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Harry Potter (Shadow)-A seventeen year old with deep green eyes, and long wild black hair. Very toned body, that stands about 6'1, has a tattoo of a dragon on his back, and an ancient rune symbol on his right arm, plus those you don't see. Been living on his own since age six, lived with a few homeless boys better known as 'the seekers' a well known gang in the streets of Europe. Harry grew to exceed his expectations, for not only a fighter, but a wizard, and a leader as well. What happens when Dumbledore finally finds him, but not only that…but decides he wants his golden boy back?

Olivia Potter (Livy)- She's four years old, and is the only child of the boy-who-lived. Her mother, Sonja died two months after she was born in a Deatheater raid that instantly broke Harry's heart. Harry's very protective over her and would kill if need be. She has very light blonde hair and Harry's intense emerald green eyes. She's a very affectionate girl, but behind that innocent face is the greatest little pickpocker known to men. Has been taught magic, somewhat from Harry for emergency cases and can fend for herself when need be.

Chapter 1.

Olivia walked around the shops watching children be cuddled by their parents, she felt a sort of detachment from all that, she had never met her mother. Harry had always told her that she was his best friend that he loved her mummy very much…but aside from that, Harry didn't talk much about her. And Olivia sometimes wondered who her mother was, and why her father never talked about her. But at the end of the day it didn't matter, she had Harry, and that was all that mattered.

"Are you alone dear?" Came a crude voice to the right, looking up Olivia came face to face with a man dressed in black, his eyes a cold gray that even sent tremors up her spine. Olivia inwardly smirked; he'd be an easy target…and so pouting up her lips Olivia allowed her eyes to gloss over before she started the shaky breaths.

"What's the matter?" The man asked once he realized he was drawing unwanted attention from the ground.

"I can't find my-my d-daddy!" Olivia cried finally letting the sobs splurge from her chest as she dropped pathetically to the ground. Now that the man felt guilty, and just to make himself look good he bent down near the child and almost jumped out of his skin when she clung to his waist for dear life, her cries growing louder as she did so. The man cleared his throat as he tempted to sooth the child, women from the crowd either ohhhing or ahhhing the sweet sight of innocence before them. Twas pity that it was such a scandal for bother parties in the making. Minutes later the sobbing child dried her eyes and smiled up at the tall man before taking a wand from her pocket, winked and apparated before the crowd.

The man straightened immediately obviously more confused then ever as he glanced around the gathering crowd to see them just as confused as he. Shaking it off he continued his way to the ministry, he had work to do and no time to loose. Reaching the main entrance where he was required to show his id Aurora Jonathan H. Whelps reached for his walled only to find it was not where he left it. Panic struck his pace and he suddenly began to search his pockets frantically, only coming to the same conclusion…it was stolen.

"That damn girl…" Whelps spat once he realized what truly happened, he had been coned by a four year old, this wouldn't look good with the guys…

Eastside London, Conway Pub

Olivia skipped up the stairs to one of their many apartments around England and opened the door to her bedroom. She winced once she met the angry eyes of Harry who was sitting in a stuffed reading chair beside her bed, a glass of whisky in his hand, a cigarette in the other. Taking in a breath of courage Olivia entered the room and discarded her jacket to lay on her bed before she took off her shoes and placed them neatly in the closet. Crossing over to the vanity she took up and a brush and began to pick out the tangles she had gotten from her little escapade early. It was when she finally sat down on her bed did she finally look at Harry and smile innocently.

"Hi daddy…" Olivia smiled giving her father a hug, Harry groaned putting out his cigarette and set the cup to the side before he scooped Olivia up in his arms and set her directly on his lap.

"Where were you Livy? I have the boys out looking everywhere for you…" Harry asked trying to remain cool and collected, but Olivia could seen in his eyes that he was about to go into panic attack.

"I went to Diagon Alley." Olivia announced pulling out a fine dragon hide wallet and set it on the nightstand before looking appraisingly at Harry.

