A Second Chance

What if Dudely was a Wizard as well? What if Aunt Petunia was a Witch? What if she was a Death Eater? What if Harry was Lord Voldemort's son? How would he react? And would he be 'the-boy-who-lived'?

Dudley Dursely was one of those kids who got his own way whenever he wanted, his parents adored him as an only child, thus making him unable to put a foot wrong. However, when his cousin Harry appeared on the scene, Dudely found someone to play with even though his parents treated Harry horribly all the time. Dudely noticed though, that his Mother wasn't that mean to Harry and so he rationalized to himself that he would be nice to him no matter what his Dad thought about the idea, Dudely didn't know why, but he wanted to be Harry's friend.

One morning, Dudely got up extra early and went downstairs, being careful not to scare his cousin. He went into the kitchen and grabbed some cookies and some orange juice from the fridge, he turned towards the cupboard under their staircase and went towards it, pulling the lock back as quietly as he could, looking at his sleeping cousin, Dudely gave a sigh

"Harry?" He poked him "Harry its Dudely"

"Mm? Dudely? You'll get in so much trouble!" Harry squinted and grabbed his glasses "What are you doing?"

"Listen I know its not good for you but here, I got you some cookies and some OJ its better than whatever my stupid parents will not give you today" Dudely sat down beside the cupboard

"Thanks cousin" Harry took them from him "I dont see what Ive done wrong you know" He said whilst eating a cookie

"Me either" Dudely shrugged "Dads starting to scare me you know" He admitted in a whisper

"Why?" Harry asked

"Because, I heard them talking last night" He told him "They were talking about sending you away to an orphanage"

"WHAT?" Harry hissed "Why? Its not like they have no money to provide for me" he sighed

"I know, listen, do you fancy going out later? If I help you with the chores?" Dudely asked him

"Dudders you know you wont be allowed to help, Uncle Vernon wont allow it" Harry told him "i think im painting the fence making dinner lunch and tea and cleaning out the shed today, there's no time for me to go anywhere" He sighed

"Ill help you clean the shed" Dudely told him "It'll give me something to do, I mean, Piers and everyone are okay but they're boring most of the time and I dont think I could tell another lie about going to the pictures with them just so they can stand on the park and smoke or something"

"Well if you get done then you get done but thanks for the offer to help, you better go back upstairs before your Mum or Dad wakes up to find you down here" Harry nodded

"Yeah" Dudely sighed "See you later cousin" Dudely shut the cupboard door and locked it

On his way upstairs he found his mum walking back from the bathroom

"Dudely!" she hissed

"Yes mum?" He turned round

"What were you doing up so early?"

"Getting a drink" he shrugged

"Okay... you better not have been down there talking to that freak of a cousin" She eyed him suspiciously, but again Dudely noticed she didn't really mean it

"Why would I bother?" Dudely lied with a groan

"That's my Duddykins" Petunia smiled "now back to bed"

That day. Dudely tried to keep his promise to Harry to help him in the garden. Vernon saw Dudely go outside with him

"Dudely?" He called him back

"Yes Dad?" He walked back into the kitchen

"Where do you think your going?"

"Outside to help Harry clear the shed" he said simply, Uncle Vernon glared at his son

"No son of mine is doing such a job! BOY!" He yelled, Harry walked back in

"Yes Uncle Vernon?" He sighed

"Did you tell Dudely to help you?"

"No sir he offer-"

"Dont you lie to me you freak" Vernon grabbed him by the scruff of the neck, shaking him hard

"We.dont.need.you.freaks.in.this.house!" He shook him with every word

Dudely got angry with his Dad, as was Harry, so it was pretty hard to say who did it...

Suddenly, Vernon was thrown across the room and slammed into the wall beside the fridge

"LEAVE HARRY ALONE!" Dudely bellowed angrily "DONT YOU EVER TOUCH MY COUSIN AGAIN OR ILL...ILL... ILL KILL YOU!" The ten-year-old yelled

"D-dud" Harry pulled on his jumper

"What?" He asked, "You ok Harry?"

"L-Look" Harry pointed

There were vases flying around the room, glasses smashing on the floor, but most importantly, the mop and bucket was smashing repeatedly onto Vernon's head, keeping him knocked out.

