Hono'o no Inu

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Summary: .Sequel to Hagane no Neko. Six months after Ed changes back, Roy disappears, and a small, black dog comes into Ed's life. There's something familiar about it, though. . . RoyEd

Back round for chapter: Would it be strange if I was using a really neat fan art pic of Riku from Kingdom Hearts?


"Sir, you know you should finish the paperwork," Riza said walking into Roy's office with another stack.

"Heehee yeah!" Hughes peeked into the room, with a very suspicious look. "you DO want to get home on time for once, to your dear, sweet Edo-ku. . ." he was cut off when his face met a the cover of a hard-back book.

"Shove it," Roy growled.

"Aww. . . Roy, no need to hide it! We'll still love you! I still d. . ." the other man stopped when he watched the raven haired man slowly bring up a gloved hand, in the position to snap.

". . .shutting up now. . ." the happy officer exited the room. Roy snickered to himself when the gloved hand he brought up didn't have a transmutation circle on it.

"You're so evil, Sir."

"I know."

"By the way, where is Edward-kun?" Riza asked.

"At Central Library, where he usually is," Roy answered, sighing to himself. He wondered if it were possible for people to go blind if they read, oh, so many books.

Besides that, the Colonel continued to do paperwork. At his own usual pace. What he really had on his mind was what there was going to be for dinner. He hoped Rei was going to make that curry again.

'Curry. . . Mmmm. . .' Roy added in thought. He wiped some drool off his mouth, hoping no one noticed, and luckily, no one did. Then he remembered something.

The man wondered if he was going to have Ed for dessert, like last week. Being the sick, perverted man he was, he started to daydream. His thoughts were cut off when he heard a soft 'ahem' from Riza, when she noticed the paperwork wasn't getting done.


"Oh, Edo-Kun," Rei smiled, once the Fullmetal Alchemist walked into the house. "back from the research?"

"Yeah, I'm tired," Ed scratched the back of his head. "Do we have anything good to eat?"

"Well, I was just going to go out to buy some groceries," the young Mustang said. "do you want to come?"



Roy didn't pay much attention to his headaches and constant fevers until now. It was really getting to him. He always thought they would pass and that would be the end, but they just kept coming.

"Lieutenant, I'm done for the day." the man said, standing up.

"See you tomorrow, Sir. . ." Riza grumbled, thinking that it was just a way to get away from the paperwork.

Roy stumbled around by the building, glad that no one was there to watch him walk around like a drunk. He felt very sick, his headache worsened, and something was telling him that his lunch was ready to be vomited out any second. The man sat on the ground for a second, hoping that it would make the uneasiness fade away, but it didn't help.

For a second, he felt that his head was split in two, before he passed out, right there.

Few minutes later. . .

Roy groaned, and opened his eyes. The world seemed a bit. . .larder than normal. It was strange. He could smell better, his teeth felt sharp, and his hands felt unbelievably furry. . .

He looked down, and tried to shriek, but let out a howl.

-gasp- he thought. He found himself walking on all fours, and could clearly see his nose. . . Erm. . . Snout.

"I. . .. I'm a dog!"

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