With Sticks ((

Yuusuke was not having a good day.

"Name, species, rank, and reason for visit, sir."

He had completed his latest mission for the toddler (capturing a rampant bull demon run amok in downtown Tokyo) with relative ease, receiving only a few minor cuts and bruises and draining only minor amounts of his youki and reiki in the process.

"Excuse me?"

He had not taken into account, however, that he would have to transport the demon back to Reikai headquarters by himself, otherwise he would have made sure that the bull remained conscious and capable of independent motion after the fight.

"I said, I need your name, species, rank, and reason for visit, sir."

He had gotten a little too aggressive during the encounter, though, and a youki-charged roundhouse kick had ensured that the bull would not be moving anywhere under its own power for a very long time, if it ever awoke from its coma at all.

"You're kidding me, right?"

This had resulted in a rather long trek back to the nearest Reikai portal, through deserted back alleys to ensure no humans would spot him, with the four-hundred-plus pound bull draped over his shoulders like some stinking, sweaty, flea-ridden deer carcass borne back to camp by a triumphant hunter.

"Sir, it's standard check-in procedure for all Reikai staff. Name, species, rank, and reason for visit, if you please."

And upon finally --finally!-- reaching Reikai, where he could at last rid himself of his burden, he was now being given the run-around by a scrawny, lavender ogre secretary who refused to even look up at him from her paperwork.

Yuusuke bit back the urge to copy Hiei and set the ogre's paperwork on fire with judicious use of his raw youki, and he answered. "Urameshi Yuusuke, of Koenma's Reikai Tantei, battle demon, S-superior, and I'm here to drop off a prisoner."

That got her attention. She looked up, her eyes already wide, and they grew only wider still as both his qualifications and his appearance slowly sunk into her conscious mind.

The name 'Urameshi Yuusuke' was reason enough to sit up and pay attention, but the fact that he named himself as 'of Koenma's Reikai Tantei' was reason to sit up, pay attention, grovel (if need be), and pray that she retained her job and/or all of her limbs after the encounter was over.

While Reikai had at least a dozen Tantei teams on staff at any given moment, Koenma personally sponsored only one Tantei team at a time, the current team, naturally, being Yuusuke himself, the psychically gifted human Kuwabara, the infamous youko thief Kurama, and the half-breed fire demon Jaganshi Hiei.

Granted, most of the team's infamy probably stemmed from Hiei's notorious temper and/or violent streak rather than the fact that Koenma personally oversaw their missions, but that was nothing to quibble over as long as they retained their reputation as The Reikai Tantei.

Yuusuke reflected that he also must have looked pretty ferocious. His hair was long and wild from his recent transformation to his Toushin form, and streaks of blood (both his and the bull's) streaked his bare arms and what little skin could be seen through the tears in his shirt, adding swirled, scarlet markings to the black ones already adorning the majority of his body.

With a startled (and fearful) gasp of "Yuusuke-sama!", the secretary (now paled to an interesting shade of white-pink) waved him past.

Yuusuke smirked and continued on his way, greatly looking forward to ridding himself of his burden, and looking forward even more to returning to Ningenkai where he could pick a fight with a more worthwhile opponent, namely Hiei or Kurama.


The interdimensional portal from Reikai closed behind him with its typical loud hiss and oh-so-subtle light show. The verdant trees and undergrowth of the Ningenkai woodland surrounded him, and he did a quick mental sweep to make certain that Reikai staff had not opened the portal near an unsuspecting hiker or camper.

He could feel only a small group of humans anywhere near, nearly two hundred yards ahead and to one side of his intended path back to the city. The weather had been almost sickeningly nice lately, so it was only natural that a few adventurous humans try their luck with a camping trip. Yuusuke dismissed them as a threat.

Now that he was back in his human form, his hair, still beyond waist-length, was far more tame, actually falling smoothly down his back and around his face instead of fluffing out in innumerable, unmanageable tufts as it did in his demon form.

He still wished that he had thought to bring a hair tie, though.

Yuusuke had given up on cutting his hair short nearly three years past, when it had become abundantly clear to him that his hair would grow out to thigh-length every time he transformed into his Toushin form. In addition to saving Kurama, Yukina, and Genkai the trouble of acting as impromptu barbers on numerous, random occasions, keeping it long also saved Yuusuke the trouble of thinking up cover stories for his hair's erratic changes in length.

Checking once more to make certain that his markings were indeed gone, Yuusuke set out through the thick plant life that made its home around the bases of the many trees. If he remembered correctly, there was a hiking trail just twenty meters or so ahead, and that path in turn would lead him back down to the park's main buildings where he could catch a bus back to the city.

During the trek, he went over the various things that he needed to do before returning home: pick up something for dinner that night, stop by Kurama's to see if the youko had any more demon-level painkillers to replenish Yuusuke's dwindling stash, and check in with Genkai to make certain that the shrine was still doing okay.

The aged martial artist, stubbornly as healthy and active as ever, had reported several worrisome incidents around the shrine. The shrine wards had been activated multiple times in the past week as though someone had crossed the boundaries, but neither Kurama's trained 'attack plants' nor Hiei himself could find a sign that anyone had tried breaching the wards. If the incidents continued, Yuusuke was considering moving back into the shrine to be on scene if anything strange did happen; over a decade of experience as a Reikai Tantei and demon lord had taught him that there was nothing wrong with being cautious.

His feet found the narrow footpath and he turned back toward civilization, his mind still pondering the mystery like a dog gnawing at an old bone.

