I hate you! Go away! Leave me alone I never wanted to see you again!

It was as usual, raining. After Sora died Kairi moved to Stornord was a world in the middle of no where. She didn't know what she was living for Sora was dead; Riku had been gone for three years with no letters, or anything, and Kairi was living without a heart. After the heartless took her heart Sora tried to save her but before he could get to her Sora's shadow took his soul.

Kairi was out on a boat in the middle of Lake Sovker when she heard foot steps on the water. It was unreal she thought she was sleeping 'it's just a nightmare' she thought. They were getting very close she could feel the air down her back. Everything went black she had to be dead. Dead like Sora.

"Good morning sleeping beauty" said a cold dark voice from behind her.

"Did you sleep well" the voice said almost annoyed by her not answering.

"Oh right you can't talk" The voice was a boy. No a young man it sounded so familiar. She wanted to see him, to talk to him, to answer him. She was almost hypnotized by him.

"Ouchhhhhh! Who are you? Take this blind fold off!" She was suddenly screaming. She stopped screaming. Her lips tingled from having duck tape pulled off her now tender lips. "please" she said almost in a whisper.

She felt something push against her lips she was afraid she was being kissed by some unkown person. He lifted his lips off hers she then knew who it was and he knew she knew. "rrr" he shushed her with his finger on her lips "yes Kairi it's me and I've missed you so much" "I have come back to mend your heart"

END? sorry its so short