'The Covens Underneath'

By Majah


I don't own CCS, but I do own the story in this fic and things that are non-CCS related. All the name of places, historical events and other things mentioned, which you don't seem to know IRL, are products of my imagination. Any similarities with the actual thing are purely coincidental.

From Previous Chapter:

"Maybe perhaps, I should be asking you also." She said and directed her eyes towards the crack were the two friends were peeking.

All heads turned towards the back shelves.

"Uh-oh…" Yamazaki bit his lips.

Then, she titled her head and chirped cheerfully. "Eavesdropping isn't nice." She cutely remarked. "Neh? Yamazaki-kun?…Li-kun?"

Syaoran bent down his head, but eventually smiled. Yamazaki was gaping but nevertheless followed his friend when Syaoran started walking down the aisle.

The people, who were seeing the new encounter before them, all gasped as soon as Syaoran stepped out of their little hiding place and revealed himself. Well, not all gasped. Early occupants of the library were aware that he and Yamazaki were somewhere in the back. But still, it created much reaction.

Sakura's mouth dropped open as she saw the upperclassman once again.

But for someone who had just been caught, the chestnut-haired senior just lazily stood there and only muttered a simple…

"Yeah." He smirked and locked his gaze at the amethyst-eyed daughter of their school's headmaster.

---: ACT ONE: ---


:Chapter Seven:

"Trouble Magnet"

Not one person inside the library dared to move from their seats. All were very anxious to know how this little scene before them shall unfold. It was rare to see prominent students of their school on a so-called 'uncomfortable' face-off. To the middle-classed students, it was something they would gladly watch and see the outcome. To those who belonged to a higher class, it can be considered as something outrageous; two elites had gotten themselves involved with someone as low as the auburn-haired human. Nevertheless, the exchange was worthy of undivided attention.

"It is so nice to see you again, Li-kun." The raven-haired girl continued to smile sweetly at the other senior.

"Daidouji-san," Syaoran acknowledged casually.

For a moment, both seniors just stood there with eyes locked at each other. The chestnut-haired teen's stare was intense, while the raven-haired ones were mellow but still with unreadable substance with the poor emerald-eyed girl caught between them. By this time, the whole library was completely silent. Not a rustle of paper can be heard.

Until eventually, it was the newcomer who broke it all.

"Li-kun…" The daughter of the headmaster started to say. "…perhaps this is a very good time to clear whatever rumors that had been spreading?"

Syaoran looked away.

"A-re?" Tomoyo blinked. "Don't tell me that they are actually true?" She was using a somewhat…taunting tone.

But he only snorted. "What do you care if it's true or not?" He placed his hands inside his pockets and slacked back haughtily. "Idon't need to explain myself to anyone." His eyes roamed around the room with a threatening glare. "Who do you think you are talking to?" His words were addressed to the raven-haired girl but the impact of its meaning was geared to everyone else within the perimeter.

The other students in the library squirmed on their seat at the intensity of the upperclassman's glare. One could only wonder as to why the librarian was just sitting there-smiling and was letting this little commotion continue.

"Oi, Li…" Yamazaki touched his friend on the arm as he passed a silent message to get a hold of himself before he gets into trouble.

But Syaoran ignored him. "What I do is my business alone and no one else's."

Still, the raven-haired senior resumed smiling sweetly; unaffected of the growing static in the atmosphere. "I see. So you neither deny nor admit anything." She nodded. "It can be said at this point that there is fifty-fifty chance that they are true."

"Whatever." Syaoran remarked and started walking towards the exit. In contrast to his reactions earlier with Yamazaki, he seemed oblivious of the stares and whispers that were starting to rise.

"A-no…" An unsure yet audible voice suddenly spoke which made another wave of head-turns from the occupants of the library. It was the emerald-eyed girl and she suddenly stood up before the upperclassman reached the exit. "I…uh…" She glanced at the raven-haired newcomer then to the upperclassman who helped her earlier. She felt a jolt when she met his gaze with a side glance. Hesitation was evident in her gestures but nevertheless she straightened her posture and voiced out her side.

