Title: Fade to Black Author: A.j.
Rating: General audiences.
Fandom: "West Wing", spoilers up to the season 6 ender.
Notes: Er. Random post-ep babble that can easily be ignored.

Summary: Josh and beer.

Josh's here because he knows that if he were in her situation, he'd need a friend. Need someone who understands and is just there. He's not here because he's gloating. Despite her current (and apparently past) opinion of him, he'd never do that to her. Not ever.

He's here because she's worked her ass of for the last six months only to have it mean very damn little. And as much as she's a professional - something he's never questioned after the first time she sped-walked down five corridors rattling off his schedule and passing him folders without tripping over him or her own heels - she's also a person who lost something tonight.

He can't give her a hug and tell her he's sorry that things didn't work out right for her. He wants to, possibly more than just about anything else, but that's not where they are right now. Who knows if they'll ever be in that place again? But that's not important. What he can do is give her alcohol, and a smile, and a job.

He wants to laugh at the parallelism of his life and the universe in general. Still, giggling in this room at this time doesn't seem very appropriate. She's not the only person here who's lost this. She's just the only one he cares about.

So, instead, he just sits here in what was Russell's campaign headquarters - thinking that maybe this is a place he might have been eight years ago with Hoynes - and leaves the people around him to grapple with this strange and rather freakish turn of events. And steals Donna's beer just because he finally can.