Episode 24 - A Movie Script Ending

The party was definitely in full swing when Seth, Ryan, and Anna arrived. The floor was already scattered with the bodies of people who had a little too much fun.

"Looks like a good party." Seth shouted as he stepped over a body while avoiding a pile of vomit.

"Yeah." Ryan shouted back.

The loud music made all but basic conversation pointless. People were reduced to shouting single words at each other.

"Drink?" Seth shouted.

Anna nodded.

"Drink!" Seth pointed in the direction of a keg.

Ryan nodded.

Seth and Anna made their way over to the line of people holding red cups while Ryan scanned the dance floor.

Marissa stumbled out of the bathroom. She put her hand against the wall. It started to slip but she was caught from falling by a firm hand. "Thanks." She said turning round to see who had grabbed her. It was Ryan.

Marissa put a hand through her hair and stroked it away from her eyes. "Hey." She said quietly.

He gave her an uncomfortable smile. Several people passed through the tight corridor forcing Ryan and Marissa against opposite walls. "So, you came." Marissa said regretted the obviousness of your statement almost as soon as it left her mouth.

"Yeah." Ryan said bluntly.

A young man raced down the corridor towards the bathroom shouting, "Get out of the way! I'm going to puke!" Unfortunately the bathroom was locked and upon discovering this fact the young man proceeded to cover the carpet in a rainbow of vomit.

"You want go outside?" Marissa asked Ryan.

Ryan took a long look at the bent-over man and the pile of foul-smelling mass at his feet. "Yeah."

Seth handed Anna a red cup full of cheap beer and went to pour himself one. Just as he reached for another red cup from the pile beside the keg a soft slender hand grabbed onto his. He looked up to see Charity wearing nothing but a bikini, and there wasn't much of that to wear. He involuntarily pressed down on the keg tap in his hand forcing a spray of white foam onto the floor. "Err...Hi Charity." He stammered.

"Hi, Seth." Charity placed particular emphasis on the 's' in his name.

Seth couldn't stop himself from staring at Charity's highly toned body. She smiled as she felt his eyes upon her. Anna rolled her eyes. "Ahem." She pretended to cough.

Seth snapped out of his trance. "Oh. Yeah. Anna, this is Charity. Charity, Anna."

"Nice to meet you." Anna said scornfully.

Charity took a look at Anna but dismissed her with a wave of her hand. "So, Seth. Are you enjoying the party?"

"Err...yeah." Seth said looking round at the drunken throng of people.

"Good, good." Charity purred. Suddenly her attention was drawn to the front door. "Oh, look! Summer has just arrived."

Seth spun round to see Summer looking more beautiful than he ever could have imagined. She was also wearing a bikini. He realised that his mouth was hanging open and that he hadn't blinked for several seconds. He turned his back hoping she hadn't noticed.

"Summer! Summer! Over here!" Charity shouted over the music.

Summer made her way through the crowd. "Hi Charity. Great party."

"Thanks." Charity said basking in the praise.

Then Summer realised who was standing beside her. "Oh. Cohen."

Seth half-turned in acknowledgement. "Summer."

"Summer, have you met Anna? She's Seth's date."

"She's not my date." He said quickly. "We're just friends. Right, Anna?"

"Yeah, friends." Anna said quietly.

"But I thought you dumped Sum here for Anna." Charity said with a sly smile.

"I have to get a drink." Summer said abruptly before sharply walking off.

"Summer, wait!" Seth shouted as he followed her away.

This left Anna and Charity awkwardly standing together. Charity made to move away but Anna got herself in her way.

"What's your deal? Get your kicks from screwing with people's minds?" Anna demanded.

Charity gave Anna a fierce look. "Who invited you anyway?" She asked before storming off in the direction of the water polo team.

Marissa and Ryan walked out of the house and onto the wooden porch. The porch was about ten foot long and twice that wide. In its middle was a set of three stairs leading directly onto the beach. The night cloaked the beach and ocean from view except for a small area surrounding a makeshift fire about fifty yards beyond the house. The smell of burning wood drifted with the lacklustre breeze and combined with the salt air to produce a pleasant aroma. The diverse nature of Newport was characterised perfectly by this setting. Inside the house the young, rich, and foolish indulges in their every passion in a glut of hedonist simulation but step outside and you found yourself in a peaceful paradise of golden sunshine, sandy beaches and clear blue ocean.

Marissa looked out on the beach and felt the breeze on her face. "Looks like rain." She said spotting the dark clouds hovering ominously on the horizon.

Ryan looked out at the clouds. "Yeah."

He took a sip out of a red cup. Marissa rubbed her exposed shoulders. An uncomfortable silence descended between the two.

Ryan looked up from the porch and stepped to where Marissa was standing. He opened his mouth to say something but was stopped by a couple stumbling out of the back door. It was Luke with a drunk Hope hanging on his right arm. They were laughing as if someone had just told them an extremely funny joke but stopped as soon as they saw Marissa.

Luke looked up at Marissa then down at Hope. He smiled nervously. "Marissa."