"Li-sa…" She fidgeted as she realized that she didn't know what to call the upperclassman considering that their teacher earlier even used the suffix '-sama'. "I mean…senior-san…" She said referring to the chestnut-haired upperclassman. "…was kind enough to clear a misunderstanding this morning. I was disrespectful to both him and Nakuru-sensei when I could not answer his question earlier." She bowed. "I'm sorry again. I am new to this school and I am from the countryside. There are things that I don't have knowledge of. Please, excuse me." Then, she addressed the rest of the students of the library. "And please do not misunderstand. Senior-san did not…'hit' on me. Do not badmouth him that way. I just fail to answer a direct question." She faced the upperclassman once again, but this time with an overflowing determination which somewhat startled the people around her. "I will study hard so I wouldn't make senior-san angry again for my incompetence." She clenched her fist near her chest as if setting a new goal. "Someday I would be able to answer senior-san's inquiry about this 'clan' I'm supposed to belong to."

Upon hearing the word 'clan', those who belonged to the higher class dropped their mouths open; apparently shocked at this new information. Even the raven-haired girl seemed surprised.

The emerald-eyed girl continued. "Although...that word-'clan', had been mentioned to me many times…" She scratched her head goofily. "…I still don't get what it means. ahehe"

Syaoran's brow twitched. Of all the things, she had to blurt out about that. He thought. Beside him, Yamazaki bit his lip. Around them, fellow vampire students stared at him in disbelief. Oh damn.

At the table where the emerald-eyed girl's friends were seated, a wave of murmurs started to arise.

"Clan?" Meilin whispered to Rika. "What's a clan?"

Rika shrugged. "I don't know. It is the first time I've heard of it."

Both girls were speaking in a hushed tone. A normal person, who may have stood to where Syaoran was, might not be able to hear what they were saying. But since, he wasn't exactly a human, the whispers came to him as clear as day…along with the rest of the occupants of the library's silent conversations to one another.

"E-to…" The emerald-eyed girl blinked as she noticed the changed in the upperclassman's demeanor. He seemed alarmed. Was there something she said? She looked around her. A small hushed commotion seemed to have risen. She gasped. Did she somehow make things graver?

But the whispers suddenly died down. Sakura blinked, and then realized that the raven-haired girl named, Tomoyo, was holding her hand. "Hoe!" She exclaimed in surprise.

But the female senior just clasped her hand tight. Her voice was gentle as she spoke. "Sakura…your name is Sakura, right?"

"Ha-hai…" Sakura nodded.

Tomoyo resumed her sweet smile. "Sakura-chan…a 'clan' is the family where you are born into."

"Hoe…" She blinked. She did remember the chestnut-haired upperclassman saying something along those lines earlier.

"That is the most basic and simplest explanation." The raven-haired girl remarked.

More startled expressions became evident around them. Both Syaoran and Yamazaki's faces were bursting with shock that the headmaster's daughter was actually explaining it…to a human.

"Family?" Sakura tilted her head and stared at the amethyst orbs of the beautiful girl in front of her.

"Yes." Tomoyo said cheerfully. "Your family. Although, there are some cases that someone from a different bloodline may join a clan. Like ummm…" She paused thoughtfully. "…let say…they get adopted or something like that."

Adopted? Syaoran's brow began to twitch once again. That's the lamest analogy I've ever heard. But what do you expect…she is, after all, explaining it to a human. You can't just say that an outsider may join a clan if he/she proves himself/herself worthy through the series of tests thrown at their direction then performing a blood compact ritual in which the clan's blood will mix with the outsider's therefore making him/her a relative in a distant level.

"Bloodline?" The emerald-eyed student replied questioningly.

"Hai, a bloodline." The raven-haired girl seemed oblivious of the gapes thrown at her by the 'knowledgeable' students around her. "It is like…ummm…the color of your hair."

"The color of my hair?"

Tomoyo nodded. "I'm sure you inherited it from your parents."

Comprehension finally dawned at Sakura. "Hai! My mother also had the same shade of hair."

"That's it." The female senior giggled. "In a bloodline, a family might have a lineage of having auburn hairs which will identify you to belong to that family."

"Oh, I see." Sakura's face brightened. It was not as complicated as she thought.

Beside Syaoran, Yamazaki leaned over and whispered. "Oh, she's good. Daidouji-san's good in explaining it and making things simpler."

Syaoran smirked. "Color of the hair…yeah, right…there are things more important than that." He said to his friend in an equally low tone.

As if on cue, the raven-haired senior spoke once more, but this time with something more worthy of Syaoran's attention. "Or…" She continued to say. "…it could be…the color of your eyes."

