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Complementary Colors


There are many types of people in the world. You have those who excel in the arts, those who are born athletes, those with ingenious minds, those who are always positive, those who are negative, those who are assholes… and so forth. But I digress. The point is—they say opposites attract but they don't have to be polar opposites on the different ends of a spectrum. They just have to have enough in common to maintain a bond yet still have their own interests to be different. It's a delicate balance, enforced by the saying "there's a fine line between love and hate" but in the end it's worth it even if it doesn't work out for there's the experience that comes with it.

Take Uchiha Sasuke for example: A young man of 17 in high school who excels in all forms of traditional and fine arts. Also an excellent student with top grades and blessed with porcelain doll looks that make the girls swoon, he keeps a quiet, almost shy personality, turning down the girls' proposals for dates with as much politeness as he can muster before quickly disappearing down a corner with his sketchpad in his arms and ideas churning in his mind.

The young man has slowly realized that he's developed a sort of…crush, if you will. Well, that's a lie. It's all but a full blown-out obsession and it's all he can do to keep from freaking out about the situation. Because it's absurd, really, how he, Uchiha Sasuke, has developed feelings for another person! A guy no less! Oh, but not just any guy, no, Sasuke wouldn't settle for someone normal. No, this young man was special and Sasuke knew it.

But so did the rest of Konoha High School, apparently.

So now, Sasuke had to find a way to get the nerve to confess his feelings to the boy without embarrassing himself and without getting his ass pummeled at the same time. It was going to be hard for a number of reasons… I mean, the boy was as straight as they came! He was the epitome of testosterone, a born athlete with a gorgeous body, making wisecracks and always having at least one girl hanging off of each arm. Hell, he was even a beach boy, what with that beautiful blond hair that had to be just as soft as it looked, those baby blue eyes that sparkled with mirth all the time and oh, my God, don't even get me started on that tan. That gorgeous tan that screamed he soaked up sunlight like a sponge only to radiate it back out to everyone he came in contact with which leads to his personality. He was always smiling! Even when he was getting scolded by a teacher for falling asleep in class or when he was hit hard in a game of football, he always had that grin on his face, stretching across cheeks that adorned the most adorable whisker marks, making him look all the more mischievous. He was always full of jokes and compliments and befriended everybody. There wasn't one person that hated him! It was like he had it all…

Maybe he did.

And as much as Sasuke was attracted to him, he kind of envied him as well.

This teenager named Uzumaki Naruto.

Yet, this did not deter him in the slightest from his recently developed habits of the past school year, one of which he was participating in now. It was Naruto's gym class (Sasuke made it a point to memorize his schedule two weeks into the semester) and it was Sasuke's free period so Sasuke was seated on the bleachers among a few random people, though a little secluded, and was watching Naruto play a scrimmage of basketball with some of the other students.

Sasuke's sketchbook was opened to a fresh new page, his pencil hovering over the paper as he watched his obsession swerve around an opponent, passing the ball to one of his teammates; face red from exertion, skin glistening with perspiration and that ever-present smile on his face. Sasuke seemed to block out everything else around him and hone in on the one thing that was keeping him in the gym.

…Which is why he probably started when he felt someone's arm rest on his head. "Ne, Sasuke-kun, you're drooling."

Sasuke flushed and craned his neck a little, despite the limb resting on his head like an armrest to see his best friend, Sakura, smirking down at him, a piece of pocky between her fingers. "I was not…" He retorted softly, cheeks darkening some.

Sakura's grin widened a bit as she nibbled on her treat. "OK, you weren't; but you certainly had that dreamy look in your eyes. And you didn't even notice me coming up beside you. Silly, you should just tell him."

Sasuke turned his head back, watching Naruto jump and shoot the ball smoothly through the net. "Sakura, I can't!"

Sakura gave a laugh, sitting down beside him, resting her forearms on her legs, pocky between her teeth as her faded jean jacket brushed against his black shirt. "I know, I know. Still, you'll never know unless you make a move. Tell ya what; a group of us are going to a light party tonight being held by Lee-san. The team's celebrating their victory over Suna High and so they're ordering pizza and watching a few movies, playing some games 'n stuff. Lee-san said we could bring friends if we wanted because his house is certainly big enough. Why don't you come with? Naruto'll be there along with some people you'll know so it won't be that awkward and I'll be there in case you get a little nervous. I know you don't do well in crowds."

Sasuke paused, glancing over at her, face blank, a sign he was in thought. It sounded like a good idea. He had no plans for the evening and it was a Friday night, meaning that he didn't have to worry about getting up at any particular time. And it was a comfortable atmosphere… what, with movies and friendly talking, and he was familiar with a lot of the team members, including Lee since he and Sakura hung out together a lot. He gave a soft smile and looked at her, eyes crinkling slightly. "OK. I'll go."

