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In a valley between the Fire country and Sound country, a duel is being fought. With every blow exchanged, a thunderous sound could be heard. Even from a distance one could feel the power emanating from the combatants. This was a fight to the finish. A fight to the death.

A fight between two friends.

One of the fighters was one Uchiha Sasuke. He was the last of the Uchiha, the family gifted with the Sharingan.

Anyone who has known him in the past would be surprised at his current form. His dark hair went down to his knees. His skin had the color of mud and a pair of hand shaped wings sprouted from his back.

All of this was because of the Cursed Seal on his shoulder.

His opponent was Uzumaki Naruto, the container of the demon Kyuubi.

Even his form was far from normal. His blue eyes were now blazing red, and had a slit running down the middle. The nails on his hands and feet were longer. Even the overall appearance of his body was different. He was bigger and more masculine.

These were but a few of the effect of him using the Kyuubi's charka.

Sasuke couldn't believe what was happening. He knew he was stronger before. He already had the combined power of a level three Sharingan and a level two Cursed Seal. Yet even with all of this power, Naruto still had an equal footing with him.

'Why?' the young man asked himself 'No matter what I do, I still can't beat him. Why does he always manage to best me?

No. I'm stronger than him. I'll prove it. I'll defeat him. He's nothing. I'LL DEFEAT HIM.'

On the other side, Naruto is also having an argument in his head. The only difference is that he isn't talking to himself.

'I don't believe this. Sasuke's stronger now. If this goes on, I may not be able take it.'

'Idiot. At the amount of charka you borrowed from me, you'll surely be defeated.' Kyuubi shouted at his container. 'Why don't you use more? That insect won't stand a chance.'

'Are you insane? I'm not planning to kill Sasuke.'

'You may not be, but Sasuke is dead set in killing you.'

'I know that. But still. I can't kill my friend.'

'Come back to reality! He isn't the person you once knew. He ceased being your friend the moment he decided to go to the snake.'

'I don't care. What ever happens, I won't kill Sasuke. I promised to Sakura that I would bring Sasuke back, and I always keep my promises.'

'Bah! Suite yourself. Just remember that there's still another girl you gave your word to.'

Naruto went silent for a moment.

'I know, Kyuubi. I know.'

Their battle continued. Each of them gave their all. They used every jutsu they knew. All of their strength and will they put behind each attack just to make other stop.

After trading blows once again, the two separated. Both were tired and their bodies were full of wounds.

"That's enough, Sasuke." Shouted Naruto. "We shouldn't be fighting."

"Shut up, dobe!" answered Sasuke. "We will finish this now."

Sasuke began to gather chakra in his hands and made two Black Chidoris. He began to run straight towards his opponent. Naruto quickly began to spin charka on his hands. He readied the two Rasengans for the enemy's attack.

The two forces met in a violent collision. Neither one of them weakened.

"Why, Naruto? Why do you always manage to surpass me? Where do you get all this power?"

"Why is it that power is all you think about, Sasuke? Is your lust for it so strong that you turned your back on Konoha and your friends?"

"You don't understand anything. I want nothing more than to kill my brother, and to do that, I need power."

"Do you think that Orochimaru will give you what you want? Everything has a price. If you continue, you'll die."

"I don't care, Naruto. It's only through him that I can get the power that I need. Power that I will never get from Konoha or from such worthless things as friends."

"Sasuke, you bastard!"

Naruto increased the power to his Rasengans. He pushed Sasuke away from him. The blonde ninja quickly followed the last Uchiha and rained punches and kicks on him. For good measure, he slammed one of his Rasengans into his opponent's chest. This sent Sasuke flying a few meters into the surrounding forests.

Naruto went to were Sasuke was lying.

"Do you know, Sasuke? Sakura is crying right this instant. When you left, she was crying when she asked me to bring you back. When I failed, she mourned the lost of you for a long time.

After that, she began to train harder. She's now studying under old lady Tsunade. You should have seen her. She's stronger now. She could now use Kuchiyose and summon slugs.

But she's still mourning until now. Every night she would call your name in her dreams. Every time she wakes up she would cry because she knows you're not there beside her. I could clearly see the sorrow in her eyes."

The blonde began shouting at this point.

"Don't you get it? She still loves you."

Silence ruled among the two. Neither spoke for a long time.


Naruto was taken back by what Sasuke said. Sadness and confusion was clearly heard in his words.

"Why do you care so much about what happens to me? I turned my back on all of you. But you, Naruto, you're still trying to bring me back. And Sakura, up 'til now she still loves me. Even with all those times I cast her aside, she's still there.

Why, Naruto? Why?"

Naruto couldn't help but smile.

"Don't you know it Sasuke? You're the one who said it before."

Sasuke looked up. The blonde ninja continued to talk. Tears could be clearly seen flowing down his cheeks.

"We're one, Sasuke. Do you still remember that test we had with sir Kakashi? We are one. And that will never ever change."

"We're one" whispered Sasuke "You, me, and Sakura. The three of us are one."

"Sakura." the young man looked at his hands. "You know, Naruto, I miss her. Every moment I'm awake I expect her to run up to me and ask me to a date or whatever. I keep looking for her smiles, her voice, the sparkle in her eyes."

He looked up at the sky.

"For so long I've wanted to hold her. For so long I've wanted to kiss her. For so long I've wanted to tell her how much I care for her…

…how much I love her."

Sasuke looked at Naruto. A sad smile adorned his lips.