"You went to Diagon Alley…during the afternoon…by yourself and stole from what looks to be a well known wizard?" Harry asked now gripping the arms of his chair to keep from throttling his young charge before he could get a full explanation.

"Yep." Olivia smiled cuddling up closer to Harry who was nearing his ground zero by the second. Standing up Olivia in his arms he threw her on the bed before he began to pace back and forth running his fingers through his already messy hair. He knew she apparated, and if it was a ministry official or aurora they could trace her location in a matter of hours, they'd have to relocate…AGAIN!

"Livy…what have I told you about stealing?" Harry asked finally stopping in front of the slightly cowering girl. Olivia didn't like showing her fear, Harry had taught her well when it came to hiding emotions. But even Livy had her breaking point, and she knew when it came to Harry's temper that she should be afraid.

"Never steal from women…or those who are poorer then you?" Olivia offered a slight twinkle in her eyes that made Harry want to melt. Yet he stood strong and held his ground still trying to be intimidating, with a rise of an eyebrow Olivia rethought her answer before speaking once more.

"Only steal to survive and always have an accomplice with you…" Olivia muttered knowing she was about to be punished. Harry kneeled down in front of the girl and took her tiny hands into his own, it was then green eyes met green and the battle of the wills began.

"Then why did you do it?" Harry inquired once Olivia broke the gaze and settled for looking down in her lap.

"Fingers dared me." Olivia shrugged as she watched the pink twinge spread like wild fire across Harry's cheeks.

"Fingers dared you to steal from Diagon Alley? The place I forbid all of you to go?" Harry inquired trying desperately to keep the furious tremble from his voice. Olivia swallowed the lump in her throat and nodded her head before she wrapped her dainty arms around his neck and clung to Harry until he calmed down. Harry was sitting on the floor with Olivia in her lap when he heard a loud rapping from the door.

"Enter." Harry commanded sternly as he laid Olivia down on the bed and covered her up with her black bed sheets and velvet red comforter. Harry turned back to the door to see Jessie Kenneth, better known as Sly, at the moment he sported a pair of baggy jeans and a black wifebeater he was a tall and broad Italian boy Harry was introduced to on his first week living in the streets.

"Sly how's it rolling?" Harry asked as the two both shook hands before Harry nodded his head towards the hall. Jessie nodded getting the picture and walked out, Harry looked at Olivia and smiled before flipping off the light switch and followed Jessie out.

"Auroras are down the street, five of them…they're looking for a little girl to take into child services." Harry's eyes glared as he nodded his head and they continued down to the bar downstairs.

"Was planning on leaving next week anyhow, going to go east and stay in Oxford a few weeks before going back north, Alex says the stocks are getting low, meaning we gots us a traitor in the gang." Harry explained taking out another cigarette and lighting it.

"So where was our little Livy?" Sly grinned leaning against the wall arms crossed in front of his chest to make his muscles look buffer.

"Our little Livy was stealing from the idiotic wizards of Diagon Alley…acting on a dare set by our little friend Fingers…now do you know where he is?" Harry asked while he continually smoked on the fag in his mouth while casting his eyes ever so often back and forth between the staircase and Olivia's bedroom door.

"Fingers fled this morning, said he couldn't handle the 'pressure' my guess is we'll be seeing him hanging out with the wolf pack…" Sly smirked all knowingly making Harry chuckle as well. Everyone thought that the Seekers were an allied-less gang that was made off the backbone of its members and that alone. Harry, however, made allies everywhere he'd go…as he always said 'you never known when you're going to need a friend' that sad part was only the most trusted of the Seekers itself knew this little fact.

"So that's why he decided to bribe my little charge…distractions, devious little shit that one is…" Harry chuckled coldly before he shook his head and headed down to his bedroom across from Olivia's. Quickly he pulled out a duffle bag and packed up his clothes before taking up another suitcase and headed back over to Olivia's bedroom. Except when he got there he was confronted by a large black man, and a tall man with a false tan. Both had their wands trained on Olivia who was cowering in the corner of her room.