Syaoran cannot be mistaken. Her tone was different in that last line of hers. He frowned. Was it only him or did it have a double meaning? He focused his glance on the headmaster's daughter. For some reason, the girl was looking lovingly at the emerald-eyed human.

Too lovingly…

…that her eyes were almost sparkling as she gazed at the human girl.

What the? He thought with his frown deepening. Was it possible that Daidouji Tomoyo also sensed something different about the new student? Come to think of it, being the headmaster's daughter meant that she, like him, was from a prominent and unique bloodline. This kind of thing was both taught in their families ever since the beginning of time. Was it possible that like him, the female senior might be thinking of the same thing he was about those rare emerald eyes?

"I don't get it…" Yamazaki whispered once more. "…why is Daidouji-san going out of her way to explain these things to this human girl?"

Syaoran remained silent. He was surprised as well, but then again…like what he was thinking earlier…

"The color of my eyes?" The human girl spoke. "…Oh! My mother also had the same shade." She smiled.

"Really? That's great! But I don't think she had the same depth as yours." Tomoyo said casually.

"Eh?" Sakura blinked. "How could you tell? I don't think you have met my mother considering that she died upon giving birth to me."

Once again, Syaoran frowned. This was not a common thing for the raven-haired senior to do. Most of the time when that girl spoke, it would mean more than what meets the eye.

"A-re? Oh…it was just a guess. They say that the child often inherits a more distinct trait than their parent's." She cooed.

"Hoe! Really?"

A good point but Syaoran could not help but to think otherwise.

Tomoyo nodded. "But you know…there are more things involved in being with a clan than physical attributes."

Again, another wave of reaction overcame the richer population of the library.

"More things? Like what?"

"Umm…" Tomoyo placed the tip of her finger under her chin. "That part is sort of complicated. I wonder how I can enlighten you about it."

"Gah…she isn't really planning on explaining even that!" Yamazaki whispered sharply at Syaoran, but the chestnut-haired upperclassman still remained silent.

In the midst of this little scene, a woman's voice interrupted their conversation.

"Tomoyo-chan…Li-kun…I think both of you are going to be late in your next class." It was the long-haired librarian. One could just wonder as to why she didn't speak earlier.

"Oh, Kaho-sensei." Tomoyo let go of Sakura's hand and smiled at the meek woman. "Did I cause a commotion in your library? Please accept my apology."

"It's okay. I don't mind." The librarian replied and then, she turned her gaze towards Syaoran and smiled. He seemed to be caught off-guard for a minute but nevertheless frowned at the woman.

"Is anything the wrong, Li-kun?" Kaho asked with sincerity.

The upperclassman looked away. "Nothing." He said reservedly. "Let's go, Yamazaki."

His friend seemed confused but eventually followed Syaoran out of the library. Once outside, Syaoran took a few steps but eventually stopped and placed his hands on his hips.

"Li?" Yamazaki looked at him questioningly.

"Yamazaki…you go ahead. I just need to do something before going to class." He said.

"Eh? Well umm…" Yamazaki was about to comment but halted himself when he saw the serious expression on his friend's face. "…okay." He just smiled and patted his friend's back. "See you in class."

With that, Yamazaki dashed off and left Syaoran standing in the corridor. The library was situated in front of an open terrace in the second floor. The wind blew from it and rustled Syaoran's hair. It was cloudy outside for it actually snowed the night before. It was these days that Syaoran loved the most. No sun meant no harmful burns. Though sometimes he punished himself by not wearing the protective amulet against the radiance of the sun, he wouldn't mind resting in this kind of days. The cold weather was the perfect medicine for his aching body since his main element as a vampire was ice. He would probably cut classes late this afternoon so he could sleep with his windows wide open. Perhaps, he could skip now. But probably not yet, since he was still waiting for someone to come out of the library.

"A-re? Li-kun?" Tomoyo remarked as soon as the huge double doors closed behind her.

"Daidouji-san…" His back faced the girl with his expression hidden.

The raven-haired girl stepped closer to the other senior with inquiring eyes.

"What was that all about?" Syaoran asked.

"About what?"

"That scene you did earlier. You don't have to clear my name you know…about those rumors spreading around."

Tomoyo blinked then eventually giggled. "Li-kun…I think you've mistaken."


