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The ghost carriage.

Chapter 5

Dark had fainted and was now laying unconscious on Krad's bed; the Niwa-family was positioned around the bed waiting for him to wake up. Satoshi stood outside the room, in the corridor. Daisuke was nervous, never before had he been in a situation where Dark had fainted. And he also felt really bad for Satoshi, loosing a brother like that… two brothers actually, if one counted Krad's older sibling. He left his place at Dark's head and walked over to the bluenette.

"Sorry for making this much trouble for you? How are you?" asked Dai while fidgeting with his fingers.

"I'm fine Niwa-kun."

"Really? Because I wouldn't be if I had lost Dark like that…" without thinking, he looked at the other teen with his best puppy-eyes.

"…" Satoshi sighed. "Niwa-kun…" He had planed to reinsure the redhead that he indeed was okay, but was interrupted by something quite unexpected.


This mental breakdown had one upside; it made Dark wake up.

But it also had one downside; it made Dark remember the current situation.

"Nooooo…" the newly awaken boy groaned. "This is not fair, I tell you. He's gone, but I can still smell the scent of Krad." Dark buried his head under a pillow and mumbled something about the twins, but no one around him heard anything more but the twins' names.

"… Dark darling, that's because you're resting on his bed…" Emiko was kind enough to inform Dark about his whereabouts. Her ability too composes herself when necessary hadn't failed her.

The proverbial light appeared above Dark's head and he raised his torso, placing himself in a sitting position, the bolster in his hands.

"You've found the twins, ne?"

"No, sorry. The servants are looking though." Dai-chan enlightens Dark about their…err…progress.

"Aargh." The purple haired teen fell back on the bed, throwing the bolster away to the foot end of the bed. "I give up. I can't find any logic in this. There is no way Kraddy and the twins could disappear like this… kidnapped by a… how did you put it Emiko, an evil ghost carriage?"

/Snort gasp snort gasp snort snort/ Daiki seemed to have some trouble with his breathing, he was also shivering. /Gasp snort snort gasp snort/. Daisuke noticed this and become very concerned for his grandfather. It would be too much to handle if his grandfather… no, he has to be fine.

"I mean" continued Dark. "The twins are too… what's the word? Annoying? No. Hmpf." Sighing he sat up again "I mean they should be here and not be in any carriage on its way to who-knows-where through who-knows-what-kind-of-dimension, and Kraddy… Well he is too irascible to be on that thing. He should be here, and get annoyed on me. I like that… irritating him… not that he is irritated on me, but…aoowwhh, you know…" Dark stopped his nonsense when he laid his eyes on the old man. Daiki was shivering very hard now; both hands were busy, one on the mouth, suffocating any noise, the other on his abdomen.

"And why are you laughing?" snapped Dark, thinking Daiki was extremely impolite to be amused in a moment like this. It was his drama show, and Daiki was ruining it. "I admit, Krad could be a little malicious sometimes, but that's a part of his charm, ne?"

"Oh, you have no idea how malicious I can be sometimes." A velvety voice came from the door frame.

They turned their heads and in the doorframe stood; Krad. Daiki's hand-barrier failed and he collapsed in a chair, laughing. Satoshi was chuckling behind his taller brother.

"Hi Dark" said the wickedly smiling blond.

"Hi" The twins giggling heads popped up on each side of the fair-haired teen.

"…" Dark was stunned,

"…" as well as Daisuke.

"…" Emiko was quiet.

"…" and so was Kosuke.

"Hahaha" Satoshi and Daiki were laughing.

"What?" whispered Dark before realization hit him and he glomped the longhaired teen.

'Oh my GOD! It's really Krad' thought Dark, caressing the golden hair, touching the pale face, sitting in the taller teens lap.

Meanwhile, the rest of the Niwa-clan reinsured them that the giggling twins were the real twins, and that the giggling duo was alright, unharmed and not traumatized.

"Where were you?"

"Are you alright?"

"Yes. In the kitchen, with Krad." was the simple reply from the tittering duo.

"What the hell are you think you're doing?" It was a real pity that Emiko turned her head when she did, because what she saw was Dark kissing a stunned Krad. Satoshi, had seen it all, and had thought it had been hilarious to watch the predicament his older brother had ended up in.

"But how" started Dark. "You… He was… We searched through the whole…" He interrupted himself when he saw Krad's wide content smile. They untangled themselves with some help from Emiko. Now they all wanted to know how Krad was, were he's been and a billion other questions.

"I think you have to tell him Krad" Daiki was referring to Dark. "He has been mourning you as dead since we came home yesterday, it has been hilarious to watch." He started to chuckle again.

"Okay, okay I will explain everything" replied Krad. He put himself on the foot end of the bed. Dark sat beside him, arms around the pale teen's waist. Daisuke sat on the other side, touching him shyly, as if convincing himself that it really was the, according to Dai, sometimes terrifying blonde. "The whole thing was a set-up for Saehara anyway, you just happened to kick over to the wrong traces Dark. You see, Satoshi here, grew a little bit tired on Saehara's eternal ranting about how logic could explain everything in this world…"

He was interrupted by the blue-haired teen.

"Hnh… I agree with him, but that's no reason for making a fool of them who do believe in… other things."

"Hm, yeah, so we decided to teach him a lesson. The first part was the easiest; play the sounds of horses pulling a carriage to the front door, and that followed with the noise of someone walking down the stair and up to the said carriage and so on through two speakers that was hidden in the gravel beside the door."

Smiling, Satoshi pulled out a little remote control from one of his pockets and clicked on a button; the sound of horses was to be heard once again. He pushed another button and someone walked down a stair…

Krad giggled; "Yes, so when I closed the door behind me, I ran to the attic and hide myself behind a large trunk."

"But, we looked there…" Dark interrupted. "We saw the dust, you couldn't have… How? There were no footprints…"

Krad started to smile again, widely. "No, that's because the second part of the plan; we had saved a Hoover bag filled with dust, and after I had pulled up the detachable ladder, I simply shut the door and emptied the bag over the door and the floor nearest to it."

He took a breath and looked up in the roof, and then he added, thoughtfully; "I have never sneezed so much in my whole life…the dust was floating in the air" He made a face. "I almost thought that I was going to ruin the joke by sneezing it away. Anyway, after two hours I finally heard the noises from you looking after me." He turned to look at Satoshi that stood beside Daiki. "Thank you very much for that linger."

"Well, that's your punishment for forcing me to listen to Daiki for 2 hours; he's rambling about disgusting dishes. It made me sick. Do you know that one country eats boiled sheep brain?"

"I had fun." Daiki laughed, wiping tears from his eyes.

"Hmpf… on with the story, when you opened the door to the attic, I was absolutely still, nearly stopped breathing. That's when Risa broke down." He bowed to the said lady. "I have to say sweetie that was the most excellent acting skill that I have heard in a very long time. And that was probably the thing that finally broke down Saehara. Bravo. Same goes to you, my dear Emiko, I watched you when you were leaving, excellent job."

Risa hide her blushing in her hands, Emiko on the other hand beamed and curtsied to the blonde.

"Wait, you knew about this? You all knew about this?" Dark couldn't take it any longer. "Dai, did you know about this? How come you didn't tell me?"

"I didn't know about this!" Dai-chan defended himself. "Honestly, I didn't."

"No, he didn't." assured Satoshi. "He is way to… naïve, to innocent to be able to keep this kind of things a secret. And for you Dark, you are way too audacious to fool anyone that you believe in ghost, so you were the weakest link in our plot."

"I was?"

"Yes" answered Krad. "You know very well, that I don't have any other brother beside Satoshi…"

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