The ghost carriage.

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It was an evening in autumn. It had been one of those days when paradise itself seems to have dropped to the earth. The sun had and still was shining from a light blue, cloudless sky. Everything, every meadow, every shrub bloomed the in one final tribute to life itself. Butterflies and other insects were now working in shifts to accumulate as much nectar as possible from the repast. Fruits and berries grew ripe in a rapid progress…

"Daarrk, come on! Are you going to be ready today or shall we be forced to wait for Krad's next birthday?" A voice rang up through the stair and into Dark's room. "She is 5 pm already. Hurry up!"

"Okay, okay. I'm coming… jeez" Dark walked down the stair and started to put on his black leather jacket.

"Mom is waiting in the car already together with dad" said a cheerful redhead, dressed in black pants and a red cotton shirt. A car started to honk. "I'm going, see you in the car."

The redhead ran of to the waiting car.

"Mmm… sure."

Dark stole one last look of himself in the hall mirror. His critical eyes could not find any shortcoming in his appearance. He wore black pants with a tight black sleeveless and the only word he could think of was stunning. Smiling, he remembered Krad's promise of a memorable evening. 'I hope the eye-catching blond is thinking in the same way I am… oh, very well'. He nodded in approval, picked up With from the hat rack and ran to the waiting car.

"Kyuu" said the happy rabbit.

Inside the car sat Emiko in a lovely yellow dress behind the steering wheel. Kosuke sat beside her in a strange reddish brown costume and with a big basket in his knees and a piece of paper in the hand.

"Excellent" smiled Emiko. "Are everyone in the car? Let's go then"

"NO WAIT!" screamed Daisuke and rushed out from the car. "I totally forgot With" He ran into the house yelling the rabbit's name.

"But Dai-chan. I…" shouted Dark and then continued in a calmer voice "Oh, With is already here. I'll fetch him."

Dark placed With in middle seat and took off to the door.

"Dai-chan, With is already in the car. Come on. We're going to be late."


They walked back to the car and Emiko started to drive away from their house. Daisuke put With in his lap and stroked the rabbit's fur.

Kosuke cleared his throat.

"Yeah, err… Hikari has their summer mansion a little bit outside the city, so I'll guess you should drive to the north"

"Oh, I'm not going to drive from the city just yet" Emiko smiled mysterious to her husband. "You are forgetting one passenger"

"Am I? Who?" replied Kosuke.

"Yeah mom, who? I mean Daiki is already at the mansion" said Daisuke

Dark let the thoughts run free during the time Daisuke and Kosuke tried to get the answer from the giggling Emiko. 'Yeah, that's an enigma. The fact that: Kraddykin, Creepy and Grandpa had got along with each other so well during the week. I don't know what they are up to, and despise all my efforts I have not been able to get even the slightest hint of what they are plotting. Damn them for knowing me too well… '

"Saehara-kun, of course!" Emiko beamed to them all. "He called yesterday and asked if we couldn't pick him up at the bus stop outside the school."

And sure enough, standing beside the bus stop in a lime green sleeveless and off-white pants with a camera round the neck was: Saehara.

"Hi guys, thanks for picking me up. Ol' man got a call last eve so he'll be off 'till… who knows when." Saehara said, while jumping in to the empty car seat beside Daisuke. Daisuke quickly rescued With from the fate of being crushed of Saeharas butt.

"Anytime, Saehara-kun" Replied Emiko brightly. "Anytime".

"Okay, next stop: the Hikari mansion!" beamed Emiko.

After 30 minutes drive on smaller and smaller roads passed they through the large gate of the Hikari mansion. A small group of people stood beside the small parking ground behind the gates. Emiko parked the car beside a red Ford and they added themselves to the group.

"Hi Riku-san, Hi Risa-san" yelled Daisuke.

"Oy! Haranda-sans!" yelled Saehara almost the same time.

"Hi Niwa-kun, Hi Saehara" answered Riku and Risa. "Good evening Emiko-san and Kosuke-kun."

"OH… HI DARK-SAN!" squealed Risa, all heart eyed, after seeing Dark. But before she had the possibility to throw herself on the poor thief did they hear a strange voice.

"Ahem. Ladies and gentlemen." A very short man in a dark costume stood on the path from the parking ground "Welcome to the Hikari mansion. I am Mr. Aitik, the butler, and your guide to the banquet room. May I ask you to follow me, please?" He started to walk proudly towards the mansion building without waiting for their answers.

The way ran through some nicely shaped bushes and came alongside with the big gravelled road that went from the gates up to the building. The whole garden was very nice and tidy. Even the graveled road was in order; you could still see the marks from the Gardeners rake. Mr. Aitik led them through the garden, answering the questions from Emiko on what type of flowers she saw. He opened the main door to the mansion and let them in before he told them to wait for their hosts at the hall. After that was done he stepped aside and let them have some minutes to compose themselves.

"O'boy! Hey Dai-chan look at this… and this" Saeharas and Darks voices rang through the hall while the sooner was busy trying to photograph everyone and everything. Daisuke, on the other hand, tried to calm down his friend before he used up all his film in the hall…

"Greetings and welcome shall you be to the Hikari mansion." A tall, elegant blond boy stood at the top of the stairs. His golden eyes shone in delight while the rest of his face was totally empty from any emotions. Beside him was a slightly shorter blue haired boy, the expression on the face was the same but he had sapphire blue eyes.

"We shall have our dinner in the room to your left, so… Mr. Aitik, you may open the doors." Continued Krad while Satoshi offered his hand and they started to walk down the stair to the waiting fishes down in the hall. When they reached the bottom of the stair opened Satoshi his mouth:

"I have to say Saehara, you have just missed to perpetuate the most hilarious moment this dinner will serve"

Mr. Aitik opened the doors to the left and let them in to a large room with two tables, one that was overfilled with food and the other with dinner plates, a bowl for With, flowers and candles. Krad thanked Mr. Aitik whom bowed and disappeared into the mansion.

"Please, take your seats." Said Satoshi and showed them with the hand to the laid table. "My brother and Niwa-kuns grandpa, Daiki, will join us in a split second."

And sure enough, Daiki came into the room, devilishly smiling towards Krad who returned it with a catlike smile and glittering eyes. Krad then closed the doors and showed the last guest to the table.

"Good evening everyone" greeted Daiki as answer to all inquiringly faces that greeted him from the table.

Krad stood behind the chair closest to the door. Satoshi had taken the reverse for his and asked for silence.

"Excellent. I have told the servants that we could handle this small dinner by ourselves, so our little masquerade at the stair is all high class manner you will meet in this house today. So, take your plate and help yourselves before Dark cleaning the table with all food."

"Yeah… Hey Creepy, I will not be able to eat all, maybe just two thirds or something…" Dark mumbled off incoherently.

End chapter 1