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Chapter 9: A Very Slytherin Ending

Xavier watched the snow falling out side from his place by the enchanted windows in the Slytherin Common room. Draco was busy writing a letter to Lucius and Xavier had long since sent his letter to Petunia. As he watched the snowfall, Xavier tried to organise his mind, he had so many things to think about. He sighed, making Dudley look over at him from his place by the fire

"What's wrong Xavier?" he asked "You've been in a mood since we saw Snape, that was two days ago"
"its nothing Dud okay? He stifled a yawn "What time is it?"

"A quarter to eleven" Draco said, checking his pocket-watch he carried everywhere, it had been a birthday present from his parents and Draco wanted to keep it with him instead of leaving it to get dusty in the Manor whilst he was at school. Xavier stretched and paced the Common Room

"I wish we knew when Dumbledore was going!" Xavier exploded suddenly, letting off some steam, the Common room's lights flickered with the sudden surge of magic in the air; Draco rolled his eyes at his moody friend.

"Xavier, Snape is working on finding out exactly WHEN he will leave and exactly WHEN we can get down that trap door to the Stone!"

"I am aware of that Draco!" Xavier snarled, his green eyes flashed red in the dim light "I am also sick and tired of playing this waiting game!" he added, his voice started to sound like he was speaking Parseltongue, this often happened when he got angry. Dudely got up and approached his cousin

"Just calm down Xavier, there's nothing we can do until the old coot has left the building." He said with a sigh

Dumbledore left the School for his annual visit to the Ministry a week after Christmas, meaning Xavier and his friends had only three days to coerce the Mirror of Erised to give them the Stone it held within, and then they had the problem of trying to get it to Petunia and Lucius to get the Elixir of Life and feed it to Voldemort somehow.

Severus stalked the hallways in a foul mood; he couldn't figure a way to get the Stone to Lucius without alerting either the Ministry OR Dumbledore. He slammed shut the door to his office

"Well that wasn't very nice" a familiar drawl remarked

"Lucius!" Snape blinked, startled for a split second "How'd you get in here?"

"Draco sent me a letter…." He said, "I figured you may need help of some description?" Lucius chuckled dryly

"Well this makes it a lot easier, I just have to pop down to the Common room to hand the boys some potions if you would like to follow me? Perhaps I can talk you into staying for a little drink?"

"Well I don't see why not" Lucius said to him "Narcissa will be pleased to know Draco and the boys are okay, you know how much she frets" he rolled his eyes, Severus chuckled

"Only to well my good friend, only too well"

Draco looked up as the door to the Common Room opened

"Father!" he jumped off the couch and ran towards Lucius, who in turn picked him up and swung him round in a rare show of love and compassion for his son, of course, outside of the small group, no-one would imagine Lucius Malfoy to be the loving Father that he was, as they only saw his stony exterior

"Good to see you son" he smiled "how are you fairing?"

"Oh you know how it is," Draco said with a grin, Lucius chuckled and sat down by the fire as Xavier walked up the staircase from the first year dorms, Lucius stood up

"Xavier…" he greeted

"Lucius, what brings you to this god-forsaken place?" He asked with a wry smirk

"Just Ministry business" Lucius said with a knowing smile "Someone has to look after this place sometime" he wrinkled his nose ever so slightly

"Too true, so when do we head down the 'forbidden' corridor then?" Xavier asked them with slight irritation

"Tonight, but we can only go after 12" said Lucius, looking at Snape for confirmation, Severus nodded at him, turning back to Neville to point out bits he had missed in his potions essay.

Finally, it was time to head to the third floor corridor. Xavier couldn't hide his excitement, Lucius and Severus chuckled and the way he bounced on the balls of his feet as they prepared themselves with Disillusionment Charms.

"Okay let's go" Severus walked out of the common room with a spring in his step, Lucius muttering behind him.

Halfway there, they were almost caught by Filch, but Snape told him to move along before he stumbled into the boys, who had flattened themselves against a wall.

