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Chapter 20 - Slytherin Handbook

As Slytherin gathered in the common room and listened to Theodore's instructions, Draco, Ginevra and Blaise were in front of their mirrors inspecting themselves. Draco and Blaise were robed in dark forest green robes lined in black. Ginevra frowned, 'Why aren't you wearing house colours, the rest of us are.' Draco laughed and Blaise shook his head, 'Ginevra you really should sit down and read the Slytherin Handbook, then you would know everything and wouldn't make a fool out of yourself.' Ginevra's fists clenched, she was not going to be called a fool. Draco, saw the signs and reached out to her. 'Calm down little one, he's only joking. We are wearing the house colours, the leaders of the house wear the traditional colours to show our respect to Salazar and the founding of Slytherin.' Ginevra grinned and whipped out her wand and transformed her robes, 'Thank Merlin, I was getting tired of silver!' The boys stared in appreciation, Ginevra's emerald green robes had turned dark with black stitching, a high black collar, and turned up black cuffs. Smiling to herself she turned and basked in their admiration until Theodore entered.

Looking at all three of them he whistled softly, 'as usual you three will take all the attention!' Ginevra glanced at him with a troubled expression on her face. 'Theodore, where do you stand in house order?' Theodore glanced at the boys, 'well, if we're taking the traditional approach then above, if not, behind.' Blaise looked up in shock, 'I thought we wanted them to accept you, surely being above us would be a bit drastic.'

Theodore raised an eyebrow, 'who said anything about accepting me? The school will just have to cope with me, darklings were always above in Salazar's house order and I don't need to hide my identity anymore.' Draco nodded, 'Theodore's right, the school are merely an audience, this is to show them we're still here and we still are a force to reckon with.'

Ginevra coughed slightly and three pairs of eyes swung in her direction. She stifled her laughter with another cough and patted Draco on the shoulder as she walked past him. 'Try not to get too into it; otherwise you'll start to sound like a Gryffindor.' She stepped into corridor as all three boys suppressed a shudder of disgust. As they entered the common room all of Slytherin were in their dress robes and standing in formation. Standing by the fireplace all four Slytherins took in the sight before them. Ginevra whispered to Theodore, 'have you told them what to do?' Theodore just shook his head, 'I thought I'd leave that to you.' Ginevra frowned and bit her lip, Draco smirked and leaned towards her, 'You don't know what we mean by Big School do you?' Ginevra shook her head as Blaise snorted very un-slytherinlike, and said 'you really do need to read the Slytherin hand-book!'

Theodore cleared his throat and pointed his wand at it, 'Sonorus' he chanted. His voice magically echoed throughout the entire room. 'Slytherin, today we show Hogwarts what a true house should be like, no divisions or separations within but all united and together till the end. Today this will not only show your support for me but also for Ginevra, to show that she has been re-instated. If anyone disagrees with this, get a house change.' Ginevra stifled another laugh until she realised that it wasn't a joke and everyone around her was concentrating on Theodore. Nudging Blaise, Ginevra whispered in his ear, 'do you want to stand next to Daphne? Should we give her a seat near us on the table?' Blaise shook his head and retorted, 'Stop trying to match-make, I don't want to marry her just yet she's not that important to me!'

Draco smirked at the attentive Slytherins and raised an eyebrow at Blaise and Ginevra's heated conversation; she still didn't know what they had decided to do. The Slytherins raised their wands and chanted the well-known words that had been drummed into them since their childhoods.

As the green essence spread through them Theodore began to glow white. Ginevra looked up to see him rise and float six feet above their heads as his white magic spread around the formation of Slytherins forming a cage of white light. Narrowing her eyes at this, Ginevra said nothing as she saw the lack of surprise on everyone's faces. Taking their places at the head of the formation, Draco, Ginevra and Blaise led Slytherin out of the Common Room and into the Great Hall.

As they approached the Great Hall, Ginevra saw that Draco and Blaise had their wands out and were chanting under their breath. Stumbling slightly whilst trying to hear what they were saying she noticed that the rest of the Slytherins had their wands out and were all aiming at the ground beneath their feet as if waiting for something to happen. Confused, she looked above her at Theodore but was almost blinded by the white light surrounding all of them. Swearing under her breath she tried to remember whether she had read about the rites of Big School before. Irritated at her lack of knowledge, Ginevra was about to turn to ask Pansy who was in the second tier of Slytherins when the doors to the Great Hall swung open.

