Hikari: Hi! Welcome to the first chapter of NINJA DELIVERY SERVICE!

Kaiechi: Actions

Facial Expressions


Hikari: We don't own Game Cube. Well, actually we own A Game Cube. Anyway, Enjoy chappy 1!

Chapter 1: Jinxed

We open on a warm summer day, so obviously our teen heros where inside.

Kaiechi: BORREED

Summer vacation started only yesterday and they where already bored or at least Kaiechi was.

Hikari: humming and making a smoothie, while wearing her normal outfit;a black bandana with the jolly rogger on it, a large golden hoop earring in her right ear, a white blouse like they wore in the pirety days, as well as red baggy pants tucked into knee high black boots.

Kaiechi:Playing Gamecube Sheesh! there's nothing to do here.

Hikari: just think how bored you'd be if the game cube suddenly went dead.

Game Cube: XXsuddenly dies

Hikari: uh oh

we then zoom out to look at the apartment building the two live in.


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