Title: Izulde Academy

Summary: The cast from 'The Truth is Unreal' are going to boarding school! Of course, there will be many twists in the story, some things will surprise you and some things won't.

Disclaimer: I don't own Digimon, Toei Animation does but I own everything else!

Genres: Romance/Humor/Action/Fantasy/Action/Spiritual.

Ages: Sora: 16 ---- Matt: 17

Rating: M

. - . - . - . - Chapter 1: Boarding school? .- . - . - . - .


Christian and Sora Takenouchi were sitting in the lounge room of their penthouse, talking to their parents.

Sora has auburn hair, grown down to her lower-back. It was now tied casually into a cute bun. Her crimson eyes were like dark rubies, normally sparkling with laughter were dull with annoyance at her brother's outburst. She was wearing a baggy white t-shirt with a light blue V-collar and a pair of light blue three-quarter pants.

Christian, also known as Chris was Sora's older brother by two years. He has auburn hair, with blonde streaks and is spiked up with gel. He has chocolate brown eyes which were now showing the emotion called shock. He is wearing a baggy orange t-shirt with the letter 'C' above the heart area and grey slacks.

Their parents, Harukiko and Toshiko Takenouchi were sitting opposite their children. Harukiko has auburn hair and the same eyes as his son, except they were shining with amusement from his son's outburst, he worked side by side with his sister-in-law's husband, who was the CEO of a famous game company called Kinomoto Corp. Toshiko has wavy, dark brown hair which was clipped up and the same crimson eyes, her daughter possesses. They were dancing with laughter and filled with the love for her children and husband, she was an artist and they were rich.

Harukiko sighed and waved his hands in exasperation, "For the last time, dammit, Chris, you and your sister and your cousin, Yumi are going to Izulde Academy, it is a boarding school located at-"

Sora cut him off, "Dad, you and mum are nuts, Izulde Academy is located on the other side of state in Izulde, that's like a two hour plane flight from here, why go there?"

Toshiko smiled apologetically at her children, "I'm sorry, Christian, Sora, but you three have to go, your father knows the headmaster there, he gave us three places for you two and Yumi. Your father couldn't reject it, you guys are boarding the 9:30 plane tomorrow, now go pack."

Chris stared at his parents but glared at his father, his eyes not leaving his father's face, he spoke to his mother in a deadly calm voice, "Mum, I don't need to be reasoned, I never said I didn't wanna go, Reese is there, I will finally be able to see her again."

Sora laughed and stared at her brother in surprise, so did Harukiko and Toshiko, Sora giggled and whacked her brother's arm playfully, "So, you're willing to leave your friends and go there, just for Risa?"

Christian's eyes left his father's face and he turned to his sister, he nodded, "Damn right, I love my angel-"

Sora coughed, interrupting her brother and then cleared her throat and started mocking her brother, "Ok, I got the point. Let me be you, 'I love my angel, she is the most beautiful person in the world, her personality is every guy's dream girl, her eyes are beautiful blue gems, her hai-"

"Mum! Sora's being mean!" He whined.

Sora rose an eyebrow and took a deep breath and tried to stay calm, "Chris, I'm not trying to be mean, I'm only repeating what you told me. Geez, after listening to you talk about Risa non-stop for the last two years got real annoying."

Chris glared at her, she glared back at him, with equal venom. Sora stood up and walked into her room and closed the door shut and collapsed onto her bed.

Her room had cerulean blue walls, she wasn't a fan of dull colours. Originally, her room had carpet but since Sora always brushes her hair and hair is hard to get out of carpet, she ripped off the carpet and now, her floor was timber. Her double framed bed was located at a corner, it had a blood red comforter with 'Daredevil' written in black fire and black satin sheets and a black bedcover with red writing over it and a matching pillowcase.

Her room also had a small but complete flat screen TV set, it was metallic silver. She also had a metallic silver stereo set on a small table and a black flat-screen computer. She also had a white built-in wardrobe with sliding mirror doors and at her bedside table were a black digital clock and a black phone.

Sora ran to her bed and jumped onto it and onto her stomach and picked up the phone and dialled a certain number.


Someone picked up.

"Hiya, Sor, did your parents tell you that we're going to boarding school? Yuta is jumping with joy since I won't be home for the next two years- wait hang on, Yuta's being a brat -Yuta, get out of my room -hey, I'm back."

Yuta is Yumi's younger brother by three years, he has blonde hair and maroon eyes.

Sora giggled into the phone, "Say hi, to the brat for me."

"KK -Yuta, Sor says hi!"

Sora heard the muffle response from her other cousin, she laughed before speaking, "So, are you looking forward to going?"

She heard her cousin squeal, "Boy am I looking forward to it, hopefully you and I will be roommates, maybe I might actually meet a cute guy there."

Sora sweatdropped, "You sound like Meems."

Yumi giggled, "She did rub off on me."

Sora sighed, "You two are so boy crazy."

"Well, you haven't had a boyfriend for a very long time, why not go and try to snag yourself a guy?"

Sora frowned, "Last time I did get my boyfriend, he cheated on me, I don't wanna ever get hurt ever again, he went after my best friend…"

"Oh, Sora… Not all guys are like him, he was a prick, if your brother wasn't my cousin, I would have went after him."

Sora almost dropped her receiver, she burst out laughing, "You like guys like him, oh my god, seriously, Yumes, you like guys like my dorky pig of a bro? Unbelievable, I thought you were into sexy guys."

Yumi sighed, "Sor, I am only speaking for Meems, you do remember she used to have a big ass crush on him, she and I have the same taste for guys."

Sora cracked up, "Last time I got a call from Meems, she sounded sex-deprived, I don't wanna have two Meems in my life, one is enough."

"SORA! I don't go after guys coz they have a cute ass, I go for personality -darn, I gotta go off, loads of packing to do, see you tomorrow, byebye."

Sora twirled a bit of her hair, "Talk to you later, Yumes."

Sora placed the receiver back onto it's cradle and got off her bed and stretched before starting to pack, her mind was thinking about what happened two years ago, she remembered the pain she felt. She shook her head, ever since that incident, she didn't allow and men getting close to her, she didn't want to feel the pain again.

. - . - . - . - . - . - . -. - . - . - . - . - . - . - . - .

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