Title: Contagion
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: HisagixAyasekawa
Word Count: 190
Warning/s: Incoherent fluff ahead. No spoilers, really.
Summary: There has to be something wrong with Shuuhei.
Dedication: bakabakashi, for drawing me this pairing, because I'm a fanart whore and I owe her so much for catering to my fangirlishness. Thanks!
A/N: Decided that I'll take a study break every half hour and write one of these, just so my brain doesn't turn into mush.

Shuuhei thinks that there's something sick about him that makes him do these sorts of things to himself, because really, if he were perfectly normal, he would never submit to this sort of treatment willingly.

He's a vice-captain class shinigami after all, and who is this impertinent fifth-chair with the gall to order him around like he owns all of Soul Society and everyone in it?

"I told you, Yumichika…no."

He says it with confidence, because he is a vice-captain class shinigami. He has power, influence, and authority. Those of lower rank must listen to and obey him.

"Fine. No sex for a week. Humph."

"…okay, let's go."


And then Ayasekawa is clutching his arm and dragging him off with his stupid little picnic basket in tow, and Shuuhei thinks that there has to be something wrong with him, because even though he's a vice-captain class shinigami, he lets his authority slip in situations like these and finds himself submitting to all sorts of ridiculous treatment as a result.

Halfway to their destination, he pauses to kiss Yumichika and hopes whatever it is that's wrong with him is contagious.