Hikari: Chapter 3!

Kaiechi: Finally! Sorry the chapters are so short, but, well we're having issues since the muses that're helping on this story have gone on strike. Looks out window to angry mob of muses

Muses: Stop abusing us! throws rocks at girls

Hikari: dodges rock Gah! Anyway, on to chapter 3!

Chapter Three

It has now been two minutes so lets go check on the girls.

The girlsKaiechis head is down on the table. Hikari is leaning back in her chair.

Kaiechi: Man! I'm bored... AGAIN. --;;;

Hikari: Falls back in her chair We could watch TV.

Kaiechi:... Better than this, I guess. --;

Hikari: Grabs the clicker (remote) and switches to adultswim. Inuyasha is on

Kaiechi: Woohoo! I love this show!

Hikari: jumps up suddenly spilling the bowl of popcorn that magically appeared on the coach WHOA! I JUST GOT AN IDEA!

Kaiechi: And we all know how rare that is

Hikari: --;; ...Anyway... i was thinking-

Kaiechi: -Don't you know how dangerous that is for you!

Hikari: deathglare -STOP INTERRUPTING! Anyways I was thinking that we could spy on the cast of Inuyasha, ya know, practice our ninja skills. Not to mention it'd look great in our scrapebook.

Kaiechi: One problem pirate girl, how're we gonna get to Feutal Japan?

Hikari: opens closet door

Through the door is a huge, lush forest; Inuyasha's Forest near Keade's village.

Kaiechi:sweatdrop Wow, you'd think I'd notice something like that before, I mean I live here for christ's sake.

Thus, the girls grab their backpacks (filled with ninja stuff, cameras, a mini fridge, etc.) and begin their quest of filling their scrapbooks with pictures of Inuyasha and Co., but first they had to find them.

Hikari: Again we apoligise for the shortness of chapters, but bear with us! dodges another rock

Kaiechi: hiding behind desk where we write the stories Haven't they run out of rocks yet!

Hikari: dives under desk with Kaiechi I don't think so- peaks from behind desk and gets hit in the head with rock...Ow...This could take a while. Ja Mata! (see you again!)

Kaiechi: And don't forget to review!