"Uh...what did we do?" Dudely turned to Harry; Petunia was eyeing the boys with a shocked stare that neither had seen before

"B-Boys go in the front room... yes you too Harry... go!" She wafted them in there with her hands as the last glass came to land in a heap on the floor.

Petunia went upstairs and grabbed a chest, she brought it downstairs

"...I didn't mean it" Harry was saying, "I just thought how id like that mop to hit Uncle Vernon-"

"And I wanted the glasses to smash in his face!" Dudely said, "What do you think this means?"

"It means boys... Your Wizards" Petunia spoke up

Harry looked at her


"Yes Harry, like your Mum and Dad were"

"Wait- you told me-" Harry stood up

"I know what I told you but there was a good reason for it" Petunia told him "A very good reason"

"Oh..." He sat down

"Here..." She opened the chest and pulled out a long thin piece of wood

"Your mums wand. They found it next to her after..." She stopped

"After what mum?" Dudely asked

"After Lord Voldemort disappeared. You see Harry, Your Mum dated a powerful Pureblood wizard called Tom Riddle, He steeped into the Dark Arts and transformed himself into Lord Voldemort, your Mother and I stayed with him throughout everything and when we found out about you, he was so happy, you were everything to him Harry, but there was a prophecy made about a child, about you, Dumbledore heard about it and somehow he kidnapped you" Petunia sighed "Tom was furious, as any father would have, Dumbledore put a lot of complex charms on you Harry, to make you look like James Potter, the person he made Lilly, your mother, marry when he modified her memory. The scar on your forehead is from Tom…. He didn't know it was you underneath the charms as he said the Killing Curse, thinking you were a Potter, but as he cast the curse, you called him Pappa, one thing he knew was you, so he called the curse back as it hit you, but it left you with a scar and your father is nothing but spirit." She sighed heavily "I always knew Harry would be a Wizard but I wasn't sure about you Dudders" She turned to him "We'll find out on your birthday though, if you get a letter from Hogwarts... what I wouldn't give to be back there"

"Wait... your a wizard too?" Harry asked

"Im a Witch Harry" She smiled "or at least I was... until I met Vernon- I tried to get him to let me still be who I was but he wouldn't have any of it..." She sighed "I think its time we left this hovel and moved somewhere better... Ill have to call Lucius..." She got up "Oh and Dudely, please move Harry into the bedroom near yours..." She smiled "and then why dont you two go out for the afternoon? I have to deal with Vernon..." She said, but Harry didn't like the look in her eyes...

As soon as Harry and Dudely had gone out for the afternoon, Petunia went upstairs and grabbed her wand. She walked back downstairs and cast a few charms to clear up the kitchen, and then she turned to Vernon with a smirk

"Enervate" She flicked her wand

Vernon groaned as he got up

"Petunia what happened? What the hell are you doing with that thing? The boy might see!"

"The Boy knows everything Vernon" She hissed "And I think things are going to change round here, from now you will address him as Young Master" She told him coldly "he is the son of my Master, Lord Voldemort and Ive had enough of your treatment of him"

"You told me-"

"I know what I told you Vernon, that I wasn't involved in the Dark Side, but I am, further than you know, as of now you will be his personal servant and will adhere to his beck and call!" She flicked her wand "IMPERIO!"

Meanwhile, the boys were out to get Harry some decent clothes

"Say Harry, will things be different now you're like… important?" Dudely asked him, Harry turned round

"No Dud, they wont" he smiled slightly "You were my first friend, nothing will change that, we're cousins, that holds something higher on my list-I just cant wait to find out more from your mum when we get home."

When they did get home later that day, Petunia was waiting for them whilst Vernon was cooking the tea.
"Harry? Dudely?" She called

"Yes Mum?" Dudely walked in

"Go on upstairs with your things and get changed into some of your new clothes, There's a Wizard family coming round soon and I need you two to be presentable"

"Who is it Aunt Petunia?" Harry asked, slightly excited

" Lucius Malfoy, he's your fathers right-hand-man, his wife Narcissa Malfoy, they also have a son your age, called Draco, who will be coming along to help explain things to you, now go on get changed before the Malfoy's get here" She said in a hurry, checking for signs that the Malfoy's were already there.