Summer Roberts guided herself through the thick crowd of the people that had been her classmates since kindergarten. 'That was one of the weird things about Newport', Summer thought to herself.

Everyone always complained about it. The secrets, the gossip, the preppy bitches that said incredibly mean things while planning events for the school. But when it really came down to it, no one ever left. No one ever moved away. They all stayed put despite their infamous hatred for the sunny town.

Summer finally spotted Marissa and walked toward her, pouting her bottom lip. "I hate these gowns. And is my cap on right?"

Marissa laughed and examined Summer's hat. "No," she said while pulling a bobby pin out of her purse. Marissa slid the bobby pins in Summers long brown hair to secure the square hat.

Marissa smiled in satisfaction and said "There you go."

Summer breathed a sigh of relief. This day had to go right. She sounded like a bride on her wedding day, but that was kind of how she felt. After this, high school was over. Sadness settled in the pit of her stomach.

Sure, she usually only hung out with Coop. But still, after this, she'd barely ever see these people again. Summer went through the files in her brain, examining every memory.

"Where did you get that, Holly?" Summer asked while Holly swung the bottle of Vodka in front of her.

It was the class trip to Mammoth in the middle of junior year.

Holly rolled her eyes at Summer as if the answer was so obvious. "Where do you think I got it? My dad's such an alcoholic. He keeps this stuff all over the house. I swear we have like 10 bottles. He won't even notice this one's gone."

Summer giggled, got Marissa, and the two girls locked the hotel room and drank the bottle dry.

Summer didn't remember much about that night except for the burning sensation that etched her throat and the hangover she had the morning after. The girls couldn't even roll over in bed.

Marissa glanced in Summer's direction. "You still in there…looked like you were dazed for a minute there."

Summer shook her head. "Yeah, I'm just thinking," she replied. Marissa cocked her eyebrow. "About?"

Summer smiled. "The trip to Mammoth in middle of junior year."

Seth and Ryan walked through the masses of their classmates. "You know, I'm not even sad. High school sucked. I mean, you're my only friend, which is very sad," Seth rambled.

Ryan nodded. "I know what you mean. But it wasn't all bad."

Seth thought. "No, that time when Theresa was pregnant was fun. And remember when you burned my grandpa's house down?"

Ryan side-ways glared at Seth. "Ok, so maybe it was bad for me. But hey, you got a baby and Summer in only four years of high school."

"This is true," Seth replied. "I also got a brother."

Ryan smiled. "Yeah, you did."

The music began as the students of Harbor walked in line to their seats. Summer breathed heavily when she sat down. The auditorium was so quiet. Sniffles could be heard here and there, but other than that, you could have heard a pen drop.

Dr. Kim walked to the podium and smiled. After that, the whole ceremony seemed to be a blur of emotions. Summer clapped when Ryan's name was called, then louder for Marissa's, and she hollered and clapped so hard that her hands stung when Seth's name was called.

Finally, it was her own turn. It was the strangest thing to walk up on that stage and accept a slip of paper you worked twelve years to get. Was it really worth all that?

Summer shook Dr. Kim's hand and took the fake diploma. Of course it was. Her whole life had changed when she met Seth. But when she had a baby it rocked her world. You finally realize that even in high school you begin doing things so you can prepare yourself for your life and for your future children's lives.

If she hadn't finished high school then she would never get her diploma, which means no well paying job, which means she couldn't provide for Caden, which was her life now.

Summer beamed as she walked off the stage. Good-bye high school.

Seth looked across the pool at Summer's image. She sipped her pink Cosmo every now and again, but she was mostly listening contently to Marissa talk. Every now and again her eyes would linger just long enough to find his. They'd stare at each other for awhile and then go back to what they were doing.

It never failed.

Seth finally turned his gaze away from Summer. He probably looked like a stalker or something.

Seth felt someone hit his back. "Hey man" the familiar voice said.

"Hey" Seth replied to his best friend-brother type…thing.

"I hate these parties" Ryan said, referring to the party they were currently at. Kirsten insisted on hosting a black tie party at the Cohen's home. It was the basic Newport party. A bar, some lousy music, and a lot of old people talking business.

"You want to get out of here?"

Seth nodded. "Yeah, let me grab Summer"

Ryan walked over to the table with Seth. It's not like they could go without Marissa.

