Chapter Twelve

No One Said It Was Going to be Easy

Nothing you really want in life comes easy…and no one ever promised life was going to be fair.

And that's what Woody found out the hard way with Jordan. The call was difficult. So much had been said and there was so much hurt between them – sometimes it seemed like an insurmountable wall. He had mumbled to her over his phone that he needed to see her, and she had wanted to know why.

"Because that last night we had together…I was wrong…I don't want it to be temporary. I miss you, Jordan."

"You do?"

"Yeah…Can I see you?"

Jordan had rolled that around in her mind for a few seconds. Finally, blowing out a breath she felt she had been holding for three years, she said "Yeah, sure. Where?"

"Where are you at?"

"My grandmother's house at the Cape."

He had made the drive in record time. She didn't answer his knock at the door, but looking out towards the beach, he saw her slight form walking up the beach. He quickly found the path out there, taking off his shoes and socks, and rolling up the pants legs of his jeans. "Hey," he greeted, stopping in front of her and looking deep into her eyes.

"So you missed me?"

Woody reached out and gently put his hands on her shoulders. "More than you'll ever know. Probably more than I even cognitively realize."

"Oh." She bit her lip, looking up into his eyes.

She wasn't making his groveling easy at all. "Jordan…I'm sorry. I was wrong…on so many levels…"

"Want to talk about it?" She slipped her hand into his and began to lead him down the beach.

And for the first time in three years, Woody bared his soul to her. His fears about a new pregnancy…another miscarriage….the reason he had pursued so many promotions in such a short time. "Why didn't tell you tell me to begin with?" she asked quietly, stopping to pull him to her.

"You were grieving so hard…for the baby. I just didn't…I didn't know how to make it better. I've always been able to protect you, Jordan…when there was no one else to turn to, I was always there for you…I could make whatever it was hurting you go away. This one time…the most painful time in your life…I couldn't do a damn thing. Not a damn thing. I've never felt so helpless in my life."

"Woody…all I needed was you. That's all…just you. I thought you were pushing me away."

"No…I didn't mean to…I just thought…"

She leaned up and softly kissed him. "It's okay. It's over. So…we've wasted some time…but we have the rest of our lives ahead of us…that is, if the chief wants his wife back on a permanent basis." A grin began to kick up the corners of her mouth.

He pulled her into his arms. "Oh, yes…"

Woody glanced over at his wife, who was looking radiantly happy while holding their godchild, Cal's and Heather's daughter. He had initially be just a little afraid that the christening would be too hard on Jordan…bringing back up memories of what they didn't have. She had set his concerns aside. "It'll be a blast…just think of how you can finally get back at Cal….spoil Lauren rotten and then send her home for her dad to deal with. Who said revenge isn't sweet?"

He had to agree. His niece was beautiful. And Heather was hopelessly in love with Cal. Life had worked out better for his little brother than Woody could have ever imagined. And so had his. Jordan was back in their house…although weekends found them at Jordan's Cape house. It was secluded and they had time alone… time to rebuild their relationship…And Cal had been right. Once Woody had told Jordan what had happened … she had him in her arms.

"Isn't she sweet?" Jordan cooed over Lauren, interrupting his thoughts.

"She is until the minute she starts screaming for Mama," Woody replied, gently offering his finger to Lauren for her curl her tiny fist around.

"Does it make you think of anything?"

"Yeah…like how many months is it going to be before Cal gets to sleep straight through the night…and how grouchy is he going to be until then?"

"Not exactly what I'm thinking about…" Jordan handed off a squirming Lauren back off to Heather…the baby was getting hungry.

"And what were you thinking, Mrs. Hoyt?"

"How nice going home and making a baby with my husband would be…." She looked up at him to gauge his reaction.

"Hmmmm. I'm still not sure I'm ready for that…but I'm willing to go home and practice…"

"Well…they say practice makes perfect…"

No…no one ever said life was going to be easy or fair…but at least this was a good start.