After reading, and rereading, and rereading, all the wonderful OP drabbles out there, I've decided to jump on the ever increasing bandwagon and write one myself, lol. So here it is. Enjoy and as always, reviews and constructive criticism are greatly appreciated.


Sanji looked pathetic, to say the least.

He'd fought a battle with a bowlful of tomato soup and the sudden sharp lurch of the ship. He hadn't won.

The soup dripped down his face and splattered onto his jacket, leaving behind streaks of red that were almost the same shade as the darkening of his cheeks.

To make matters worse, Nami, the goddess of the ship, was laughing at him. Him! Not Luffy, not Usopp; hell, not even the stupid swordsman. Him!

Sanji sighed miserably as his pride gave one last shuddering breath and died.

Nami stopped laughing to catch her breath and smiled. She walked over and haphazardly threw her arms around him.

"I'm sorry, Sanji-kun," She laughed. "But you looked so cute."

Sanji's pride made a miraculous recovery.