The Name


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Disclaimer: I do not own anything to do with The Outsiders. I was just thinking about this while I was re-reading the book.

Sorry, it's just a short little thing.

"Sodapop is horsecrazy." - Ponyboy Curtis, The Outsiders


"Okay, Soda." said Darry to his little, impatient, three-year old brother. "Okay, Mom says you can name our new little brother." Darry and Soda's mom had just had a baby boy, and since Darry had named Sodapop, Sodapop got to name their new baby.

Soda clapped his hands. "Got a name already, Darry." he said.

"Oh, yeah?" said Darry. "What is it, Soda?"


"Ponyboy?" asked Darry.

Just then, their dad walked in.

"Dad," said Darry. "Soda wants to name our new brother Ponyboy."

"Well," said their father thoughtfully. "You did name your brother Sodapop, so why shouldn't Sodapop pick his brother's name? I think Ponyboy is a fine name, Soda." he smiled at Soda, who laughed. "Told you so, Darry." he said

Darry thought for a second. "Ponyboy." he repeated. "You sure about that, Soda?"

Soda nodded his head feverently. "Ponyboy, my baby brother."

"All right then." said Darry.

"Well," their dad said. "If you have name picked out, Soda, we'll go see your new baby brother, and we'll tell your mom that he's got a name."

As they walked to the car, Darry shook his head. Ponyboy. That was a name only Soda would think of.

'Whatever his name is,' thought Darry. 'I love Ponyboy just as much as I love Soda.'


Sorry it's so short.

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