"We better get there quickly" said Lucius "We're running out of time to get the Stone"

"We will get it in time Lucius" came the disembodied voice of Xavier "Trust me, I know what to do when I get there… its just getting there that im worried about"

Ten very tense minutes later, Lucius opened the door to the forbidden corridor; Xavier cancelled the Charms on them all and whistled to himself

"Definitely wouldn't want to meet that thing on a dark night" he chuckled to himself, Lucius knocked out the Cerberus with a 'Stupefy' spell before it could so much as look at them

"According to Granger, its sitting on the trap door" said Neville "We need to go down there"

"Trust Dumbledore" Lucius remarked as he helped Severus move the large dog out of the way, opening the trapdoor, they looked down it

"Don't suppose the Mudblood said what was down there?" Lucius said

"Unfortunately no" Neville replied, "We best get moving though"

"Indeed we should" Lucius dropped down after lighting his wand to see how far he had to go, he landed on a soft plant and told the others it was safe

"Mr Malfoy!" Neville shouted after him "Devils Snare! Set it alight!"

"What the devil are you talking about boy? Its just a plant!"
"Mr Malfoy im telling you that's Devils Snare!" Neville shouted again "Oh why do I bother! Lacarnum inflamari!" He shot a blaze of blue flames towards the plant, missing Lucius by inches. The plant let him go and he dropped harmlessly to the floor.

Lucius levitated Neville and Draco down, whilst Severus did the same with Xavier and Dudley

"How did you know that?" asked Lucius, looking at Neville when they were all safe

"I read Herbology books" Said Neville "besides, I would have thought you would have recognised it the moment you sat on it," He added with a wry smirk. Lucius chuckled

"Narcissa is the one who loves her plants and Herbology, I see you're very apt in the subject"

"Better at that than potions" Neville replied

"We better get moving if we want the stone before Dumbledore gets back" Snape muttered "Lumos" he lit his wand tip and they headed for the door at the end of the corridor…

The group opened the door and came face to face with hundreds and hundreds of keys; they were flying about aimlessly, Snape eyed the door and looked at Lucius

"We need that dark brown key," he said

"Allow me" Dudely muttered a spell and the key they needed landed before them on the floor

"Nice work Dudely" said Lucius, picking up the key, its wings struggling very slightly but soon became limp as they strode over to the door, he rammed the key in the lock and turned it, the door clicked and they walked through it.

As the sconces ignited, Xavier frowned; he had never liked chess in the slightest, however, he knew that they would have to find a way either round it or play the damnable game before they were to reach their goal.

"Ah... this could be difficult" Lucius looked at the chess set with distaste; obviously Chess wasn't his forte either.

"I don't think so," said Severus, he flicked his wand at the chess pieces and they exploded with heavy force "One less thing to worry about" he said with a wry grin

A shuffling behind them made them whip round- wands out

"Its okay, its only me" Quirrel stepped into the light with his hands up in peace

"Quirrel!" Snape sneered, "I thought we had told you to wait in my office!" he spat
"Our Master told me to follow you, so that we can use the Stone immediately, I am losing time quickly" he replied
"Alright well we better get this over with then" Xavier nodded

Snape entered the next chamber and pulled some vials out of his robes

"What are they?" asked Dudely

"It's the potion we need to move through the final door," He simply replied, handing a vial out to all of them, Snape grabbed the one on the table and handed it to Quirrel

"Take it now and hurry through the flames" He said, "Dumbledore will be back in a matter of hours"

One by one, they swallowed the potion and headed through the final door at the end of the corridor, Xavier got there first and walked down the stairs to the mirror of Erised.

"What do we do now?" Draco asked

"We do nothing," said Lucius "it is up to Xavier to get the Stone,"

"Oh…" He replied, "So what are we doing here?"

"Then what are we doing here?"

"Draco stop asking so many questions" said Neville with a chuckle "Not everything is as easy as it seems"

"How do you know?" the blonde rounded on him

"Because I just do now shut up," Neville snarled

"Boys boys!" Lucius cut in "stop fighting"

"Sorry Father" Draco bowed his head

"Sorry Mr Malfoy" Neville nodded

"Good, now hush" He glared at the pair of them

A few tense minutes past as they waited in vain to see if Xavier could get the Stone from the Mirror. Quirrel sat down on a stone to try to keep his strength up; he was running out of time faster than they could save him. Severus paced silently, knowing full well that with every minute that passed, Dumbledore could be on his way back to get the stone from them at any second he could come through the door behind them to make sure they never got it.