"May I help you gentleman?" Harry asked coldly sliding his wand from his holster under his sleeves and into his eager awaiting hands. Both men were startled but chuckled once they realized Harry was just a kid.

"Get out of here before we decided to haul you in." The man hissed now pointing his wand at Harry. Harry merrily raised an eyebrow in amusement before he shot a stunner at both men who dodged it and ran into both Harry's fists and spells. Once both men were on the ground unconscious Harry pulled Olivia up into his arms and set her on her bed before he quickly gathered her cloths into a black duffle.

"This is why you don't go without me." Harry smirked as he opened his arms to Olivia who eagerly jumped in and clung tight. Harry made his way out into the hallway where he took up the second duffle and quickly apparated out of Conway's Pub and to the train station fifteen miles north.

Kingcross Station

"Who were those people Daddy?" Olivia asked as they slowly crept towards the back of the train and entered through the balcony and took a seat in the second to last compartment. Harry shoved their bags into the compartments above their heads before taking a seat next to Olivia who shivered from the cold. Harry smacked his head with stupidity and took off his own jacket to wrap around Olivia. He'd have to stop by a store and get her a new jacket, he had left hers back at the pub.

"Auroras, the ones I told you to stay away from unless you're dying…" Harry replied as he pulled Olivia closer to give her extra body heat to keep warm.

"Where are we going now Daddy?" Olivia rested her head on Harry's chest as she calmly listened to the sound of Harry's heart beat against his chest. Twirling her tiny fingers into his long black hair Olivia was finally content, Harry smiled knowing Olivia was about to go back to sleep, it was a little habit of hers to always play with his hair before she passed out. And before he knew it her little snores filled the air making Harry chuckle and kiss her forehead fondly. He couldn't imagine his life without Olivia, he couldn't imagine his life without Sonja…she had been his true friend and love. Taught him the real difference between right and wrong…fixed him up so he no longer looked like a slob. And finally to have a heart, for Harry was nothing but ice before he met Sonja. Going from the abuse he had endured from the Drusley's from the cold life on the street with gangs, drug dealers, and rapists around the clock. It was surprising to see Harry grown in the opposite of that…the Seekers were know for their cruelty from Jackal, the old ring leader that had taken Harry in when he was six. But as the years grew by Harry didn't like what Jackal had become or what he was molding Harry into…a weapon. And so the day came when Harry knew Jackal had to go…Harry had taken his wand and performed the killing curse when Jackal lay in a drunken sleep. There wasn't a day gone buy where Harry felt shame and guilt for what he did…he killed the man who taught him magic, taught him to fight, and taught him to survive.

After Jackal's death Harry began to mold the Seekers in the opposite direction from their former boss; no longer did they beat helpless children, or steal from women…children…or those in poverty such as them. They only stole to survive and made honest money, though the drugs were still sold Harry knew where the drugs went, and didn't care what happened to the drug dealers he sold them to so Harry let them. When Sonja was raped he thought he could never look at her the same, and always felt pity. But as the weeks went by, he found new respect for her and realized that he had fallen in love. She became pregnant with Olivia and Harry's aspect on life changed from than on out. During the months of Sonja's pregnancy, Harry became closer to her than he hand anyone else, thoughts of marriage in the later years were even brought up. But after the first two and a half months as a happy family were cut short in a deatheater raid. Sonja had been tortured to death, leaving Harry behind as a single parent, and an aching heart that would never love again. Harry at first had even found himself not able to look at Olivia shortly after Sonja's death, he felt guilt and anger when he saw Olivia and didn't want anything to do with her. But when Olivia had gotten sick, it was then that Harry realized he couldn't loose her, he never looked back after that…

"NEXT STOP OXFORD!" The loud obnoxious slurred over the intercom knocking Harry from his thoughts. Reaching into the compartment he shrunk down the luggage and shoved them into the pockets of his baggy jeans. Making sure Olivia was in a tight bundle Harry lifted Olivia into his arms and took the back exit off the train and onto the crowed platform at Brendan Station.

