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Chapter 4

"Strip poker it is!" The lorikeet girl said happilly. They all picked up their cards. "Cards, cards!" Minto said as she pulled out the pile of cards and exchanged them. 4 for Purin, 1 for Zakuro, 2 for Ryou, 3 for Ichigo, and 2 for herself. They all looked at their cards. On Purin's face, there was nothing but pure enjoyement. She was apparently either having fun, or had a really, really good game. Ryou was sitting there with the same blank expression, and looking a little bit at Ichigo from the corner of his eye. Retasu had gone to the bathroom, as she had gotten slightly sick, and Keiichiro... Well, I don't think anyone wants to know what he was doing ((I'll reveal it later on...xP)) Ichigo's eyes were still red, not because of their natural color, but because she was still near tears. The girl was looking a bit distant also... Minto looked at her cards. 'Dammit... There's no way I'll live through this game... I've already got nothing... Here goes my shoe...' she thought.

"I got 3 sixes" the monkey-girl said, and threw her cards down at the floor, since in case you haven't noticed, they were on the floor rather than at a table. "Flush" Ryou snickered and showed his cards. Ichigo ended up having a pair of 2s, and Zakuro had 3 sevens. "Here goes my shoe... Just as I planned" Minto sighed, pulled her shoe off, and handed it to Ryou. Happily she wasn't at the worst disadvantage, as Purin only had a shirt, shorts, and panties... She had taken off her shoe before, making her barefoot. And then Ichigo had a dress and underclothing. Even a bigger disadvantage. Zakuro was apparently wearing as much layers as she could manadge, but we shouldn't be too worried about her, as Retasu had just come back.

A knock was heard at the door. "Hm?" The young boy jumped up. "Maybe Ichigo should answer... It'll make her feel better" Retasu said, and helped the other girl up. Ichigo slowly walked up to the door, and opened it, revealing 3 apparently very happy aliens. "Hello Ichigo-chan!" Kichhu yelled out as he glombed his favorite Kitty. "Old bitch, are you gonna invite us in or not? It's cold out here" and apparently unhappy Taruto said. "Watch your language" the girl blurted out along with a nice side-kick. ((Yes, I'm in karate... Can wear off my habits! o.o)) Anyways, the two girls invited them in to join.

A few minutes later, Keiichiro appeared, this time wearing a chicken outfit with underwear on his head. "What the fuck?" The girls bounced back. "Must've found the few bottles of Vodka I had hidden under my bed" Ryou laughed out, but still a little sad at the loos of his alcohol. Now he'd have to buy a few more 5-dollar bottles. How sad indeed. "Wait... Does that mean that Keiichiro and you sleep in the same room?" Minto asked with a disgusted look on her face. ((E-mailme if you want me to create an alternate chapter 5 and on (or review)...As a RyouxKeiichiroyaoi))"Indeed" the boy said. "But I'm not gay or anything. And even if I was, I wouldn't tell you" he added. "Good then, who wants some sake?" Kisshu appeared literally out of nowhere. "And I've got a few six-packs for the begginners" the alien added almost too happily.

They kept going with the strip pokerfor a little while longer, and things were not looking good. Ichigo had nothing but her panties left, and was desperately trying to hide her boobs from a very perverted and drunk Kishhu who was trying every single way invented to try and have a peek. Purin was running around with absolutely no clothing on but a towel around her waist, which would not be considered innapropriate, seeing as she had no chest at all. Retasu had passed out a long time ago, after only 3 beers, which I have to say, is rather sad. Zakuro had a mountain of clothes next to her, and so did Ryou. Minto was still doing okay, as her dress was still on. Kisshu was down to his pants, and Pai had ran upstairs not too long ago for very strange reasons ((If you want I can create a PaixKeiichiro yaoi instead... You let me know)) Taruto was staring at Purin distantly, and has only had his shirt taken off,which did not change much, seeing as his shirt let you see everything in the first place.

Ichigo whined, "Can't we play another game now... Please?" she had gotten enough of Kisshu, and everyone could see it. "Alright then, here's your dress" Ryou said as he handed her her dark pink dress. The girl quickly slipped it on, making Kisshu very happy of what he saw at the last second. "Truth or dare?" Purin blurted out as she took her own shirt and shorts to put them on. Taruto had no time to see anything though, as the girl skillfully hid everything fromhis view by hiding behind the TV. "Alright, I'm in" Kissu said, his voice slightly slurred. "But let's make it a drinking game" he added along with a hiccup. "Fine" Ryou said, and they all started the game...


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