Oh, to be the owner of One Piece… Then again, it would probably suck if I were the owner instead of Eiichiro Oda. Let's leave things the way they are.

Also, doesn't it make you happy to go to Tokyo and look through some twenty million doujinshi only to find that they're all Sanji x Zoro? Damn you yaoi lovers! (Not really… I'm just bitter)

The women's cabin

Sweat began to form on Roronoa Zoro's brow as he worked on the task at hand. What the hell is this thing? A pink tongue slipped out, his face contorting itself in frustration. What sadistic bastard would create something so complicated? A few muttered curses escaped the swordsman's lips.

Nami giggled in his ear. "What's wrong? You can't get it?"

"Quiet woman!" the first mate responded. He wasn't about to let the navigator bitch get the best of him, especially with something as trivial as this. His large, rough fingers fumbled with the small hooks. Hooks! Who the hell decides to make something with both lace and hooks!

The red-orange haired woman laughed again and came back to breathe in the swordsman's ear. "Do you want me to get it for you?" she teased, a coy smile forming on her lips.

"I'll do it on my own!" Zoro growled. He could feel something building inside him. His swords were calling to him, telling him to use them to cut the damn thing off. If he did that though, then that would mean Nami would win… And Zoro wasn't about to let that happen.

"It's taking forever though," Nami sighed. She rested her head on her crewmate's broad shoulder. "I'm getting bored."

"Well when I get this off, trust me, you'll wake up," the swordsman responded. One of the small hooks came free, but the navigator didn't seem to pay attention.

"You know," she continued, "Sanji-kun had it off in less than a minute."

Zoro grunted. "Ha! Only because he's a pervert." He glanced at the navigator with a hint of question in his eyes. "How would you know how fast he could get it off, anyway?" He continued with the final hook that stood between him and victory.

Nami was about to respond, but she was interrupted by a triumphant first mate. "Ha!" The swordsman jumped up as the last hook came free. He held the black lace bra in his right hand. Its pink ribbon bow was hanging listlessly between the two cups. The navigator blushed a little with surprise.

"H-H-How did you do it?" she stuttered.

Zoro tossed the frilly fabric to the woman. "Come on. It's not like I'm completely inexperienced," he explained. "Maybe you should try betting against Usopp or Luffy."

"Yeah," Nami responded, wrapping the bra around the pillow once again. "Maybe I should put a time limit on it too." She still couldn't believe the stupid swordsman was able to get the bra off the pillow. It was supposed to be easy money for her.

"Oh well," Zoro shrugged and turned to leave. He had beaten Nami at her game. Only one thought went through his head of the incident though. Whoever decided to invent the bra should be taken out into the street, tarred, feathered, and shot in the ass. Crazy bastard…