"Daddy…" Harry looked down in the bundle in his arm and smiled

"Yes love?" Harry asked as they exited the train yard and headed west on foot.

"I'm hungry." Olivia yawned wiggling in Harry's arms. Harry would've slapped himself if he could; he was such a bad father! Olivia hadn't eaten since last night the day before and it was already nearing two in the morning. There was no food in the apartment and he doubted there'd be any restaurant open at this god forsaken hour. Harry continued down the street glancing every now and then to see if some type of gas station or quickie mart was open. And to his luck a pub came into view, smirked he tightened his hold on Olivia and entered the pub without a care in the world.

"Well look what the dogs drug in…it's Shadow!" Harry smirked at his gang given named and nodded to the bartender. Several of the onlookers paused in fear and respect at the name, oh yes, Harry was well known…but not for his scar, he made sure he had his own attributes to fame in both the Muggle and Wizarding world alike. But it was never fame he was looking for, it was respect.

"You serve food here don't you?" Harry asked walking over to the closet booth to the bar. The man nodded as Harry took off Olivia's jacket and smirked at the reaction he got from the ladies. Within minutes two lovely ladies were seated in front of him.

"She is so adorable." The blonde cooed reaching over to pinch Olivia's cheek. Olivia scowled at him and snuggled closer and away from the coming claw. Harry quickly took the hand and gave it a soft kiss.

"Shadow's the name, now what can I do for you two ladies." He asked putting on the charm that could rattle a snake on command.

"So you're really the leader of the Seekers?" The redhead asked leaning her head on her elbow while staring admiringly at Harry. Harry smirked and nodded as two burgers and chip sides were placed along with a soda and a beer. Nodding his thanks to Phil he turned back to the two ladies and winked.

"And yet you still have a kid? My you are the charmer aren't you?" The redhead giggled while Olivia rolled her eyes and munched on her chips while Harry cut her burger in half for her and began munching on his own.

"So Shadow, is the mother still around?" The blonde asked trying to give Harry a seductive gaze. Olivia stiffened at his side and so he reached under the table and grabbed her hand massaging gently with his thumb.

"No, I lost her during years ago; it's been very, very hard for me." Harry sighed, it was it was now lie, as it had bee the hardest thing he had to overcome.

"Was she your first love?" The redhead asked taking a shot of tequila, Harry thought this over before a soft smiled grazed his lips and he nodded sending the girls giggling with admiration.

"Oh how silly, we didn't even introduce ourselves…I'm Lydia." The blonde winked at him

"And I'm Sasha…" The redhead purred "And who is this young beauty?" The redhead prodded still smiling at Olivia who was not content with eating her sandwich.

"This is Olivia…" Harry answered for her with a prideful smile before he continued to eat his dinner until his growling stomach was finally content. Olivia has already finished and was busy playing bartender with Phil. Sasha had gone off the flirt with some other drunk, yet Lydia still remained now taking Olivia's seat she ran her fingers through his hair and smiled as Harry leaned in closer to her.

"You know I'm not the best at relationships…" Harry admitted as Lydia's breath was now on his lips.

"Allow me to show you then…" Lydia whispered before she closed in the space with her lips. Harry groaned running his hands through her soft blonde locks, Lydia ran her tongue on the bottom of his lip before biting in playfully making Harry groan. Harry did the same before he plunged his tongue into the cavern of her mouth.

"DADDY!" Harry broke off from the kiss instantly and looked back to see Olivia pointing towards the entrance, standing there was no other then Greg Stiffens, better known as Greggie.

"Shadow! We thought you'd be back at the house by now." Greg laughed once he caught sight of Lydia and nodded in understanding and excused himself to sit down at the bar, only to be served by Olivia herself. Harry smirked at Lydia before he leaned in for another kiss…

"Hello Livy…" Greg greeted sitting down and ordered a whiskey with lime.