The female senior continued. "It wasn't for you."

Syaoran's head perked up. He threw a side glance to the girl. "It wasn't?"

"Li-kun…I don't think you are the type that will appreciate something like that nor do I think that you consider me as a friend." She said.

"True. That's why I am sort of surprised to see you there." He remarked. For a moment, they just stared at one another.

"Li-kun…" The other started to say. "…why don't you just ask what is really bothering you?"

"Daidouji-san…" His eyes wavered. "…that girl…"

"…has very beautiful emerald eyes!" Tomoyo exclaimed lovingly while placing both of her hands on her flushed face. "I think I'm in love with her!"

Syaoran almost lost his balance at the sudden reaction of the headmaster's daughter. "Oi! I'm being serious here!"

"Oh, but I am serious." The raven-haired girl remarked.

"Is that all! Is that really all! You were attracted to her?" Syaoran's face cannot be painted. "And since when did you change your sexual preference!"

"Words cannot explain it." Tomoyo smiled sweetly before adding," But Li-kun…aren't you also attracted to her?"


"It is rare for Li-kun to notice someone or even waste time to talk to someone, and you did so with Sakura-chan. Wouldn't that mean that something about her caught your distant eyes?" Then, she clasped her hands before her and stared dreamily into nothingness. "She is truly remarkable to have melted the coldness which surrounded the fearsome Li Syaoran."

"Oi! That's not it!" But his complaints were flushed down the drain.

"I wonder…" She twirled and grasped the other student's arm. Her amethyst eyes sparkled with unreadable expression. "…I wonder…" She repeated. "…if she can also melt the ice which materializes under your pawsliterally." Her voice suddenly became mysterious.

Syaoran was startled with her remark. He knew very well what she was referring to. It was absurd to think that something like that would be possible, but the look she gave him made him doubt the girl's real motives once more. "You…" He started to say. "…I don't think you are telling me the truth."

"Hmmmmm?" She blinked up at him. "Yes, I am not."

Syaoran lost his balance for the nth time that day. "What!" He barked at her while making desperate gestures with his hands. "You openly admit that you were lying right from the start!"

Tomoyo swiveled away and giggled. "Li-kun can be so gullible sometimes."

"This is not funny! I thought maybe you felt it, too! That there's something not right and different about this human girl."

The other senior smiled. "Is that it, Li-kun? You felt that there was something amiss about her? You are good then. Nothing less can be expected of someone from the Li clan."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

But Tomoyo just turned on her heels and started walking away.

"Oi!" Syaoran called out to her. "You can't just leave like that."

The raven-haired girl stopped and placed her hands on her back. "But there is some truth about what I said earlier, Li-kun."


"I didn't do it for you." She glanced back at the chestnut-haired upperclassman. "I did it for Sakura-chan." With that, she smiled sweetly and disappeared in the shadows, leaving Syaoran with more questions brewing inside his mind than ever.

"For a first timer, your day was surely eventful!" Meilin exclaimed as the bell chimed indicating the end of classes that day.

"I'm not sure if it is something to be proud of." Sakura mumbled while she stuffed her books inside her bag.

"What! How can you say that!" The ever active dark-haired girl asked in astonishment. "I am so proud of you! Imagine having not one but two prominent students talking to you."

Beside them, Rika nodded in agreement. "You really end up having guardian angels, Sakura-chan."

"An-yaaa…" Sakura hid her face behind her bag. "…I would rather have none considering that people are whispering every time I pass."

Meilin patted her back with consecutive brisk actions which almost made her drop her bag. "That's alright! At least now, they don't think that Li Syaoran hit on you anymore. They are just wondering as to why the headmaster's daughter favored you that much. It's a better alternative rumor than the first one, you know." She kept patting Sakura hard on the back as she spoke.

"Meilin-chan, you will break Sakura-chan's back if you keep pounding her that way." Rika pointed out with a smile.

"Oh! Gomen…gomen…I sometimes get carried away…ahahaha"

"Meilin-chan's strong." Teary-eyed Sakura commented.

"Indeed, I am! Indeed, I am! Ahahaha."

"And as loud as ever, I can see." A shadow towered over them.

"Oh, Terada-sensei." Rika was the first one to notice the teacher.

He smiled then turned to Sakura's direction. "Sakura-san, have you decided which extra-curricular activity you are going to take up during homeroom?"

