Chapter 1

It was a Sunday morning, and on this particular morning, Teddy was the first to awake in the old tree house. He looked around, seeing Vern sprawled out on one side of him and Gordy on the other. Dazed and confused, Teddy looked around wondering what had happened the night before, a feeling he had grown accustomed to.

"Gordy, Vern! Wake the hell up! It's past noon, I'm gonna get killed if I don't get home soon!" Gordy Opened his eyes.

"What the hell are you talking about Teddy, it's only nin--- HOLY SHIT!" Gordy and Teddy ran out of the tree house.

Despite all that had changed, one thing would never change, Vern would always be the outcast of the group. This was surprising to most who hadn't known the boys all their lives, seeing as Vern had changed very drastically from Junior High to Sophomore year. Vern was no longer short chubby boy that everyone picked on, he had become quite attractive. He had sprouted up about two feet, and had been working out. He had also gone further with any girl than any of the boys, including Chris.

Of the Four friends, Teddy, Gordy, Vern and Chris, the entire town thought Chris would be the one to fall to drugs and alcohol. Generally, children who come from families with an abusive alcoholic for a dad, either follow in these footsteps, or never touch a bottle in their lives, and surprisingly enough, Chris had fallen into the latter category.

After Junior High, Chris had lost touch with his old friends, and started to do his own thing. Despite the way everyone assumed he's turn out, Chris did well in school, while Teddy Gordy and Vern went drinking almost every night. Although Chris was far from an angel, he sure hadn't fallen into the same crowd his old friends.

Chris escaped his family in a different way. He usually found an excuse to go out of town, he had picked up many hobbies, surprisingly, mostly sports, half of which he wasn't even interested in, just so he could go and do something. Chris had seen the way his father drank, the way he had treated his wife, and the way he had treated his children, Chris vowed to never end up that way.

This Sunday was basketball practice, one of the few of his "hobbies" he actually enjoyed. It was 9:00 in the morning when Chris left the house, but he had been wondering the streets for hours, until basketball practice started at 1:00. As he roamed the streets, Chris glanced down the street to see none other then his old best friend Gordy running right toward him.

"Hey! Long time no talk! What the hells been up?" Chris yelled to Gordy, as he approached him. Gordy slowed down.

"Holy shit! Chris! What's up, I've missed you, we should hang out soon," Gordy told him. Chris had seen this all too familiar look of a hangover in Gordy's eyes, a look he had seen all too often in his father's eyes. He tried to ignore it, and go on with the story.

"My number hasn't changed, give me a call one day, or stop by, I'm not busy all this week, all I've got is basketball on Sundays as of now."

"Sounds good, I'll come by some time this week," Gordy promised, "And I'll drag Vern and Teddy along too, it'll be great, like old times." Chris was excited to try to rekindle a relationship with his old friends again, he hadn't had good friends like them for awhile.

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