"Hi Greggie, how's Clarissa?" Olivia inquired as she poured the liquor.

"I'm afraid Clarissa went to go live with her mum, sorry love." Greg smiled sadly as he ruffled Olivia's curls making her pout and slump down in her chair.

"What's the matter?"

"I don't have any friends…all of you are older than me, way older…I mean the second youngest is Steven, and he's almost eleven. Clarissa was my best friend, and she was only seven…why does everyone always have to go away?" Olivia asked her eyes glossing with tears.

"Don't worry I won't be going anywhere you can be sure of that." Greg smiled pulling Olivia onto his lap. Greg knew that Harry wanted her to have friends, go to school, and live a normal life. But there was too much at stake, one he didn't have legal custody meaning if they got caught he would go to jail for kidnapping. And two, they moved around too much for her to go to school, which is exactly why Harry and his men taught her everything she ever needed to know. But knowledge can't replace companionship, and Greg understood this…if only things were different…

Harry and Olivia arrived at their home around four in the morning; Greg still at the pub assured them there were guards to let them in. And they were right, passing the password over to Preacher, a black boy who went to church everyday they were let in. Oxford had their better home, Harry could admit that, they had taken the home from an old dealer who had failed to pay the Seekers what he owed and so now the house was in Harry's name.

"Hey Shadow, heard about what happened...tough break huh?" Preacher smirked as he bolted the door after Harry and Olivia had entered. Olivia had passed out in his arms on the way home, and she was still sleeping soundly as they talked. Harry smirked and nodded, talking to Preacher he learned that aside from Preacher and Greg they were the only ones who occupied this out for the night,

"We're going to have to finish this conversation later; I got a kid to put to

Harry smirked raising Olivia in his arms, her soft snoring becoming a bit louder before going back to shallow once more making the men chuckle. After saying goodbye to Preacher Harry went to the top floor and all the way down the hall to his bedroom. Olivia didn't have a bedroom here, so he'd have to fix one up in the morning. Setting Olivia down on the bed he unshrunk the suitcases and unpacked. Taking a quick shower he came back to bed wearing a pair of sweatpants. Climbing into bed Harry pulled Olivia to his chest and gave out a long much needed yawn. He would have to make contact with Knuckles tomorrow, but until then he needed sleep...

"Harry over here!" Harry looked up to see Sonja waving at him. Smiling sheepishly he got to his feet and ran over to her a small blush crossing across his face as he did so. He was a few feet from her when Jackal came out of nowhere and grabbed him by the arms forcing him away.

"You shouldn't be hanging out with bitches yet Shadow, you need to learn how to treat a woman first...and the first rule being they don't order us around, we order them around." Harry was only eleven years old and knew better to listen to this rubbish. But he nodded knowing it was expected of him and walked away from Jackal and straight to Sonja who was now sitting on one of the many swings looking slightly glum.

"Hi Sonja," Harry smiled taking the swing beside her. Sonja jumped slightly before her blue eyes brightened and she turned to face Harry and immediately engulfed him into a hug before she kissed his cheeks gingerly

"Harry, how are you? I haven't seen you for almost a month!" Sonja spoke practically bouncing up and down in her swing. This was the only reason why Jackal didn't like her, he thought she was too preppy to be a street kid, but that's why Harry liked her...she was different and refreshing.

"We were up near Surrey, Jackal had to deal with a few of the members, killed almost three of them." Sonja gasped covering her mouth as she gaped at Harry in disbelief. Harry gave an inquisitive stare before shrugging it off.

"You act like it doesn't bother you." Sonja whispered her icy gray eyes melting with every syllable as she looked pleadingly at Harry.

"Maybe it doesn't..." Harry whispered finally looking Sonja in the eye making her shutter from the empty feeling his eyes gave.

"I think it does Harry," Sonja whispered allowing her hands to travel to his ebony locks, running a shaky hand through his hair Harry jumped from the sensation her touch gave it was almost as if...he were loved...

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