Fix You

Summary: They were all alone, and they only had each other to turn to. Years later, they must stand strong in order to survive this last leap of faith. Seth/Marissa future fic.

Disclaimer: I don't own the OC or any of the characters created by Josh Shwartz or anything else I may end up mention in the course of this story. Oh, and I don't own the lyrics to "Fix You" by Coldplay or any other Coldplay lyrics used.

Pairing: Seth/Marissa is the main pairing

Spoilers: Not too much. The whole story takes place after this summer that just ended, but nothing after "The Blaze of Glory" ever happened.


They were gone.

Ryan and Summer had been there one day and gone the next. Of course, both had left at different times, but they were gone out of their lives nonetheless.

It was seven years to the day since Summer had left, but every year both Seth and Marissa mused on the fact that within two weeks they had lost their loves and their best friends. Just when they had thought that they could spend one summer together, the four of them, happy. Seth had had it all planned out, the perfect summer.

Marissa still believed he had jinxed them.

Ryan had left first. Theresa had shown up, his baby daughter in her arms. She had been crying, tired, worn out, and everyone thought she was going to up and leave Ryan alone to raise their child. Of course, no one was even sure that the baby was Ryan's. Seth maintained the belief that it was Eddie's, but that didn't matter. Ryan was going to be the father, whether he was biologically or not.

So they were gone back to Chino, Theresa and Ryan both refused to stay and "mooch" off the Cohen's again, and Seth was put under intense watch by his parents and Summer. They were all afraid he was going to bolt. Seth wouldn't though. He didn't want to lose Summer again, and he knew Ryan wasn't going to come back. He had too much responsibility now.

If he left, Summer had threatened to hunt his ass down and kill him. Seth knew and feared her rage black outs. There was no way he was going to mess with the likes of Summer Roberts. Besides,Marissa needed all the friends she could get, and once Seth saw how she handled Ryan's departure he wasn't about to leave her.

Then, exactly twelve days after Ryan left Newport, Summer was gone too.

It had taken them all by surprise. No one knew it was coming, and it broke the three remaining of the Fantastic Four. She was moving halfway across the country, to New York. Her father claimed it was a move for his career, but Summer was against it. Seth had begged her to stay, move in with Marissa, but Summer was set on following her dad. She didn't want him to disappear from her life the way her mother had.

Seth and Marissa were left alone, together. They'd never spoken much before the last year. Still didn't speak much. For the most part, the only reason they associated with each other was because of Summer and Ryan, and now they were gone. They didn't have much in common either, or at least, Seth hadn't thought they did.

Now, they were all each other had. Seth wanted to run away, but it would break his mother to lose another son. Marissa would fall off the face of the earth, and what would happen to him? He had nowhere to run to. No one to run to. He could go back to Luke's, but his parent's would find him there and Seth couldn't make it on his own.

So, he stuck around in Newport and made sure Marissa didn't kill herself. He would watch her drink, would make sure he took care of her. Summer would want him to. Ryan would want him to. He barely spoke to either of them. They called, but he didn't have much to say. He missed them, and it was too hard.

The summer that had marked a year without them, the summer before they departed for College, Seth took Marissa out of Newport. Julie and his parents had agreed it would be a good thing. That Marissa needed out for a while.

He took her on the pancake tour of America.

That trip had been filled with its fair share of drama, tears, drinking and loud music. Whenever they got into an argument, even though there was never anything huge, they would both stop talking to each other. Marissa would drink and Seth would blast music. Being the only two people around though, they didn't have much of a choice to get over it. Besides, for Marissa, it was hard to stay mad at Seth. He always did something stupid to cheer her up.

He was all she had.

Through the years they made and re-made friends with people from their past, but the only person they every trusted was the other. Well, the only person Marissa still trusted was Seth because he was the only constant in her life. He was always there, even before they became friends she knew she could rely on the fact that Seth Cohen was right next door.

They had lost touch with Summer. She was too busy with her life in New York. They both knew it would happen. Summer made friends easy. She fit in well, and she would leave her old life behind. They would've too. There was no way you could stay in touch with the fast lives in Newport. They understood.

Ryan only talked to Kirsten and Sandy anymore. He had married Theresa, was living the life that was to be expected. Neither of the brothers could really talk to each other. Ryan was afraid that if he did, he would be reminded of what he left behind. What he gave up. If they kept out of each other's lives, they would miss each other, their friendship, less.

Seven years.

Marissa Cooper had almost forgotten.

Seth Cohen had surely forgotten.

If they had remembered, if she had remembered, she wouldn't be headed down the aisle right now to get married.

She would be somewhere else completely. Remembering. Like she did every year. It had become a tradition for her and Seth. They'd either remember or go on some adventure far, far away from Newport.

She wanted to run, but she couldn't.

There was a room full of people, who had thought she would drop off the planet when Ryan left, and one person, who made sure she didn't, waiting for her. She wouldn't drop off the world now. She refused to. Besides, the step she wanted to take now would be the biggest adventure. It would put the final nail on the coffin that was her relationship with Ryan.

So, she walked down the aisle towards her future. She walked down the aisle towards Seth Cohen. Towards the one person she was willing to give her heart too, even if they weren't in love she loved and trusted him.

They were all each other had.

Marissa had always wanted to be a part of the Cohen family.

Today she would become Mrs. Seth Cohen.