"Hey guys" Summer said, looking up from her pink drink.

Marissa smiled. She was getting more like Ryan. He answered things with a look. She did it with a smile or smirk. She was like the female version of Ryan...only she was actually very girly, didn't wear wife beaters, and didn't punch people.

"Do you guys want to get out of here?" Ryan asked.

Summer brought the glass back up to her lips. "Sure" she answered after setting it down. She looked at Seth. "Let me go tell your mom we're leaving so she can watch Caden"

"Ok" was all he said.

The Beach

Seth laced his fingers through Summer's and naturally let them mold into each other. The waves lapped against the grainy sand and the breeze whipped into Summer's long, loose hair sending shivers up her spine. She leaned into Seth and he freed his hand of hers, slipping it around her waist.

The night sky was lit with stars that reminded Summer of fire flies. It was amazing how dramatic your life can be, but once you step into the natural, peaceful world, problems melt away. It's just peace.

They finally reached their spot and they stopped and stared out at the ocean. It looked the same as it did that night so long ago; vast, blue, and beautiful. It made Summer feel so insignificant and small.

Seth's voice cracked but he continued to talk. "Do you want to dance?"

Summer smiled. Seth could always make her heart melt. "We don't have any music," she said.

Seth shook his head. "I'll sing for you"

Summer laughed quietly. She wrapped her arms around Seth's and leaned her head into the crook in his neck.

"Cuz I ain't no holla back girl" Seth sang, using a high-pitched voice. Summer lurched back, laughing. "Never again, Cohen!" she warned playfully.

She took her previous position, breathing in his cologne. His voice sounded low and quiet and it made her knees so weak.

"These times are troubled and these times are good,
and they're always gonna be, they rise and they fall
We take 'em all the way that we should
Together you and me forsaking them all
Deep in the night and by the light of day
It always looks the same, true love always does
And here by your side, or a million miles away
Nothing's ever gonna change the way that i feel,
The way it is, is the way that it was

When I said I do, I meant that I will 'til the end of all time
Be faithful and true, devoted to you
That's what I had in mind when I said I do

Well this old world keeps changin', and the world stays the same
For all who came before, and it goes hand and hand

Only you and I can undo all that we became
That makes us so much more, than a woman and a man
And after everything that comes and goes around
Has only passed us by, here alone in our dreams
I know there's a lonely heart in every lost and found
But forever you and I will be the ones
Who found out what forever means

When I said I do, I meant that I will 'til the end of all time
Be faithful and true, devoted to you
That's what I had in mind when I said I do
Truer than true, you know that I'll always be there for you
That's what I had in mind, that's what I had in mind,
When I said I do"

Summer didn't want to move. She wanted to stick this moment in the freezer and keep it forever. "We haven't said 'I Do' yet?" she said flirtingly, mocking his choice of song.

"Yet is the key word there," he replied. Summer laughed. "Who says I want to marry you?"

Seth smiled. They were still dancing. He pressed her into him more. There was no more between them-no way to get any closer.

"Wishful thinking" he finally replied.

Summer placed a lingering kiss on his neck. "I love you Seth Cohen"

They reserved those words for special occasions. When she was in New York they would say it over the phone. They had to. Not for reminding, but for comfort. They meant it and at those moments it needed to be said.

But when they were around each other they didn't need to tell each other. They both just knew. Those feelings were always there. Every once in awhile, though, it was right to say them, and so they did. This was one of those moments.

"I love you too" was all he said.

She smiled. "Me and you are going to be just fine," she said in the silence that settled.

Seth nodded. "I never had any doubts"

Summer hugged him tighter. "Not even when you found out about Caden? Or when I got pissed about Anna? Or when I wouldn't move into ghetto land?"

Seth sighed. "Nope, never. We were always meant to be"

Summer slapped his back lightly. "Be honest!"

He laughed. "I got a little doubtful when I found out about Caden. Other than that, no"

Summer understood. They were still swaying to the light sound of the waves crashing against the shore.

"But we'll always make it through it all"

The End


So there's that; total fluff I know. The song was When I Said I Do by Clint Black. I just want to thank everyone who has read this, left reviews, and even emailed me about the story! It means so much. Especially since this was my first story on FF. Anyways, look for the sequel. I don't know the title and I don't know when I'll get It up, but keep your eyes peeled!