Several minutes of walking brought him near to the group of campers, and he absently kept track of the various reiki signatures as he continued on his walk. He had washed the bull's blood off of himself back in the Reikai Main Office, so he knew that while he looked messy and somewhat roughed-up, he still fell well within the parameters of normal. He could explain his torn clothes away as an incident with brambles, and the mess his hair was in... well, that would be a bit of a stretch, but still---


The young demon's entire body jerked violently to the right at the strange shout, and a bolt of sizzling red energy cut through the air where he had just been standing, an equally strange energy skittering across his senses and disappearing before he could identify it.

"What the hell---?" Yuusuke whirled and fell into a defensive crouch all in one motion, his eyes falling upon the human male standing several meters back down the path, half-hidden in the dense plant-life, clad in strange, baggy, black robes

The man paled and gulped as Yuusuke's eyes met his own, and his hand shook causing the strange stick in his grip to quiver. Abruptly, the human began to yell. "O-over here! He's over here! I've found him!"

Yuusuke double-checked and found that the person before him was indeed one-hundred percent human being. "What the hell are you talking about?" he demanded, disbelief and confusion warring within him. Why would a human attack him? How would a human generate an attack like that? And what was with that stick?

The reiki signals that he had previously identified in his mind as a group of seven humans rapidly converged on his position, and with a great amount of rustling and crackling of the undergrowth, six more men, all clad identically to their companion, approached through the woods to form a loose half-circle around the demon, all of the humans raising their arms to point the strange sticks at Yuusuke.

All the hair along his arms and down his neck was standing on end with unease. His youki levels began to rise as the instinct to fight came to the fore, but he held himself back, imagining the shrill lecture he would recieve from Koenma if he harmed any humans against orders. "What is this about?"

The humans slowly, hesitantly --Yuusuke would dare to say 'fearfully'-- inched closer to him. One, taller than the rest, smirked. "You've hidden yourself quite well, demon. Do behave and come quietly."

Yuusuke's eyes narrowed, and various areas of skin upon his body began to sting as his demon marks warred to make themselves visible. "I never behave."

"Pity." The man did not turn his eyes away from Yuusuke, but he addressed his fellows. "Remember, our lord needs him alive. He said nothing about unharmed. Incarcerous!"

Yuusuke cursed loudly in surprise as ropes shot out of the tall man's stick and tangled around his torso. He exerted his demon strength and snapped the bonds with little trouble, but the delay left him hard-pressed to dodge the barrage of attacks now coming from the other men.




Another jet of red light hissed by his right ear, and small, burning cuts opened all along his arms when he swiftly raised them to protect his face. He turned and leapt upward, using tree branches as footholds and attempted to flee, dodging the razor-sharp blades of ice that pursued him, his instincts screaming at him to fight back even as his mind forcefully held onto the fact that as a demon, he was forbidden to attack humans unless under Reikai orders.

"Follow him, you idiots! Don't let him out of your sight!"

At the moment, that particular law seemed really friggin' unfair.

Leaves showered down around him as the trees quaked with the violence of his movements, branches shaking heavily beneath his feet as he leapt further and higher, seeking distance from his opponents. No humans could keep up with a demon, after all.

No normal humans, he amended with a twinge of irritation. And what sort of normal humans could shoot attacks out of a bunch of stupid sticks?


He dodged instinctively, and a gust of misplaced air brushed his face as something invisible rocketed past.

He could get away. He had superior speed, superior strength, and superior energy levels. He just needed to get far enough away that he would have time to request a portal to Reikai.

Then he would get orders to hunt down the bastards and show them why it wasn't smart to piss off an S-class battle demon!


He was not quick enough this time. Something struck him in the back, and agony seared across every nerve in his body, his demon core burning within his chest, and any hope he had for escape was wiped from his mind in the wash of absolute pain that took away thought itself.

The pain ended, but in the wake of such immense agony he didn't feel himself falling, nor did he feel it when he struck against several limbs on his way to the ground. He felt a distant impact when he hit the ground itself, and he wondered why so many hard, wet things were poking into his skin.

Opening his eyes blearily, drawing in deep, desperate draughts of air, he realized that he was lying facedown on the forest ground, surrounded again if the reiki signatures of the humans were anything to go by. He attempted to get his arms beneath him, pushing himself up slightly despite the alarming lack of strength in his limbs, but one of the humans kicked him in his ribs, knocking him onto his side and hurting him far more than such a weak attack should have been able to hurt him.

"I told you that you should have behaved."

Yuusuke bared his teeth in a primitive snarl, managing a weak growl, reaching desperately for and failing to grasp his youki, wishing nothing more than to obliterate the smug bastards from Ningenkai, and Koenma's laws be damned.

... and then he could hunt them down in Reikai and kill them again.

"You aren't still trying to fight are you?" came the mocking voice of the leader of the group of humans. "Oh, what a disobedient little demon you are."

Yuusuke attempted again to lever himself upright, spitting out curses that said just what he thought of the speaker's appearance, pastimes, breeding, and sexual preferences.

"And impolite, too," added the speaker, his tone now coldly furious. "Crucio."

Something struck Yuusuke in the side, and once more he was immersed in a world that consisted of nothing but pain. He bit down against the scream building in his throat. The forest faded from his sight. Images flashed in his mind of a damp cavern from so many years past, the figure of his teacher standing over him as he writhed on the stony floor, pain racing through his body.

'... Yuusuke, I'm taking it back... Your body can't handle the strain...'

... the orb, his teacher's gift to him, a hope that he could survive the coming battles, and a threat that he could die accepting it... brown eyes framed by silver and strawberry-blonde hair, grimly watching... brown eyes narrowed with worry... a familiar voice, trying to help him...

A scream ripped itself from his throat, but not an inarticulate scream of pain.


... and the pain stopped.


)) To Be Continued... ((

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