Ginevra composed her features and smirked at the school's shocked faces. There was no way they were going to realise that she had no clue as to what to do. In that moment Theodore swooped up high above the enchanted ceiling into the centre of the hall and spread his arms, a beam of white light shot out and lit the entire hall, from the ground all that could be seen was Theodore in the midst of a bright white shimmer.

Dumbledore stood up in shock. He lowered his half-moon glasses at the sight before him and raised his hand to stop the Slytherins. Ginevra frowned; he was not going to ruin their display. Noticing that all the other Sytherins were still concentrating on their wands and Theodore was still floating, she sent out thick rope-like cords of her magic binding the entire staff table and added a double cord around Dumbledore. Dumbledore looked at the sixteen year old girl determined to stop him and his voice echoed throughout the uproar from the other houses in the hall. 'Do you think you can stop me Lady Weasley? I am afraid that you have too much faith in your own powers.'

Ginevra blushed at his words, and the hall fell silent at Ginevra's public humiliation. Dumbledore snapped the cords around him and raised his wand to cancel all the magic around the Slytherins when Blaise and Draco flicked their wands to the right and stopped chanting under their breath. At that exact moment the rest of the Slytherins raised their wands forcefully from the ground and pointed them up to Theodore.

A stream of mist poured forth from all their wands and started to form shapes. Theodore's white cage weaved around the shapes until they grew. Ginevra watched with open eyes as people started to form, well almost people, they were illusions of all the Slytherin heirs.

Dumbledore stood rigidly unable to stop what had started as Salazar Slytherin soared above the Slytherin table, Grindelwald followed, and to the horror of everyone present Tom Riddle appeared. Harry and Ginevra both flinched. Furious that Draco hadn't warned her Ginevra raised her wand towards the apparition. The apparitions had different ideas however as they started to merge into one. Draco and Blaise stepped out of formation as green sparks started to fly and stood in the centre underneath Theodore. The Slytherins slowly levitated them a few inches of the ground, and the merged apparition slithered underneath them and formed one huge basilisk, Ginevra swallowed, she was going to kill Draco.

The basilisk wrapped itself around Draco and Blaise which made it appear solid. Harry stood in anger and tried to make his way to Ginevra. He was the only one who understood what was going through her mind. Ginevra almost turned to him when she saw the glares from the Slytherins. She had chosen Slytherin not Gryffindor. Holding her head up high she focused all her core magic into her wand and transfigured the basilisk into a huge Slytherin Shield glowing with Theodore's white beams. It hung from a star on the enchanted ceiling above their table and Draco and Blaise soared over their seats. Ginevra enchanted the entire hall into a forest of dark green. The ceiling had dark clouds swirling, and each table was covered with green and black tablecloths. She transformed their four chairs into thrones and raised it onto a platform.

The school gasped at the audacity. The Slytherins now sat higher than the staff table. Draco smiled and beckoned Ginevra too his side. The glow of House order settled on the Slytherins as they took their place but didn't subside. Dumbledore sighed and waved his wand over the hall, muttering to Severus who was beside him, 'I wish you would control your house Severus, Gryffindor would never have attempted such a foolish display.' Minerva McGonangall smiled sweetly at Severus and agreed with Albus. Severus Snape just looked at the pair and laughed.

Albus Dumbledore muttered the spell and flicked his wand, the school were watching him quietly, and a loud explosion filled the hall. Coughing away the smoke, the debris of the explosion cleared to show the hall still covered with the Slytherin House Colours but Dumbledore was now wearing the Slytherin quidditch robes. Severus was still in fits of laughter, a sight the school had never seen before. Dumbledore looked over to the Slytherin Table where Ginevra smiled angelically down at him.

The school started whispering to each other as they saw the headmaster of Hogwarts, protector of the Light, Albus Dumbledore, rush hurriedly out of the Great Hall. Draco squeezed her hand and immediately apologised. 'I'm sorry for not telling you but I knew you wouldn't agree to it and we needed you to acknowledge those who hurt you as our history.' Ginevra just nodded at him, she understood what he meant. Blaise nudged her and she turned to him. He handed her a heavy book and smirked. 'I was supposed to give you this before but I guess I forgot!' Ginevra turned it over and saw written in gilded gold letters, 'The Slytherin Handbook'.

Flicking through the pages she saw chapters on Big School, House Order and all the courteous addresses to be used. Smiling she saw it increase in size, looking at Blaise in astonishment, he turned to the back and her name had been added underneath the First Witches of Slytherin. She had finally been accepted and there was no turning back. Ginevra realised that this could be a new beginning, in the corner she saw Theodore sneaking out the Great Hall through the side door. She shook her head, some things would never change.