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Chapter 1 : Forming Plans

In the midst of the hustle and bustle that usually occurs on the platform 9¾ of Kings Cross Station, a pair of silver eyes was solely focused on a lonely figure standing next to a clan of red-heads he had hated since he was born.

"Ron! Ron! You forgot your cloak! Harry dear, write if you need anything and send my love to Hermione. And if I hear that any of you are courting trouble I will not hesitate to send any howlers, whether they embarrass you or not! I hope I have made myself clear!"

"Bye, Mrs Weasley!" "Bye Mum!". Harry and Ron waved vigorously out the window whilst the Hogwarts Express started to leave pull away from the station. Neither of them noticed the tears running down a certain little Weasley.

Pulling the carriage doors open, Ginny ran along the corridor trying to find a free bathroom, in which to repair herself before anyone noticed. She couldn't believe she had thought things would change now that she had matured. Staring at her reflection, she examined herself thoroughly. She had grown her hair to just above waist length, and thank Merlin, she had been born with a deep blood red colour instead of the usual glaring orange her brothers had! The wavy locks accentuated her slim figure and her large brown eyes drew the attention away from her freckles. She knew she wasn't stunning but failed to understand why she wasn't noticed at all. Circe! I have to get a grip on myself. You know Mum gets overexcited when Harry visits, she didn't forget you on purpose, and since when did you overindulge in tears!

Sighing to herself, Ginny pulled out her standard black school robe and started to drag it on over her uniform, when she thought of something. Rummaging through her pockets for her wand, a plan had formulated in her mind.

You would think the Golden Boy would notice a damsel in distress right next to him! It was the strangest thing to see the little Weaselette standing outside the Weasel mass gathering, since when was a Weasley abandoned by their family? Why would anyone want scar-head in their family more than that little one, a sister, Merlin, I always wanted one, what I could teach her! A mini Malfoy, both of with the strongest pureblood lineage... Now that father's out of the way and mother's already disposed of...

Draco smirked, a plan had formulated in the back of his mind!

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