"Great!" Sakura chirped, glad he took the invite. "It'll be so much nicer knowing my best friend will be there," Sakura added, grinning and resting her head on his shoulder playfully, hugging his arm and batting her eyelashes jokingly. Sasuke rolled his eyes and bit back a grin. Sakura was great. When they were in middle school, she used to have a big crush on him like everyone else but she was assigned to work with him on a project. She'd been ecstatic of course, but while working with him she started to see him more as a person who needed a friend. Slowly her crush for his looks and enigmatic personality faded into the want to befriend the quiet young man who had no parents and no one to confide in. The biggest catalyst in their friendship was a few weeks later when Sakura was walking home and heard noises coming from an alleyway. She investigated to find a group of students from another school cornering Sasuke with none-too-friendly intentions.

Needless to say, Sasuke was shocked to see a 13-year-old girl beat the shit out of five guys twice her size. It was then he realized she really wanted to be his friend and wasn't pining after him because of his looks. She was the first person to stick up for him that wasn't his brother.

After that they nearly became attached at the hip. Many girls grew jealous and sometimes Sakura would scare them off when they pestered Sasuke. She became one of his first true friends and definitely his best friend. She was the first to know of his crush on Naruto. Hell, she knew it before Sasuke did, and she'd been encouraging him to act on it, especially since their senior year had just started and then they'd all be going to college next year. Now, she had just given him a perfect opportunity to at least get acquainted with Naruto.

"As long as you don't abandon me," Sasuke teased, looking down at the pink head resting on his shoulder. He felt Sakura snicker beside him.

"Nah, you'd freeze up and I'd have to carry your shell-shocked ass home."

Sasuke lightly hit her, a pout forming on his lips. That only resulted in another snicker from her. Sakura reached in her purse and pulled out her box of pocky, holding it out. "Want a piece?"

"What flavor is it?" Sasuke inquired, looking up from his sketchbook.

"Green tea, don't worry, it's not that sweet."

Sasuke nodded, not that she could see and took a piece, putting it in his mouth. He raised his head when he heard the whistle blow and watched as the teams dispersed. "Good work today, boys! You can go ahead and get changed back and have a lively and youthful weekend!"

The team waved the thick-browed gym teacher off as they trekked toward the locker rooms, passing by the bleachers as they went. Lee stopped, stepping over to Sasuke and Sakura. "Sakura-san! Sasuke-san! Nice to see you two here! Sakura-san, are you coming to the party tonight?"

"Yup! I'm also bringing Sasuke with me, if that's OK with you."

Lee brightened even more. "Of course it is! I'd be glad to have you over, Sasuke-san."

Sasuke gave an almost-smile and nodded in thanks before his eyes widened slightly and he froze. Sakura felt him stiffen and glanced behind Lee before smiling widely. "Naruto!"

The blond rested his elbow on Lee's shoulder as he grinned at the two. "Hey, Sakura-chan," He teased, adding the suffix. "So I hear you're coming tonight and you're bringing a friend along?" Naruto's eyes shifted to Sasuke. "Uchiha Sasuke, right? We have a couple of classes together this semester." He held out his hand.

Sasuke's pale cheeks turned a slight pink as he took Naruto's hand and shook it lightly. "Yes, we do," He murmured quietly, not meeting his gaze.

Naruto seemed to not notice the boys demur attitude as he glanced between Sakura and Sasuke. "Sakura-chan! You didn't tell me he was your boyfriend! I'm heartbroken!" He lamented dramatically, a hand clutching his heart. Lee began laughing as Sasuke colored darkly and Sakura stuck her tongue out at him.

"He's not my boyfriend, stupid. He's my best friend. You should know that if you love me so much," She pouted, playing along with their joking charade.

Naruto grinned again, waving his hand. "Sorry, 'bout that, s'just you two looked so cozy and well, he's certainly cute so he seemed like your type…"

"Hey! I'm not all about looks!" Sakura retorted indignantly, her brow furrowed. Naruto laughed and waved his hands in a pacifying manner. If he had looked though, he would've noticed how Sasuke was staring at his hands clenched above his now-closed sketchbook, bangs covering red cheeks.

"Ah, anyway, I gotta get cleaned up for my next class. I got that one with you, right Sasuke?" The boy nodded and Naruto tilted his head some, nonplussed at his attitude. "Anyways, I'll see you tonight, Sakura-chan. Dress pretty for me, now!" He said as he passed by the two, reaching up to ruffle Sasuke's hair as he walked by. "And you, too, pretty-boy!"

He threw his hand up in a wave as he walked back to the locker rooms. Lee announced his departure, leaving Sasuke and Sakura alone. Sakura looked over at him and grinned. "Well, now, that went well," She commented. Sasuke looked over at her with bright red cheeks as she brushed some of his hair with her fingers to settle it back down. "I think he likes you, Sasuke-kun."

"S-stop teasing me, Sakura!" Sasuke hissed softly, not as much from anger but from embarrassment. Sakura chuckled and stood up, pulling her purse over her shoulder. "Who said I was teasing?" She inquired as she blew him a kiss and walked off. "I'll see you after school, hun!"

Sasuke could only nod dumbly at her as she left. Willing the blood to move away from his face, he glanced down at his watch and realized he was going to be late if he didn't hurry up. Grabbing his things, Sasuke made a beeline for the exit, heading toward his next class, lost in thought. If he made it through the rest of the day it would be a miracle…

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