Summary: Ace is on a quest, looking for the ruthless pirate Blackbeard, he must have at least a few adventures right? Watch our favorite narcoleptic fire-empowered pirate on his own adventure!

Rating: Pg-13, for action, violence, harsh language, and occasionally suggestive word play.

Genre: Action/Adventure!

CONFIDENTIAL: Marine files.

Name: Ace D. Portugas.

Alias: Fire-Fist Ace

Crew/Position: Whitebeard pirate crew/Unknown (High).

Known family members: Brother: Luffy D. Monkey (Straw-Hat pirate captain).

Bounty: 52,000 belli

Identifying Features: Whitebeard pirate flag tattoo, upper/middle back. "ASCE" tattoo, upper left arm.

Notes: Devil fruit power: logia class, mera mera fruit, control of flame/ability to become flame.

Status: At large

"Do you think that man is dead?" A blonde waitress asked as she leaned over her tray, speaking to another waitress.

"I don't know, I was just serving him his drink and he fell over on the table!" The dark haired waitress replied as she looked across the room to a man hunched over a small table.

"Well…check!" The blonde yelled as she pushed the other girl forward.

The dark haired waitress sighed as she left her friend with her serving tray. She really had no idea what had happened, a man had walked in, ordered a drink and a plate of food, she was just about to give him his drink when he fell over on the table…possibly dead.

Shivering the girl neared the table, he was gaining quite a crowd, some even left the tavern.

"Sir?" She asked quietly as she patted his shoulder.

"Sir?" She asked again, poking his shoulder and slightly more afraid. What if he really was dead? What would happen then?

"Si-Achhh!" The waitress screamed as her wrist was grabbed by the supposedly dead man.

"Stop poking me." The man said annoyed as he brushed her away, looking at the small crowd around him.

"What are you staring at?" He asked as the crowd continued to gawk.

"Um.. Sir?" The waitress asked as she looked up at his face.. "What happened?" She asked in confusion.

"I fell asleep. Haven't you ever seen anyone sleep before?" He replied as the crowd surrounding his table grew smaller.

The waitress finally sighed, deciding to give up, as she turned to go back to her friend and retrieve the drink again.

Ace sighed as he leaned over the table. He had found this town on his quest to find Blackbeard, only to find that not only was Blackbeard not there, but he had never even been there in the first place!

"Another wild goose chase…" He muttered as he laid his head on one arm, resting on the table.

The town itself reminded him of Alabasta, the last place he had seen his brother, it was dry, hot, and windy. On the downside it wasn't nearly as well-off as Alabasta, as it had a rather "poor" look to it. He had hoped to finally find Blackbeard there and be able to return to Captain Whitebeard.

Finally the waitress returned with his drink and a plate of food.

"Here you go Sir." She said with a slightly forced smile. Ace smiled back, it was only polite after all.

"Thank you." He replied as she turned away from him.

Later that day Ace walked along the road, deep in thought, heading towards the harbor were his boat was stationed.

"What I really need, is a good ship to sail with." He thought as he kicked a stone out of the way. The ship that he currently used, was hardly able to call itself a "ship", as it more resembled a large life-boat with a sail. Terribly pathetic for a pirate of such high rank to the revered Whitebeard.

The sun was just beginning to set as he looked to the sky. A light bluish-white moon starting to take shape as the orange and pink sunlight was beginning to be overtaken by dark starlight.

Sighing once more he laid down on a wooden bench for the night. He could afford better, but for at least that night, he decided, he would lie under the sky.

Little did he know this town would be a whole new beginning for him, or perhaps an ending, because it was at that moment that a dark ship pulled into the harbor to dock, bearing an insignia very similar to the tattoo etched into the skin on Ace's back.

Ace gaped as three pirates walked past him, all bearing a tattoo or item of clothing dedicated to the evil, crewmate killing, Blackbeard. Would it really be that easy, was Blackbeard honestly falling right into his arms after all of the time he had spent looking for him?

Well, Ace figured, there was only one way to figure it out. And with that thought he rose from his place on the bench to follow the three men, seeming to be heading for a tavern.

This is the first chapter. After rereading this chapter a couple of times, I realize that this chapter is a bit weak. I could have made it stronger, but Ace has such a small part in the anime (even smaller in the manga) that he is hard to write in character, and this is my first time writing him.

I also realize that he isn't necessarily narcoleptic, I simply put that in for humor's sake.

After this it will also get much much more interesting and exciting, this is more of a prologue really, introducing things, you see.

That marine thing at the beginning, well, I just sort of put that there as a reference for what's going on in the fic. I completely made up the bounty, if anyone ever finds his real bounty (I don't think it mentions if he even has one) please tell me!

Just to quell any fears, I dislike original characters (mostly just the Mary-Sue's), so fear not! Ace is solo, other than a few characters to help the plot continue. Just like in the series there will be friends and foes. So this fic will probably be inhumanly long as I cannot seem to think of a good ending at the moment.

Please read and review (and forgive this almost unforgivably long author's note). Thank you!