The emerald-eyed girl shook her head. "Not yet, Sensei. I'm afraid I am yet to check them out."

"I see. But please decide on it not later than this week. Tetsuroh Day School has trimester classes unlike the other schools in the country. It means that we had long started this school year even before you came. I don't want you to lag behind that much."

"Hai! I promise I would choose as quickly as possible." Sakura bowed.

"That's good." And with that he exited the classroom and left the three girls.

"Anyaaa…Terada-sensei is much nicer that Nakuru-sensei." Sakura remarked.

"Yes, he is, isn't he?" Rika replied. "I am so glad that he is our advisor."

"Your face is all flushed again, Rika." Meilin said as she narrowed her eyes towards the other girl.

"Eh? Does Rika-chan like Terada-sensei?" Sakura blinked.

Rika shyly covered her face. "Not really. I just admired him coz despite of him belonging to a high-classed family, he is kind to all of us."

"Like Kaho-sensei!" Meilin supplemented.

"Hoe…Kaho-sensei…she's that pretty librarian, right?" Sakura recalled the earlier incidents, and then she realized something. "Didn't Kaho-sensei just called senior-san…as Li-kun and Daidouji-san as Tomoyo-chan? Yet, I recall Nakuru-sensei calling senior-san as Li-sama. Why is that?"

Meilin swung her bag to her side and started walking towards the door. "It's because, Kaho-sensei belonged in the same level of rank in society like Li Syaoran and Daidouji Tomoyo."


"That's right. Nakuru-sensei is someone who is a level belong their ranks. I think the same can be said with Terada-sensei." Rika added. "Actually, almost all the professors here in Tetsuroh Day School belonged in a rank lower than the Li family and the Daidouji family."

"I see. That's why…people address them differently." Sakura remarked thoughtfully.

"Yes!" Meilin suddenly exclaimed. "And to think that you…" She pointed at the emerald-eyed girl. "…had gained their favor. Hohumm! Who cares if Nakuru-sensei hates you? As long as you have people like Li Syaoran and Daidouji Tomoyo at your back, you can be untouchable!"

"A-no…Meilin-chan. I don't think senior-san really meant to back me up. It was just coincidence this morning."

"Hmmm…ah well you are probably right in that area, but not a same thing can be said with Daidouji-sama!" The dark-haired girl pointed out. "I recall her saying that if you need anything, don't hesitate to ask her."

"Hoe! She did say that before leaving the library earlier."

"See! See! You are indeed lucky!"

"I'm so surprised at her words that I forgot to thank her." Sakura recalled.

"Don't worry, Sakura-chan." Rika smiled at her. "Just do so the next time you see her."

"You're right. I'll do just that." The emerald-eyed girl nodded happily. Maybe that day wasn't that bad after all.

Once in the hallway, the three girls continued on chatting. Inside, Sakura was glad that she seemed to have made good friends. Tetsuroh was truly one hell of a place and it would prove to be an experience she would never forget. And considering that she had only been there for two days, a lot of things already happened. By this time, Sakura somewhat spaced out a little. Her memories of the things happening the night before and that morning swam back inside her mind. She wondered what happened to the dog.

What exactly is that dog anyway? She thought as the image of an ice bridge forming underneath its feet flashed before her. Have I dreamt the whole thing?

"Oh no, Sakura-chan…look out!" Rika's voice interrupted her thought.

"Eh?" But it was too late. She felt herself bump into something, or rather…someone which caused her to fall flat on her butt. "Itai…" She rubbed her sore behind. "…I'm sorry. I wasn't looking."

But there was stillness in the air. Neither of the girls behind her spoke. Only small gasps can be heard from them. Sakura blinked and gazed up, only to be met by surprised amber eyes.

"You've go to be kidding me!" The person she bumped into exclaimed. "Exactly how many times am I supposed to see you in a day! We don't even belong in the same year!"

"Waaaaai! Senior-san!"

Indeed, once again, Sakura found herself face to face with none other than the chestnut-haired upperclassman.

"What is it about you anyway? You seemed to be a magnet for trouble." Syaoran remarked with annoyance as Meilin and Rika helped Sakura back to her feet.

"Hoe…I…uh…" But she was cut in when someone spoke behind the senior.