"Even you, dobe. I missed you. I never knew how more irritating it was not to hear your voice. It's only now that I realize how much I respected and regarded you as my friend…

…and as my brother."

Naruto was surprised at what he heard. Sasuke regarded him as his brother?

As this was happening, Sasuke's wings slowly began to shrink. His skin slowly turned back to its original color. The young man was returning to his old self.

"Naruto, brother, I surrender. I want to go home."

Naruto smiled. He stopped drawing chakra from Kyuubi and reverted back to his old form. He went to Sasuke and reach out his hand. Happiness could be seen in his face.

"Then, c'mon brother. Let's go home. When we get back to Konoha, I'll treat you to ramen."

"How touching."

The two teens turned to where the voice came. In front of the was the Manda, leader of the snakes. A man with long dark hair and white skin stood on the giant snake's head.


"Congratulations, Naruto." The sannin of the snake said, "You were able to turn Sasuke away from me. You are the first person to do this to a servant of mine with a cursed seal. Unfortunately, you have to die for that."

Naruto faced the Otokage.

"Though luck, Orochimaru. Sasuke or the Sharingan will never be yours. And now, you're gonna pay for all the trouble you've put me through."

Beside the young man, Sasuke slowly stood up.

"Count me in, Naruto."

"W…wait a minute, Sasuke. If you fight, Orochimaru might just use the cursed seal on you."

"Don't worry. I can still use the Sharingan against him. Besides…"

Sasuke looked at Naruto.

"Just because I've accepted you as my brother, doesn't mean I'll let you surpass me. Got that, dobe?"

The blonde just smiled.

"Suite yourself, bastard."

Battle was quickly joined. Naruto summoned Gamabunta to take care of Manda while he and Sasuke engaged Orochimaru.

Orochimaru knew the two young men had no hope against him. Both were tired and injured. Even Naruto has his limits. He had a plan. He still hasn't given up on Sasuke. But to achieve his goal he has to take care of a little obstacle.

The two genins attacked simultaneously. Their every movement flowed perfectly with the other's. They moved as one. But even this was not enough. Orochimaru was just too strong.

The sannin noticed that his enemies were starting to slow down. He decided to put his plan into motion. As Naruto approached he deflected his attack and kicked him aside. As expected, when he turned around Sasuke was charging at him.

Once again he deflected the attack. But instead of sending a direct attack, he placed his hand on the young man's shoulder and sent his charka towards the Cursed Seal. Sasuke screamed when he felt his shoulder seem to burn up.

"You bastard! Let him go."

Orochimaru turned to Naruto. He just smiled at him and through the now unconscious young man in his hands at him. Sasuke's comrade quickly caught him.

"Sasuke! Sasuke!. Wake up, Sasuke!"

"Don't worry. Your friend is still alive."

"You bastard snake. What did you do to him." the genin shouted at the sannin in front of him.

"Nothing much. I just used a very special genjutsu on him to help me get my hands on him again."

"In your dreams. I won't let you get Sasuke again."

Naruto quickly made two Rasengans and charged at his enemy. He intended to his the sannin's head but he just kept on dodging. Still, he pressed his attack. He was dead set on killing the sannin.

'Yes, Naruto. Just like that. Just keep on attacking.'

After a few moments Sasuke woke up. His entire body was aching. He felt like Chouji rolled over him.

'What happened? Wait, Orochimaru!'

Sasuke turned around and saw Orochimaru attacking Naruto. The young blonde was severely wounded and it was obvious that he was weakening. The sannin in the other hand was relentless in attacking with his sword.

'Naruto! No!'

Sasuke stood up and began to make a chidori. He poured all his remaining charka in this last attack. When he was ready he began to run towards the battle to help his friend.

"Naruto, I'm coming!"

Orochimaru turned to him.


Sasuke's entire body went cold. He never expected what happened. He knew he buried his chidori in Orochimaru's stomach. But in a blink of an eye it all changed.

Now his hand was buried in Naruto's body.

"Naruto? NO!"

A sickening sound was made as Naruto' body fell. Sasuke quickly caught him and began to try to stop the bleeding.

"No! No! This can't be happening. This wasn't what wanted."


"Naruto, forgive me. I didn't know what happened. I swear I aimed for Orochimaru but…"

The young man couldn't continue. He couldn't even bring himself to look at his friend.

"Genjutsu. Orochimaru…used a…genjutsu…on your…cursed seal."

The young man still didn't budge.

"Forgive me, Naruto."

"There's…nothing to…forgive, Sasuke. It…wasn't…your fault."

Naruto put his hand on Sasuke's shoulder. The young man looked at him.

"Sasuke…I'm…happy to…have…known you. You…and…our other…friends…you…who have…been…like a…family…to me."

"Don't worry Naruto. I'll bring you back to Konoha. Tsunade could still heal you."

Sasuke was saying this not only for Naruto, but also for himself. But he knew there was nothing he could do. They were too far away from Konoha, and his friend has alreadu lost too much blood.

"Thanks…anyway…Sasuke. You'll…have to…go back…now. Sakura…is waiting…for you."

"No. We're going back together, Naruto."

"I'm…sorry…Sasuke…but I…can't…do it."

Sasuke looked at him. Naruto had a far-away look on his eyes.


With these last words, Uzumaki Naruto died.

"Naruto. Naruto. Please don't do this to me. I can't take the lost of another brother. Naruto. Naruto…"