Ace sat, glaring at the cart drawing nearer, feeling the hot sweat drip off his face from the flames of the fire. His powers were restrained, he wasn't sure how they had managed it, but the natives had found some way to restrain the mera mera fruit power, and Smoker's power too. Looking over, he saw that Sergeant Smoker was glaring too. Cursing their predicament, he glared harder at the cart.

Tashigi watched in horror as it came closer, she knew what would happen next, the sacrifices would be chosen, bled, and led to the fire.

Suddenly the cart stopped, and they four men carrying it bent down on their knees, while a fifth man ran to the front, bowed and unrolled what seemed to be steps on the front of the cart, bowed, and ran off again.

All three captives stared as a figure emerged. Not a man, or even someone resembling a leader, but a young looking girl, dressed scantily in gold jewelry, and makeshift clothing from the jungle.

Ace felt his jaw drop, there was now way that the leader of the tribe was a small girl, no way! He glared at the girl, though she made no eye contact, simply walked herself to the side of the caravan. Then another figure emerged, another young girl, this one looking only slightly different from the last, wearing the same gold jewelry and clothing, but a different face.

The second girl stood near the other girl on the side of the cart, before kneeling as well.

Ace watched expectantly from the cart, if neither of the two girls were the leader, the leader had to be coming out soon.

After a moment, all of the music had stopped, except for the beat of a single drum, one last figure came from behind the sheets of the caravan. He was a tall, large man, with a stony look and a hard complexion. This has to be the leader, Ace thought to himself.

"Hey! Let me go!" Ace yelled from his place tied to the stake. Smoker elbowed him roughly in the back and whispered, "Shut up!" from behind him. Looking quickly behind him, Ace scowled at the older man, but quickly returned his gaze to the tribe leader.

The leader spoke to the others in their native language, while Ace struggled to try and understand what he was saying.

"Damn it…" He muttered under his breath as the man turned to look at the three of them, saying something intelligible.

"What's he saying?" Smoker whispered towards Tashigi as he continued to look over his shoulder, watching the leader.

"I don't know Sir." Tashigi answered as she too watched wearily.

Suddenly the leader made a swift cutting motion towards the three with his arm. Almost instantaneously four men with spears leaped up and bowed, then continued to the prisoners.

Ace frowned, biting the inside of his cheek, trying to figure out a way of escape. Growling a bit he struggled against his solid handcuffs, trying to find a way out. As the men drew closer, he began to slam his cuffs against Sergeant Smoker's behind him.

"What the hell are you doing?" Smoker screamed as he felt the pirate bang their cuffs together. "They aren't going to come off, stupid pirate! I've tried!" He yelled again.

"Stop it!" Tashigi screamed as one of the men came to her, untying her arms from the stake, but leaving them in cuffs as the other three circled the two men.

Tashigi screamed in anger, the man was roughly pulling her up to her feet.

"Damn you!" She yelled as she quickly kicked the man, knocking him down. The confusion of Tashigi taking down one of the men caused one of the other three to leave Ace and Smoker.

Ace smirked, seeing only two left, perhaps marines weren't completely useless after all.

"Hey, guys!" Ace shouted, smirking (with his patented Portugas D. ™ smirk that it) all th while. When the men turned around to look at their prisoner, Ace jerked forward, ramming one of the men in the stomach with a hard-head-butt.

"Damn pirate! What do you think you're doing?" Smoker yelled, trying to get over the shock that had come over him when Ace had lurched forward, as they were still tied together at the cuffs.

"Getting us free!" He shouted back behind him to the other man.

"Stupid men!" Ace heard a voice shout, it seemed that in his short break the others had ganged up on her, and her kicking, elbowing, and overall violence probably wasn't helping the situation.

It seemed that the tribe was going into panic mode as the three continued to fight, with bother hands tied behind their backs.

Smoker swung his legs towards his latest victim as another with a spear attacked Ace, it was pretty lucky for them both, because had the spear been even an inch closer, it would have taken Ace's hand, a few inches farther, and Smoker would no longer be in possession of a forearm, but it landed almost precisely in between them, cutting the binds that held their handcuffs together.

Stunned at the sudden freedom, both men turned to face each other, both smirking.

Ace immediately dropped to the ground and began banging his stone-cuffs there, trying to get it to break.

Smoker simply hit the native's with his cuffs as he continued to fight.

Finally he heard a small crack as the stone around his arms began to fracture in different pieces, banging it a bit more, all that was left on his hands and arms was rock-like arm warmers.

Ace smirked again, allowing his free hand to go up to his throat and rip off the pesky necklace, quickly tossing it to the side.

"Mera Mera!" He shouted with a catty smile placed on his lips as he attacked the tribe with his fire powers.

Suddenly the village leader gave a loud, deep command, it wasn't as if Ace could understand it, but at that moment every attacking tribe member had stopped their assault, and bowed.

"What is this?" Smoker asked, more to himself than anyone else, watching the leader come forward a bit.

"Nana, Hina." The leader said as he pointed his large staff at the two young girls bowing at him from the other side of the long-abandoned caravan.

The two girls bowed their heads to their leader and quickly sprinted up, running straight at the three prisoners, suddenly each did a set of acrobatic stunts, making it hard for the two marines and the pirate to follow.

"Hyaaa!" The two shouted at the same time, one landing on top of Ace and the other on top of Smoker.

"Hey!" Tashigi yelled as she ran to free her boss from the girl's attack, sending a swift kick towards the girl's head.

"Khch." The girl coughed as she felt Tashigi's steel toed boots collide with the back of her head, but quickly got over it and began to send an onslaught of kicks and acrobatic tricks Tashigi's way.

Ace simply smirked at the brunette above him. "Isn't this a bit early for our first date?" Even though he knew she couldn't understand him, he liked to say it.

Quickly he picked up one of his legs, easily under her lack of weight, and swung it around her body in the front to push her off.

"Now-" Ace started as he picked himself up off the ground. "-I want you!" He finished yelling as he pointed to the leader.

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