Chapter 10:

The night was beautiful. Sam had picked a good night to go for a swim. The moon was full, making it very bright outside already. The water was a dark blue, with a beach nearby, so everyone could even just hangout on the beach in the moonlight. Sam had gotten a radio to play music on the beach and brought tiki torches to keep the mosquitos away from everyone. Towels and food were being brought over, as well as supplies for a bonfire. Tonight would just be a relaxing night. No partying, no alcohol, no stripping (good for Inuyasha). Just good, clean fun tonight. Everything was going according to plan.

Kagome came out from below deck, sporting her new bathing suite for the occasion. She wore a white halter top with golden stars all over it and a metal piece in the center of a golden star holding it together. The bottom matched with two golden, metal stars on each of her hips. She held her skirt in her hand, ready to put it on soon, and she was excited out of her mind for tonight. A moonlight swim! After everything else, she was glad to just be able to relax. And it's such a romantic setting! Perfect for everyone to maye hook up! She thought as she eyed Sango and Miroku. She really hoped this vacation would help them come to their senses.

"HeHem!" Kagome turned to see Koga next to her. He smile.

"Would you like to go for a swim with me Kagome?" Koga asked, reaching his hand to her.

"Not so fast you mangy wolf!" Inuyasha yelled as he came up the steps. "If anyone's going swimming with Kagome it'll be me!"

"A mutt like you? Can you even swim?" Koga yelled.

"Better than you!" Inuyasha yelled back.

"Whoa whoa whoa!" Sam got between them, Kiba at her side quickly growling at Inuyasha (Koga's his own kind). "What in the hell is going on here?" She yelled at the both of them. "Tonight is supposed to be a relaxing swim and or a good time on the beach. No fighting!" She pointed a finger at both of them. "Do I have to separate you? Put you in separate corners of the beach? I really don't wanna have to do anything to ruin the night."

"No Ma'am." Inuyasha and Koga said at the same time. Kagome had taken this chance to run away to Mina and Keiko and Sango. All the girls were in the dinging yelling at everyone to hurry up. They didn't wanna stay on the boat any longer.

"Good. Now get on the boat please." Sam said with a cheery smile, just like the flght attendants seem to have. She walked over to the boat, Inuyasha and Koga following her close behind. Miroku was already in the boat, reading the palms of some of the girls and Whooing them. Sango boiled at the sight of the girls laughing as Miroku flirted with them, pissed that it wasn't her he was flirting with instead. She turned her back to them so she wouldn't have to see it any longer.

They hit the beach. Everyone jumped out and ran around while Sam took out the tiki torches to set up the territory. Kiba and Demon got out with her and sniffed around, making sure no animals were in sight. Sam looked over to Koga. Probably best to keep him from Inuyasha and Koga."Hey Koga!" She called, and he suddenly turned around, wondering what he had done now. She smiled at him. "Could you help me put up these tiki torches? They're awfully heavy and I need to put them everywhere." She asked.

"Sure." Koga said, kinda sounding in the dumps.

"You OK Wolf-Boy?" She asked. "What's bothering you?"

"It's nothing." Koga said as he put in a tiki torch. She may be a wolf demon too, but that didn't mean he had anything to say to her.

"Oh come on. That fight on the deck wasn't for nothin." She said as she put in the last of the tiki torches. They had set of six, enough to go around in a circle around where Sam would set up the bon fire. She laid out some logs and put some towels around the circle, far enough away so they would catch fire. "You and Inuyasha don't get along too well?" She said as she started to light the bon fire.

"Feh. That's an understatement. He's my second biggest enemy." Koga said. Why was he opening up to her? She wasn't a member of his pack, nor had he had any alliances with her. He didn't even know what pack she was from!

"Why's that?" She asked, then blew into the fire to get it started, and soon had it blazing.

"Why should I tell you?" Koga asked.

"Sit." She said as she patted a spot next to her on a towel. "Have a smore, and you can tell me because I'm willing to listen. Plus, it seems like a good story!" She said with a grin. Kiba and Demon had come back. Kiba layed down in the sand next to Sam, while Demon decided to take a swim back to the boat.

"Can he make back out there?" Koga asked.

"Oh yeah...! They swim farther away than that all the time. We trained them to. Otherwise if they fell off or something happened, we'd lose them." Same replied as she pet Kiba. "I've had this one since he was a puppy. He's my baby!"

Koga chuckled. He would never treat his wolves so nicely. They were at his command, not pets. Sam slapped the spot next to her again, and Koga figured she wasn't going to let him get away, so he sat and told her all about his love for Kagome and how much he hated that Mutt-Face Inuyasha, and everything that had happened with Kagura and Naraku to his pack. Sam felt for him, the guy was a wreck. A love life going no where, so much hate in his soul, and no one for him to share his pain with. Maybe she ould help him out a little...

With Kagome and Inuyasha...

Kagome walked along the beach with Inuyasha. She felt nervous for some reason. Maybe it was the romantic setting set up here, with the beach, the full moon, and calm water, and the sounds of waves crashing on the beach. She had put her skirt on, seeing as Inuyasha had a shirt on and shorts. She felt so naked. Her hands clenched and unclenched as she tried to get rid of the nervous tension inside her, until she accidentally touched Inuaysha's hand.

"Ah!" She squealed slightly as she pulled her hand away, holding to her chest as if she'd burnt it. Her cheeks were a wild red with blush. She was alone, with Inuyasha. She didn't hae to worry about demons, Naraku, anyone walking in on them, Koga, or even Kikyo. He was all hers for the moment. But she was too nervous to do anything about it! "So..." She tried to say something.

Inuyasha was just confused. Why was Kagome acting to weird? Last night she had had a little too much to drink, and Inuyasha thought maybe she had some feelings for him, but wasn't sure if it was just the ramblings of a drunk, or if Kagome was being serious. Women in general confused him. One second Kagome would be happy, and the next she'd be yelling at him to Sit. He'd prolly say something very soon to piss her off and be Sat, then he'd be done for. "So..." He responded.

"Are you having fun on this vacation?" Kagome asked.

"Yeah, other than the whole I had to strip for you guys every night so far part." Inuyasha answered as he scratched his head. Man this was nerve racking. He could easily fight any demon who challenged him, but when it came to Kagome, he tripped over himself so much.

"Well that's all done with. I wouldn't even worry about it. We prolly won't do anything else like that for the rest of the vacation." Kagome laughed.

"Thank God!" Inuyasha exclaimed with happiness. He really didn't like showing off his goods to others. He wasn't some boy toy for them to mess around with. He hoped Kagome didn't think of him like that.

"Hey! What's that?" Kagome asked as she pointed to what looked like a trail in the woods. "Let's check it out!" Kagome exlaimed as she grabbed Inuyasha's hand and pulled him into the woods with her.

"Whoa!" Inuyasha yelled as he was pulled into the woods, almost faling to the ground by Kagome's force.

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