Strike! Clash of the Knight Ashcroft! Horohoro blocks with a Nipopo punch just in time to his right. Everyone of Yohs group moving in for the final kill of Zeke's henchmen that was protecting Zeke from Ren and Ryu that was not giving in. "Ryu! Strike for Jack I'll take care of the puppet!" screamed Ren. Ryu replied"Yes! I shall just dont you fail on me!" Ren yelled his allack combo. "Humf! Like I'll fail! Bason 100 furyoku! Rapid temple assalt!" Ryu"Yama tama Orochi!"

Yoh standing in the dust of the mouth of the cave with Admidamaru in a double medium waiting foe which was Zeke to emerge to Yoh fight him. Yoh just noticed something and has to note that he is weakning "Ugg! Man guys I'm running out of furyoku I can't last much longer guys!". Ren looks shocked but then notices that Yoh is drenched in blood and badley burned then Ryu and Anna and everyone else sees too also. "Yoh!...look out!" screamed Anna that saw no hope for her husband. Yoh looks behind and sees Ashcroft heading going full force at him trying to protect Zeke in a cave. "Yoh can't protect himself from all of his wounds!"Noted Ren just flicking off another Jack attack. Yoh then runs despretly into the mouth of the cave to reach Zeke before Zeke reached him. Foust then goes into Giant oversoul form Eliza and gives all the bad guys some anesthetic. Anna yells "good Foust now I'll seal there movement!". Suddendly all the bad guys fall down and a go limp in a lump. Horohoro looks at Ren and asked. "How you holding up buddy! Hey Ren!" Ren replied angerly "Ohh just shut the hell up! Horohoro! Its not like you are uninjured!"

"heh! it's not like i have a gashed shoulder I just have a lot of bruises ans cuts" Yelled Horohoro unknowingly that he was yelling. "Are you mocking me?" "mabe!" Ren replied calmly. "RRRRR!" Horohoro was getting irratated "Enough you two! Where is Yoh!" said Anna finally. Chocolove finally woke up "who?... Oh! Yoh to escape the blast from Kanna and ran into that cave but I think that he got hit and lost doulble spirit thinga mi gigi." "Yes Chocolove is quite right Master Yoh lost spirit control when he got hit but he is wrong on one thing. It was not Yoh's idea to go in the cave he mearly tripped and could not get his balance from his wounds. But I am to weak to follow him." said a distant voice in the fog." Everything had a moment of silence when they all realize something."Admiridamaru! If you here then Yoh is in the cave burned and bleeding alone!" said everyone!"

In the cave Yoh is huffing and huffing down the wet slimy cave. "Huff...Huff...Admirdamaru this cave is disgusting! Huh? Admiridamaru? Admiridamaru? WHA! I'm alone!" "You look tired come and sit near the fire." said a distant and friendly voice.