"So you admit that you are trouble." A deep voice said. "Considering that she seemed to magnet you." Sarcasm floated like small daggers towards the upperclassman.

"It's nice to know that you are feeling alright now, Touya-sensei." Syaoran smirked.

Another round of gasps escaped Sakura's companions at the sight of the tall professor. The poor emerald-eyed girl blinked in confusion as she once again found herself witnessing another tensed interaction amongst these known individuals.

Apparently, the said educator was someone with black-hair and eyes. He was tall and lean. He doesn't seem to be someone that can be considered fond of the male teen. "Why wouldn't I be alright? It was all part of the plan, after all. Underestimating me won't do you any good." The look he gave the upperclassman can be compared to an annoyed death glare. It was the very same look which eventually shifted towards Sakura's direction. The auburn-haired girl stumbled backwards as she felt his glare pierced right through her.

"Overestimating you will be lying against reality." Syaoran retorted which made the teacher focus his attention back to the upperclassman much to Sakura's relief.

"What did you say?"

"You heard me."

It felt like there was an invisible exchange of lightning strikes between the two.

"You really should know your place, boy." Touya gritted his teeth.

"I know my place that is why I am like this." Syaoran countered.

The growing intensity between made the other people in the hallway eased their way to safety. Only Sakura's group was left with them.

"A-no…we should be going now. Right, Meilin-chan? Rika-chan?"

"Ha-hai…we should." The two girls said in unison.

The moment they tried inching away, the strict-looking teacher shot an intense gaze towards Sakura which made the girl halt in her tracks. He didn't scrutinize her from head to foot, but she felt uncomfortable being the object beneath his unblinking stare.

A sigh can be heard from the upperclassman. "Oi…don't you think that is a bit too much? You are scaring the poor thing."

Touya smirked. "So…the rumors are true of you being the new knight in shining armor these days. And here I thought Tsukishiro is the only one prone to the job."

The upperclassman's brow twitched. "Actually, I thought my name was cleared about that thing…thanks to your sister earlier."

Sister? Sakura blinked. Could he possibly be referring to…

- an image of sweet smiling Daidouji Tomoyo flashed inside her mind -

"Tomoyo actually defended you?" As if to answer Sakura's inquiry.

"Nope…" The chestnut-haired teen said. "…she defended this one." He suddenly pointed at Sakura.

"Hoe!" And once again, Sakura became subjected to the teacher's glare. "I think you are mistaken, Senior-san. She couldn't have possibly defended me."

"Not really." Syaoran said coolly. "She even said so herself outside the library."

Sakura blinked in disbelief. "Re---really?"

"So you see, Touya-sensei…your words are…" But the upperclassman's sentence dangled when he realized that the teacher was spacing out while looking at the emerald-eyed student. "Touya-sensei?" He frowned and glanced from the educator to the girl.

Sakura shifted from one foot to another. She didn't like the look she was getting from the sensei. It was scaring her. She glanced towards the upperclassman who seemed to be also puzzled. For a moment there, sanctuary towards the amber-eyed senior seemed far more inviting than anything else that Sakura felt herself leaning closer towards him.

"A-no…" Her voice came out in almost a whisper as she felt her hand grasp the upperclassman's shirt.

"Oi…Touya-sensei!" Syaoran snapped a finger in front of the teacher's face.

The action was effective and brought Touya back to his senses. He seemed lost for a moment then eventually looked at Syaoran and then to the emerald-eyed girl who seemed to have squirmed closer towards the chestnut-haired Li.

"Don't touch him." Touya suddenly glowered at the sight of Sakura gripping Syaoran's shirt.

"Ha—Hai!" She immediately let go while the upperclassman looked shocked at how angry the professor seemed suddenly be.

Looking away, the black-haired man added. "You might get infected with some kind of disease or something."

The three girls sweat-dropped at his remark.

"What did you say! I can't believe you had the time to throw an insult towards me when all this time you were the one scaring her!" Syaoran barked at the older man.

Once again, both guys got engulfed in an electrifying glare-lock. It was only broken when a familiar sweet voice danced in the air.

"Onii-san." Gentle Tomoyo was standing at the far end of the hallway with her usual loving smile on her face.

"O...Tomoyo…" Touya glanced at his younger sister.

"It is getting late. We are yet to visit Tsukishiro-san in the medical wing or have you forgotten about our appointment with him?" The raven-haired girl asked.