"Luke." Marissa replied coldly.

Hope let out a laugh. "Marissa! Hey!" She slurred.

Luke gave her a fierce look. "What?" She shouted back him.

Luke grabbed her firmly and let out onto the beach. He stormed off dragging her despite her protestations behind him until they were about thirty yards away from the porch. Their shadowy figures were barely visible but their two distinct body shapes merged into one. Marissa felt a sarcastic smile creep onto her face.

"You want to go back inside?" Ryan asked gently

"What? And miss the lovely view?" Marissa said scornfully.

Ryan took a sip from his red cup and looked back down at the ground. Marissa sighed at her callousness.

Summer saw Charity standing and laughing with her cohorts. She stormed up to her with a wild look that made Charity's friend quickly make themselves look scarce.

"Why are you doing this?" she said tears filling her eyes

"This is payback and I'm the bitch." Charity said with a smile.

"Payback for what?" Summer asked.

"For stealing my rich boy." Charity replied.

"This is about Cohen? You don't even like him." Summer said with surprise.

"This isn't about Cohen. This is about respect. You have to learn to respect what is mine. Cohen was mine." Charity said coldly.

"You're crazy, you know that!" Summer shouted.

"I'm crazy? I'm not the one who threw everything away over some nobody loser that didn't even want you anyway." Charity sneered.

"You know what? I would take getting rejected by Seth Cohen over all the Water Polo mimbos you hook up with any day of the week." Summer exploded.

"What?" Charity was shocked. "You think you're better than us?"

"No, but he is." Summer said quietly before making her way through the crowd and out of the building.

Charity watched her go before grabbing a cup from a guy walking past and downing the beer contained within. She then grabbed the guy and made her way out onto the beach.

Throughout this whole conversation neither of the girls had noticed the tall thin tasselled-haired young man around the corner listening intently to everything they said. "There you are, Seth." Anna said as she approached Seth from behind.

He slowly turned round to face her. She was struck by the serious look on his face. "Anna, I'm sorry but there's something I have to do."

She thought for a moment then reluctantly nodded.

Ryan and Marissa stood on the porch in silence drinking from their red cups. Ryan took a deep gulp from his drink and turned to face Marissa.

"Okay. I'm not one for the whole words thing but, well, I know I'm some nobody from Chino who can't buy the fancy things or take you to the beach in a brand-new truck..."

"Is that what you think of me? Just a spoilt rich girl?" Marissa asked.

A fear entered Ryan's eyes. "No, no, of course not."

"You think we don't have problems just because we're rich?" Marissa exclaimed.

"Stupid words thing." Ryan muttered.

Marissa looked down at the empty red cup in her hand. "I need another drink."

She turned to make her way back into the house. Ryan stepped in her way. "Marissa. I'm just going to say it. I was wondering if maybe you might possibly want to go out some time?"

"Look, Ryan. I'm not sure I'm ready. I just got out of a really long relationship." Marissa said.

"I'm just saying that I like you." Ryan said.

"I need more time, okay? Everything is just so complicated right now." She said raising her hand up to her head.

"Not to me." He said dryly. "You know what, let me know when you've made up your mind." He turned to walk away.

"Wait!" Marissa put her hand on Ryan's shoulder. He stopped. He slowly turned around. He put his hand up against her ear and drew her towards him. He kissed. She hesitated slightly but only for a moment before passionately kissing him back.

The rain poured down. The droplets were the size of small chestnuts. They exploded on the ground as they hit. The air was full of them. Seth ran through the rain. He did not know where he was but he knew where he was going. His heart pounded as his feet splashed their way through the streets. His hair trickled the rain down across his face. He wiped the water from his eyes.


He heard his name being shouted but he couldn't see whom by.


He looked round but again saw nothing. The rain clouded his view but from what he could see there was no one else on the street. He looked up at the building across the way but none of the windows were open.


The voice grew closer. It came from the opposite direction. He spun round. In the distance glow of a diner he could make out a figure. A small, slender figure stood in the doorway.


He made his way over to the figure. As he stepped closer he recognised the shapes of her curves, the manner in which she stood, the flowing brown hair.

"Summer!" He shouted at her. "I was just coming to see you!" A large smile crept onto his face.

He stepped beneath the protection of the diner roof and out of the rain. She looked at his damp soggy clothes, which clung tightly to his body. "Seth." She said with concern. "You'll catch a cold."

He gave her a broad grin, wiped his hands on his trousers, and put them on her shoulders. "Summer, I love you. I've always loved you. I've loved you since I first set eyes on you. I've loved you since before you knew who I was. There is no one else but you. There could be no one else but you. You are distinctively, unsurpassable, irreplaceably the girl of my dreams. Summer Roberts, I love you."

She looked up into his eyes. A tear fell down her cheek. He raised his hand and gently wiped it off. She caught his hand and held it tightly. "Why do you make it so hard to hate you?"

He smiled. His head moved towards hers and hers towards his. Their eyes closed and, ever so tenderly, they kissed.

The End