Xavier turned round and walked to Severus after a few more minutes, something red glinted in his hand

"Severus" He handed it to him "I trust you to know what to do?"

Dumbledore ran into the school, he had felt the moment the wards around the Stone had been breached only a few moments ago; he was furious that someone had managed to get past the wards; there was every possibility that they could have the Stone and be feeding it to Voldemort this very moment. He shuddered as he walked into the Third Floor corridor and opened the door at the end

Fluffy barked at him menacingly, Dumbledore put him to sleep with a simple spell and opened the trapdoor, the Devils Snare was still there, shrinking from the light he cast down at it. Dumbledore jumped down the hole and banished the Snare and proceeded to check the whole area for the breach in the wards.

He found nothing to be out of place, Dumbledore frowned, someone had been down here but everything was at it had been when he had set everything up in the summer with the other teachers.

Dumbledore headed back to his office puzzled, he couldn't figure it out for the life of him what happened. Shrugging to himself, Dumbledore didn't see Lucius Malfoy in the hallway and walked right into him

"Oh I am sorry- Lucius? And what do we owe this pleasure?" He said, gathering his whits about him again, Lucius gave him a cold look

"I got a rather worrying letter from my son, and being a Governor I was able to drop by and see if he was okay…as you know, my affairs deal with the school, I got into a rather interesting conversation with Severus… I do apologise" He barely kept the sneer out of his voice, Dumbledore smiled pleasantly

"Very well, I do hope young Draco is okay and that nothing else is bothering you" He said, walking off towards his office, humming to himself

Snape shared a look with Lucius

"He suspects nothing," he said "although he is wondering why the wards were breached and there is nothing wrong"

"Let him wonder…" Lucius snarled, "I best get back to Narcissa, tell her the good news..."

"Goodnight Lucius" Severus nodded, walking back down to the dungeons "give my regards to everyone" He gave him a rare smile and disappeared into the darkness.

The students finished their exams a few weeks before the end of term, the final feast was upto the usualHogwarts standards, but Xavier didnt really feel like eating, his mind, as it had been for the last three months, was on his father and how things were going in order to give him a body back and to have him in power again. He stared moodily at his plate as Dumbledore announced that Slytherin had won the House Cup again for that year.

He glanced around the hall, clapping politely with his housemates, Quirrel was still not back at Hogwarts so he was still worried about it.
"Everything okay Xavier?" Dudely asked him
"Fine thank you" he said destractedly as they began to fill their plates with their final Hogwarts mealof the year, Dudely shrugged and began to eat.

"All aboard!" the trainmaster shouted loudly, Students hurried to board the train and say good bye to their friends in other houses incase they wouldnt see them on the train. Draco, Dudely, Neville andXavier had just got settled in the compartment when the door opened and Hermione Granger walked in with a letter, she threw it on the table infront of Xavier and left again.

"Wonder what the mudblood wants" Neville eyed the parchment warily
"better find out" Xavier pulled the letter to him and opened it out smoothly.

Dear Xavier,

I know that to you im just a Mudblood, someone to ignore, but i offer you something interesting, if your game...

H. Granger

Xavier got up
"Ill be back in a moment." He walked out of the carriage and down the corridor to find Granger leaning on the woodwork
"Granger..." He nodded
"Riddle" She replied cautiously
"What is it you have to offer me Granger? What could a Mudblood like you offer me?" He sneered
"Information on a little thing called The Order of the Pheonix... i heard Ronald talking about it in the common room, they were talking about the first War. ItsDumbledores little group when he realises your Father has returned...a spy on the inside if you get my drift..." She said, he looked at her
"interesting thought Granger.. if your Slytherin enough to pull it off, ill see you in September" He turned and walked back into his carriage just as they train pulled into Platform 9 and 3/4ths.