Chapter 2

It's Tuesday afternoon, Chris is locked up in his room doing homework, trying to escape his brother and all his stupid friends. The doorbell rings, and much to the surprise of Chris, it's Teddy, Gordie and Vern, Chris hadn't actually expected them all to stop by.

"HEY!" Chris shouted, "What have you assholes been up to?" (Another thing that would never change, no matter what, how incredibley "nice" all of these friends were to one another)

"I told you we'd drop by. Wanted to know if you wanted to go hang out down by the lake, we were on our way there."

"Deffinately! Anything to get out of this shit hole."

Off they all went, and it was like old times. Somehow, it didnt seem weird, or uncomfortable. It was as if they had never lost touch at all, they just picked up where they had left off, filling eachother in on little details along the way to the lake. As they reached the lake, Chris saw a little shack start to appear.

"Man, I havent been down here in forever, did you guys build this?"

"Haha no, its been here forever, but no one uses it, except for us." Teddy told him.

"Oh," Chris said "for what?" Teddy Vern and Gordie looked at eachother, with a smirk, "Come on," Vern said to Chris. Without a word, but slightly confused, Chris followed. Until they reached the shack, and Teddy opened it. Pulling out a 6 pack, along the stash of whatever else, Teddy offered Chris a beer.

"No thanks, I've been trying to stop," he lied.

"Ahhh.. No problem" Teddy said, "So am I" they all laughed. "How long you been clean?"

"About a month," he lied again, but no one seemed to notice. Despite the fact that Chris had, for the most part stayed clean and sober his whole life, everyone saw him as the same kind of person his father was, and even if he tried to convince them, everyone believed he had to be doing some kind of drugs. Chris was okay with this though, he never did give a damn what anybody thought of him.

All the boys, with the exception of Chis of course sat there sipping their bottles, and talking.

"So, Chris what have you been up to? I've seen you around school with that Megan, whats up with you two?" Gordie asked.

"Nothing, we've been friends since the very beginning of middle school. Didnt I introduce her to you two back then?"

"No" they all said, "We must not have been friends still."

"Oh.." Chris said feeling a little unsettled, "I could have sworn I did." And Chris knew he did, he was positively certain, but he didn't want to push it, especially since, he could remember just why he and three had ended their almost lifelong friendship, and it had a lot to do with Megan, in his mind, it was best that none of them remembered.

They all sat in silence for a good minute or so, all thinking about the same thing, and they all knew it, but it was Gordie who finally spoke.

"Do you remember what happened? Why you kind of, strayed away?" Chris knew the question would come eventually, and he saw Vern and Teddy were trying o remember as well. Chris pretended to think along with them.

"No idea," he finally lied. "I guess we all just got interested in differant things," he lied again, and that was good enough for the three of them to except, afterall, nobody actually knew Chris wasn't interested in the sports he wrapped himself up in. "Yeah, I guess so," they all agreed, and that was that.


I'm sorry the first two chapters dont really reveal much about anything, and they're kind of slow, but the next chapter or so will reveal more about why the friends broke up.

The next Chapter will follow the character of Chris, and he will become more dementional.