Hono'o no Inu

DISCLAIMER: I dun own FmA. I only own Rei. Lucky me. -smiles-


Before I start with the exact. . . chapter thingy, I wanted to ask you guys something. ... -smiles ands then cries- I'm a sissy. I don't have the guts to write that in-between story I promised you guys. Forgve me! -bows down before readers pull out their guns- I've never written a lemon/lime fic before, and even though I've read TONS of them... I still don't know how.

BUT there still could be a way for you guys to get the fic you've been waiting for. One of you, anyone who loves writing these sorts of fics, can write the story for me. Just let me know in a review, and I'll let you know if you are approved, or whatever the word is.

then, when the fic is written down, one-shot or chapters, submit them somewhere, and tell me, so I can change this chapter thingy, and tell everyone that you wrote it. I'm sorry for those who were waiting for the fic from ME... but I just can't do it -sighs- -bows down again- I'm so, so sorry!

So, anyway, let's get to the real reason why I typed up this... chapter thing. I got some e-mails with some questions about some of the characters' names, in both Hagane no Neko and Hono'o no Inu. I decided to write these up, just in case any of you have the same questions.

Q1: Where did you come up with Rei's name?

He was one of my original characters from one of my stories that I was writing, before I ditched it and went to find something better to do. 'Cept... in that story, he was a total dufus and kluts, and a complete AIRHEAD. . . not exactly the Rei Mustang I have here. Also, the Rei in my other story (btw, his other name is Ren :P), he had a twin sister. And the story was kind of like Ceres: Celestial Legend, and that's another reason why I gave up on it. (not by the fact that it was sort of like inscest, but by the fact like it was like Ceres.) Anywho, another reason why I came up with his name was that... it sounded cool. XD Like Rei Fukai from Yukikaze :P

And you all wonder why I gave the original Rei a second name, Ren. I couldn't make up my mind on what to name him XD But, if you've seen the second OVA of Fushigi Yugi, Ren was the name of one of the bad guys. But why am I telling you this if it has nothing to do with Rei Mustang, huh? HUH? ANSWER ME, PUNK! -pauses to take medication-

Q2: Where did you come up with Roy's dog name, Seldon?

Oh ho ho. Here's my favorite question. If you have ever seen Sherlock Holmes and the Hound of the Baskervilles, or read it, Seldon was the name of a 'criminal' who was the brother of Mrs. Barrymore (I think her name was) who was the wife of a butler, who was the butler of Sir Henry (who's HOT in the movie... with his hair all ruffled up like that :P). I felt sorry for the guy when he was killed by the hound... and Seldon just has a nice ring to it XD I took the liberty of naming one of my other characters from ANOTHER book I'm currently writing.

Q3: Where did you come up with Rin's name? Was it from InuYasha?

Um... no. Rin was the name of my original character, who was the twin sister of Rei/Ren in the story I ditched. And both Rin's are NOTHING alike XD Aside from the fact that they both know lots of martial arts, but that's it. And, I chose Rin because it sounds kinda like Ren, but without the 'e' and with the 'i'


XD I dunno. Let's sort of say that I almost made this into an EnvyEd. If I did, there would be more chapters, and Roy would stay a dog for a little while longer.

Why does he appear? I just wanted to make Roy have a special appearance.'Cause he's special.

Conner: ...ed.

Me: Shut up, Bastard.

Q5: Why is Riza a mouse?

Ha-ha. I got a review asking me if I could make her into one. So I did :P Actually, that's not the only reason. The other reason is that I wanted the fic to end with a humorous ending, and not one with fluffyness or lotsa romance or cheese. Yeah, I wanted it to end with humor. So I did.

Q6: What's up with the animal transformation thing? Is it contagious?

Actually, it is, if you are the one with the animal DNA, and you kiss someone, or anything else that has to do with passing stuff to another. Not like sneezing though, because that's not really enough.

Q7: Why didn't Rei transform then?

He was quick enough to pass it onto Riza, not that he doesn't like her or anything :P He probably just didn't want to turn into an animal, right after seeing the results for Roy and Ed, and how it was passed on. Heck, he would have Frenched Hughes or Breda if they were close by XD

Q8: Why was Roy sick in Hagane no Neko?

You should know by now on how the animal sickness thing is passed around. He kissed Ed too much, so he got sick with some of the DNA, and ended up in bed with a fever, not knowing what was going to happen to him six months later.

Q9: If Roy was turned into a dog six months later... then why did Riza end up like a mouse earlier?

The symptoms attack at different times. If you get kissed (or done more) by someone infected, you could transform in a minute or two, or in a decade or so. Heck, you could even be DEAD by the time it strikes XD

Q10: So... tell me about your ditched story.

Me: -grins-

I completely forgot what it was called, but it was about these two lovers, a princess and an evil warrior guy, who were... of course, lovers. When the evil warrior guy first meets her, it's love at first sight, and I completely forgot what happens after that, because it was only last year when I wrote it... Um, oh yeah. The evil warrior guy's, Nota's, men planned to kill the princess, Emiko, so he tries to stop them. Emiko dies, and Nota gets himself killed just to get her soul locked up inside a small stone. Then, years later, lotsa years later, there are these twins, Ren/Rei and Rin, who just love each other as brother and sister. And then on their birthday (sixteen, I think) their mother walks up with a necklace, and is all "Rin, Dear, put this on" and then Rin puts it on and there is this big FLASH and then Rin and Ren/Rei gasp when they see themselves. I even made a comic of that part, if any of you wanna know.

Rin: Wh. . . what's going on?

Ren: Sis... what's happening to us?

Rin: ...our clothes are all different...

Ren: Sis... My hair's green! My favorite color! Isn't that amazing!.? -gets kicked in the face-


Yeah. Pretty stupid. That's why I ditched it :P

So now... I must leave it at that until someone is prepared to walk up with the in-between story. Then I'll delete this chapter, rewrite the whole thing (ok, not really, just copy and pasting the questions)then submit it with the URL to the site with the fic. -blows kisses to loyal reviewers- I love you all! (ok, in the good way, lol)