Chapter 3 Sacrifice!

Hao Pov

I looked outside to see if the girls were even alive. The girls were down unconscious they had been hit by the X-laws pitiful attack and was dead. The stupid X-laws had killed every single one of his men only Yoh's pathetic friends stood but they were severally injured like Yoh but then as i looked closer they were attempted bandages though the blood was leaking through them.. But Yoh was worse. Ren Had Bad bloody cuts everywhere, Horo was drenched in blood from his open shoulder. And everywas just had bad cuts. They managed to give the X-laws some mighty bad wounds but they were still standing. I had to think for a moment then it hit me, "there is no-one left that I can be looked up to by, I had failed them all!" I was in shock that they were all gone I then realized that I may be weak from the spirit of fire being rejected by the great spirit but I still have the elements. I then stood up the spirit of fire spirit flame mode by my side when I began to walk toward the exit leaving Yoh by my fire with My white Poncho on when I felt something or someone pull my pants I turned to look at my sorry looked brother that was in Tears. "O..oni-k..kun don't leave I can help save my ... friends... oww.." His should then result wide open he then became blood soaked. "Yoh.. why would you be risking everything to protect your friends you are the true shaman king..." "No!" "What!" "You are the true shaman king its just that your heart is not pure enough to accept it. Y.. You just need to accept that you can't kill all the humans" "Yoh, I will not accept the great spirits" "ha.hao I" " I know Yoh" I started to walk over to him "You just wanted me to be happy didn't you. You just wanted to see me smile" "Yes" "well it would make m happy to see you accept the great spirits" Yoh "No! I will not unless... unless" "Unless?" "Unless you become my friend!" "what" I felt my eye twitching "you have to become someone like a true big brother!" "Fine but neither of us is going to get out of this cave looking like this here drink this" I reached behind my back grabbed some of my flesh ripped it open blooded my hand and cast a spell on the blood. "here this shall heal your wounds" "but its red is that your.. your ... blood?" "yes but I have put a spell on it so it shall heal your wounds it was meant for water or any liquid so you will have to do with blood." "Okay" I watched him drink it and go pale then all his wounds had closed and he was a blood stained I felt from him that all his furyoku had returned. "Lets go! Oni-kun!" "okay" I now felt burns forming al over my body i had not used that spell in a while and I had forgot that it needs practically all my furyoku at full strength. I felt that i was going i the negatives when I felt the ground leaving my feet Yoh Had picked me up!. "oni-kun how long has it been since ya have eaten! Your light!" "a days ago" "Oni-kun you are going to kill your self ...blah blah blah" I knew it I could no longer hear my brother talking to me all I could hear was blah blah I felt sick i had gone into the negatives of furyoku In a few minutes unless someone does something I'm going straight to HELL! "blah blah blah" I knew yoh was trying to tell me something pronely about my burns even my spirit of fire did not know what was going on I connected to my spirit of fire through my mind to say 'do not worry spirit of fire I am going to hell' I could see it starting to worry even more! Then I heared a little voice in my head that was small and squeaky it was the spirit of fire telling me not to give up. I saw the light of the outside of the cave I knew that the jig would be up everyone was going to see the black nasty burns that was forming at my lack of furyoku. Yoh then set me down and screamed at the X-laws and charged right at them straight on he went spirit of sword and celestial slash all at once he had killed the X-laws except for that bastard lyserg right in front on my eyes I was so proud of him!. I looked at the burned hands of myn and saw chains labeled 'welcome to hell' on them forming on my ankles also on my wrists my vision started the blur when my hearing completely annihilated but I now lost all feeling in my body I could have been stung by a bee and I would not feel it. Then i saw all of Yohs friends running up to me along with Yoh in deep shock when Lyserg used the last of the furyoku and shot at Yoh. The next thing I knew I had stood up so fast and blocked the bullet from Yoh and I had been shot in the heart! My hearing came back just for a moment when i heard Yoh's sad cry. "HAO!" my heart then fell into eternal darkness.

Yoh pov

"Hao! wake up wake up!" Ren "Yoh he sacrificed himself for you now go up there and become shaman king" "NO!" "What? Yelled an eccentric Horo!. "He did not keep his promise to be my brother or at least call me little brother or at least brother!" Ren was trying to calm me down cause I was shaking my lifeless older brother in my arms aimlessly. Ryu, "but master Yoh look at how the burns are formed on Hao!" I looked up and decided to look at my promise breaking brother and the burns formed on him 'Don't be get cocky little brother' I read and re-read the message and replied "cocky..." Foust replied something "I just returned from killing that Lyserg for killing Hao what do you want to do now Yoh-kun?" I slid my older brother's eyes closed and said, "I am going to become the shaman king!"

The end!

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