Summer sat in the airport watching the rain pour down outside. She was oblivious to everything going on around her. All she could think about was Seth. All she could think about was the fact that she would probably never see him again, and tears threatened her eyes at the thought. But she shook it off. She knew she couldn't lose it here in the middle of the airport.

Cohen residence

Seth lay on his bed, staring at the ceiling fan go around and around. Summer was leaving him. She was moving to New York. When she'd come to tell him 'goodbye' earlier that day he had ignored her. He'd barely mumbled two words. How were you supposed to tell the woman you loved more than anything 'goodbye'?

A light knock on his door brought him out of his trance, and he looked over to see his best friend, Ryan Atwood. "Hey buddy" Ryan said, sitting beside Seth. Seth just looked at him and stared back up at the ceiling. His eyes were red and glassy from crying, and Ryan knew that it was going to take Seth a very long time to except that Summer was gone.

"You'll still get to see her, ya know?" Ryan said, trying anything to ease his friend's obvious pain. Seth sighed. "She'll come back to visit" Ryan offered, when he saw Seth's reaction to his first attempt to make him feel better.

"It's not the same though. I mean, I'll maybe see her once a year…it's not like we can still be together with this kind of distance between us. And you know what sucks? Today when she came by to see me I wouldn't talk to her. So she left, and now she's probably on an airplane."

Ryan glanced at Seth's alarm clock. "Her plane doesn't leave for another thirty minutes. Go tell her bye now." Ryan widened his eyes as Seth looked at him. "I doubt I can make it there on time."

"You won't know if you don't try" Ryan said, standing up. Seth looked at Ryan once more, and shot out of his room like lightening.


"Dad, I'm gunna go get something to drink" Summer said dryly. She wasn't exactly speaking to her father at the moment. Actually, she probably wasn't going to talk to him ever again.

Summer stood in front of the Coke machine, trying to shove the dollar in the slot. "Damn-it" she shrieked. Her throat was cloggy and her eyes were teary. She doubted this had anything to do with the Coke machine not taking her money.

"You want me to try?" asked a familiar voice that she loved so much. Summer sucked in her breath. She slowly turned around and handed him the dollar, never ripping her eyes from his. She could see his pain, and he could see hers. They stood and stared at each other for what felt like hours, and then finally she broke it, thrusting herself into his arms.

Seth wrapped his arms around her tightly, never wanting to let her go. He kissed the top of her head, and took in the heavy scent of her coconut shampoo. Tears were brimming in his eyes. Shakily, he said "Please don't leave Summer."

Her head was resting on his chest as he held her tight, and she was listening to his heart beat. The only other times she'd really ever done that was when they would dance. She didn't know what to say to his words. She didn't have a choice in the matter. She was 17. She still had to do what her father said, much to her dismay.

"Believe me, if I had a choice I wouldn't." Those were really the only words she could muster. She was so upset that her chest felt heavy. It was hard to talk, and even to breathe.

"Summer you don't have to. We could get married and-"

He knew he wasn't making any sense. He knew he was just rambling, trying to come up with anything that would make her stay.

Tears were streaming quickly down Summer's face. She grabbed his hands with her own. They were standing so close she could feel his chest rising up and down with every breath he took.

"Cohen, you're making this so much harder" she muffled, their foreheads touching.

"It's just, last night..." his voice was shaky.

"Was amazing" she said, finishing his sentence. She thought back to the romantic date he had planned, and the hotel room that was lit with dozens of candles. And the way he had so lovingly said goodbye to her.

"All passengers on plane 218 to New York need to board the aircraft at this time" came a voice over the intercom.

She stared into his tear stricken eyes and he stared into hers.

"I love you" Seth said. He kissed her one last time on the lips, and then kissed away the tears on her face. Summer smiled.

"I love more" she sweetly said.


Seth watched as she walked down the long terminal. He looked through the windows as the plane took off minutes later, and watched it till it was out of sight. He numbly walked through the airport, not shedding a tear.

But he sobbed the whole way home.

Kirsten, Sandy, Ryan and Marissa were clearly talking about Seth because when he entered the house it fell silent.

"I'm uh…I'm gonna go to bed" he said looking at them, then dragging his feet up the stairs.

2 Months Later

Summer gripped the test in her hand. It was positive. Her head flew back and tears sprang out. She was pregnant-pregnant! She was going to have a baby. She was going to be somebody's mom! She tried to register it in her mind, but it was impossible. She couldn't come to terms with it.

Of course, she did have options. Adoption? Abortion? Or would keeping this baby be the right thing? Her head was spinning with all the possibilities. She stood up and walked to the phone. She had to be 100 sure, so she called and made an appointment with the clinic. Until she knew for sure, she wasn't telling Seth.