Touya straightened his posture. "No, I haven't forgotten about it. Let's go." And with that…without even saying goodbye, he paced away from Sakura's group.

"What the…?" Syaoran gaped disbelievingly.

Tomoyo, instead, she waved at them. "Take good care of Sakura-chan, now…Li-kun!" She cooed before disappearing with her brother altogether.

"I'm not sure what exactly happened here." Meilin remarked to Rika.

"I don't know either." The short-haired girl replied.

"I'll tell you both what just happened." The upperclassman shook his fist. "Your friend here, seemed to be attracting this much attention from people who belongs to my part of the society."

"Hoe…is that a good thing or a bad thing?" Sakura asked weakly, but she only got a glare. "Waaaaai! I'm sorry. I'm sorry even though I don't know what it was I needed to be sorry about!" She exclaimed. "I don't know why I kept bumping with you guys anyway."

The senior stared at her, then finally…"Okay, that's it." He said and pulled Sakura with him. "You're coming with me."

"Waaaaaaaaai! Where are we going?"

He didn't answer her. He just kept pulling her with him towards the doors which lead outside. Behind her, she saw Meilin giving her a thumbs-up sign while Rika illuminated an encouraging smile. No…they are misunderstanding this.

"From the top now! What is your name?" Syaoran roared at the emerald-eyed girl.

"Sa-sakura. My name is Sakura." She answered him.

Currently, they were situated at a remote area in the campus. Large trees surrounded the place and not a person can be sighted within the area. It was a place wherein Syaoran claimed that they won't be disturbed nor talked about by anyone since it was hidden from the populous' eyes.

"Who gave you that name?" He continued to ask.

"Umm…I'm not sure…" Sakura fidgeted.

"You're not sure?"

"Hoe…I'm an orphan. I didn't even get the chance to meet my parents, so I'm not exactly sure who named me."

"Not even a slighted idea?"


"Come on…think hard. Didn't anyone at least mention it to you?" Syaoran persisted.

"Why are you asking me these?" Sakura was starting to get irritated. "Why are you bullying me?"

"Just answer my questions." He growled at her.

"Fine!" Teary-eyed Sakura searched for her memories once again. "I think…"

"You think…?"

"I think it may have been my father who gave me that name." She said.

"Your father?" Syaoran narrowed his eyes. "And what is your father's name?"

"I don't know."

"WHAT? How could you not know your father's name?"

"Weh! Don't blame me! Even people in the orphanage didn't know him. I only have little information about him. All I know was that he was a fisherman here in Tetsuroh and that he died in the sea even before I was born which left my mother heartbroken during the time she had me." She blurted out continuously. Tears were starting brew inside her eyes. "I'm not like you rich students. I don't have this 'clan' thing you kept mentioning. No…I don't have any family!"

But Syaoran seemed unaffected with her words. "Fine…no family. We go to the next question."

Sakura's mouth dropped open. That was it? No kind words? Everything dismissed just like that? Are these the kind of people who live here in Tetsuroh?

"What made you think that it was your father who gave you that name?" He continued to ask.

But Sakura remained silent.

"Oi…I'm asking you."

"And I'm not going to answer it!" She exclaimed.

"What! How dare…"

"How dare me to defy someone like you!" Sakura finished for him. "How dare me to disobey this school's stupid laws!" Tears finally rolled on her cheeks. "How dare me…who is nobody to even be granted this scholarship." She sniffed. "I've had enough of this caste! All of you are just a bunch of snobs. Well, I'm sorry! I didn't ask to be here! It was Sarabusa-sama who got me here from Saradik. If I only had the luxury of doing what I really wanted, I would rather stay in the orphanage and help Mistress Sai!"

Syaoran was speechless for a moment but eventually his eyes narrowed in recognition of the names mentioned by Sakura.

"Sarabusa? Sarabusa Hayo? The headmaster's personal assistant and member of the ministry? He was the one who went all the way to Saradik just to get a winner of a scholarship program?" His frown deepened which made Sakura glance back. "Isn't that too much of a little task for someone like him to do?"

"Wha…what are you talking about?" Sakura murmured in a small voice.

"And what's more...you mentioned a 'Mistress Sai'…could this be…none other than the Fraulein Sai?


"Yes…Fraulein Sai…the famous previous governess in Fujitaka's household."

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