Chappy one

Pov: Kairi

I heard someone new was coming to the island. Her name is Namine, and Sora keeps telling me he remembers the name from somewhere. I just laugh at him and say 'You know a lot of names, it could just be a coincidence.' All our parents say we have to greet her here. I thought that was kind of demanding, I mean, Sora, Tidus, Selphie, and I are 17. Riku and Wakka are 18. They aren't even here. They weren't to join some college because of their blitzball tournements, but they should be back in a week or so. Tidus could do without the game. He would rather spend time with Selphie. So anyway, this girl Namine is coming. Today. I just put on a pink skirt and a black tank top with a pink one under it. I put on black shoes, and the black choker my mother gave me. My wardrobe has changed since Kingdom Hearts. Hell, everyone's has. I went downstairs and sat on the couch waiting for Sora.

"Kairi, I'm here." Came a shout from outside a few minutes later.

It was Sora. He was dressed in baggy black jeans and a dark red shirt. He had the same hoodie on. He refused to throw it away. His gloves were the same too. Those are just a few things he can't let go of.

"Hi Sora." I said as I walked out the door. I grabbed his hand and we walked to the pier.

Everyone else was there as we reached the pier. I waved over to Selphie and joined her. She was holding her little sister's hand. Her sister is only four years old. She was born after Sora closed the door to kingdom Hearts. Her name is Yuffie. Supposedly Selphie loved the name so much, she told her parents to name her that. I told her my story from Kingdom Hearts and I guess she grew to like the name of 'The Great Ninja Yuffie.'

"Hi Selph, hi Yuffie." I said as I got to them.

"Hi Kairi." Selphie said. "I can't believe someone is actually going to move here..." she groaned.

"Kairi!" Yuffie screamed. She shook her hand from Selphie's grip and ran and hugged me. It startled me a bit, but then again it always does. Then she let go of me, smiling. She ran back to Selphie, but before she turned around, she screamed, "BOAT!" We all turned to look.

As the boat slowed, we all arranged ourselves. Tidus squeezed between Selphie and me. Go figure. That pushed me out of the way. I walked to the other end and stood next to Sora. Then the boat docked the pier. A small figure was standing on the boat, but was unable to be seen because of the sun's rays. Then two more people, her parents, came out from the lower deck. They had all the suitcases.

"I feel awkward..." I whispered to Sora as they started to walk down the steps.

"Don't. Remember when you came here the first time? I was glad to meet you..." He whispered back.

"But I'm not you." I whispered again.

"Just don't worry. Everything will be all right. We well get through this. Together." He whispered. He grabbed my hand and squeezed it tight. Really tight. And I thought I was nervous.

The family was finally on the dock. The girl was tall and lean, with blonde hair. Her dress was white. Too white. I couldn't even look at it. All of the sudden, Sora let go of my hand.

"Namine!" He shouted at her. "I knew it was you!"

"Sora? Is it really you? It's been 3 years..." Namine replied.


"I can't believe it." He said. "I didn't think I would see you again."

"Neither did I." She said happily. He hugged her.


My heart felt like lead. I started to back away, but then Sora motioned for me. I walked toward him, my face burning.

"This is Kairi." He said as he took my hand. I couldn't believe him.

"Hi I'm Namine Hojutsu. It's nice to meet you." She said holding out her hand. Time to put on a happy face.

I smiled and shook it. "I am Kairi Hikari. Nice to meet you too." Was all I said. I had a lump in my throat, like I couldn't speak. I just stood back the rest of the time as Sora introduced the others.

"Well, it has been nice meeting all of you, but I have to leave. I must unpack and get settled. See you tomorrow." She said. Her parents walked toward town, and Namine followed. She gave us one last wave before she was out of sight. After that I told Sora I was going home.

"Why Kairi? It's only two in the afternoon. Is something wrong?" He said with a worried face.

"It's nothing." I lied. "I'm just a bit tired." I started walking back, but Sora stopped me from going any further.

"Kai, she is just a friend. Nothing more, I swear." He said. His eyes were serious.

"I know..." I replied. "It's just that there is something about her I don't like." I said to him. His eyes looked worried.

"It's okay Kai..." He said. He hugged me. I laid my head on his chest. "If you need to go home and get some rest, I'll take you." He said, showing his goofy grin. I couldn't help but laugh.

"Thanks Sora. Let's go." I whispered. He grabbed my hand and walked me home.

End Chappy one

I hope everyone liked this chapter. This is only my second fanfic, and it just popped into my head one night. (Like two days ago) This only took me an hour to write, which's why it is pretty short. I hop you like it. Please R&R!

Sora: Why me! Two girls?

Riku: Don't worry, the writer told me everyhting.

Sora: What? No fair!

Riku: If she would have told you, it would be blabbed to Kairi and Namine, then to Selphie, who would tell Yuffie, who would tell tidus, who would tell wakka, who would trick Tidus into telling everyone else.

Sora: O.o

Kairi: Starts laughing