Gir then after a long time of thinking Gir skipped out the door still clutching the note Boss Man gave him. He looked around and found a calendar in the trash. It read Sunday, March 25th. Gir then decided to go home to eat which he hadn't done in days. He opened up his head and put the note along with the money he made earlier today.

Gir: I'm gonna go home and get ready for my first day of work.

Gir then turned on his jets and flew home past Crazy Taco which had a "Out of Business" sign on it. He floated there looking at it. Thinking what he would do when he owned it. He then eyed a man walking by carrying a "Sold" sign. He put it up on the Crazy Taco door and in ten seconds flat a crowd gathered.

Sales man: The Crazy Taco is back in business thanks to a small, green boy named Zim.
Zim: I'm just glad I thought of it before someone else bought it!

Then the crowd cleared and Zim was left alone. Gir was amazed at what his master did for him.

Gir: Master! You bought Crazy Taco for me!
Zim: No. When I read your note I realized what I could do with a restaurant so I am using this for my new plan.
Gir: Ok! I want 50 tacos!
Zim: That will be $380.35.

Gir opened his head and gave Zim all of his money and the note from Boss Man. Zim took the note and read it.

Zim: Gir, what is this?
Gir: Oh! I have a job now! I'm gonna go quit!

Gir flew off into the sunset to quit his job.

Zim: Hopefully that will occupy him for a while.

Zim took out Irken tools and worked on the Crazy Taco. Turning it into a death-restaraunt.

The End?