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"WHERE ART THOU NAVI?" A deep booming voice called out within the Forbidden Woods.

The reply can from behind a nearby bush, "I'm here Great Deku tree! J-Just give me a sec…" The massive tree sweatdropped at the nervous note in the reply from whatever was in the bush.

A few seconds later a glowing blue ball flew out of the bush holding a fairy sized doujin in its small arms blushing furiously.

The Great Deku Tree just stared for a few minutes trying to get its head around the sight in front of it. "UH…"

"What did you want me for sir?" The fairy, Navi, asked.


"I have no idea what you just said but ok…" Navi replied as she flew off into the Kokiri woods.

As she flew under one Kokiri's legs she called out, "Nice ass!" scaring the heck out of the poor guy and kept going. She flew to half way through the small Kokiri village when she saw the tree house she was searching for and flew inside.

One the bed with its back towards her was a seven year old wearing normal Kokiri clothes consisting of a green tunic, boots and a green pointy hat. Navi flew over and nudged the child's shoulder, "Hey! Time to wake up!"

Nothing but a snore…

Navi decided the only way to wake such a lazy child was the only sane thing to do…

Go ballistic.

"WAKE UP YOU LAZY LITTLE SHIT BEFORE I DO SOMETHING THAT WILL GET ME ARRESTED!" Navi screamed scaring the crap out of several nearby Kokiri.

Slowly the child got up and stretched blinking a few times it spotted the fairy and grinned with a cry, "Hello Miss Fairy! Will you be my Fairy?" the child batted its eyelashes and looked at Navi with it's big blue eyes, then Navi realized something…

Navi let out a shriek and nearly had a heart attack, "YOU'RE A GIRL?"

"Yep! For as long as I can remember!" the girl replied.

"But your names Link right…? And your wearing boys clothes…?" Navi stammered.

"Uh huh!" Link giggled, "I don't like girls clothes!"

Navi twitched. She had been robbed! Violated! All her hopes and dreams came shattering to pieces before her very eyes in the form of a female hero… not the well endowed male hero she had so often had wet dreams of…

Link poked the fairy with a concerned look on her face, "Miss Fairy? Are you ok?"

Navi snapped out of it after realizing she was getting aroused, "No I'm ok… I'm Navi! I'm your partner from now on! Come on! The Deku tree wants to see you!"

Link squealed and ran out the door of her tree house with Navi close behind. As the girl got ready to climb down the ladder she heard someone call her name. Turning to see she grinned and waved as she saw it was her best friend, Saria!

"Yahoo! Good Morning Link!" Saria cried with glee.

Link quickly jumped down the ladder and greeted her friend, "Saria look it!" she pointed at Navi who was flying near Link's head.

"Wow! A fairy!" Saria gasped, "Finally a fairy came to you Link!"

Link giggled along with her friend as Saria continued, "Wow! This is great news! I'm so happy for you! Now you're a true Kokiri, Link!" Saria wrapped Link up in a big hug as the two giggled together.

"Yeah! And the Deku Tree even summoned me!" Link squealed.

"Wow! It's a huge honour to be summoned by the Deku Tree! You'd better not keep him waiting too long! See you later!" Saria shooed Link off to see the big tree that protected the forest.

Link skipped through the village until she reached the path that lead to the Deku Tree only to find it blocked by another Kokiri by the name of Mido. He held out his hand and said, "Nuh Uh! No way are you going through!"

Link used her best puppy dog eyes and pleaded, "Please Mido?" she pouted, "The Deku Tree has summoned me!"

Mido crumbled under the puppy eyes and caved in, "Alright… but you need something to protect yourself with like a sword and shield or something…"

Link nodded and ran off think where in the forest she could get those. Shrugging she went over to the Know-It-All Brothers house and spotted the small hole she had always wanted to but never had explored.

She walked over to the hole and looked around and since no one was looking she crawled into the hole with a triumphant grin. As she crawled through the hole she thought about what lay ahead in her life, what would she do? What would she see? Would she get to go on a grand adventure and save princesses? The dreams of danger and adventure got the young girls heart racing as she crawled out of that cramped space and looked around.

She was in a strangely shaped rocky area with a big boulder rolling in circles and lots of grass. Link shrugged and followed the boulder around until she noticed something weird.

After a closer look Link realized it was a chest and with a cry of, "Whee! Treasure!" she shoved it open and pulled out the long lost Kokiri Sword! Link swung it a few times in her left hand and smiled.

Navi suddenly asked, "You're left handed?"

Link nodded, "Yeppers!" she then quickly made her way out of the swords old hiding spoke and back into the Kokiri Village.

She swiftly equipped her sword and ran back to her house seeing was Saria gone on the way before climbing the ladder and entering her house.

"What are you doing?" Navi asked as she hovered near the door.

"I'm grabbing some stuff!" Link replied as she half disappeared under her bed.

Several minutes later Link re-emerged with a Deku Shield, several Deku Nuts, three Deku Sticks and a whole lot of dust on her. Link packed up all her stuff in her tunic and pack and sneezed before giggling and leaving the house again.

Now fully equipped Link ran back to Mido and grinned, "Can I go past now?" she asked in her sweetest voice.

Mido blushed and noticed her sword and shield, "UH! T-The Kokiri sword AND a Deku Shield…?" Mido blinked then stepped aside, "Go right on ahead…" he watched Link run past him with a smile on her face, "There's no way she's Kokiri…" he muttered.

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