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Chapter 1 A Bet

"Hey Ten-chan?"


"It's getting boring…how 'bout a game…?"

Instantly, all of the girls swerved their heads in Ino's direction.

Sakura grinned evilly at Ino, "And just what do you have in mind, Ino?"

Ino smirked in mischievously in Tenten's direction.

"Tenten…up for a bet?"

The amber-eyed brunette looked at Ino with a confused expression, her eye flickering back and forth between Sakura and Ino, who were both staring at her with very evil auras emitting from them. Temari yawned, lying down on the couch

"Stop it, you're scaring the poor girl…"

"But Tenten's the only girl who hasn't admitted if she liked anyone…"

Tenten now knew where this was going. And she was not going to go there. Without putting up a fight at least. She braced herself.

"So Tenten…seen any hot boys you like lately?"

Argh…must…defend! RAISE THE SHIELDS!

"Boys are all the same…why would I notice any?"

This drew a collective gasp from all the girls assembled in Sakura's house.

"How can you say that , Tenten? Is it because you don't have a boyfriend?"

They started giggling, causing Tenten to blush furiously. NOOO! ARM THE PHASERS! FIRE THE FIRST SALVO!

"Well, unlike you people, I don't waste my time chasing boys…it' interferes with my training. Anyways, wouldn't it be much more satisfying to have a boy chase after you?"

Temari smirked as she closed her eyes, preparing for a nap. "You go girl…"

There were several giggles and some random murmurs.

"God, Tenten, you push yourself too hard…you really should go out and enjoy yourself sometime…"

"Yeah, you know, go to the nearest bar, grab a guy, and dance away the night!"

An uproar of laughter ensued, and Tenten continued to blush. NOOO SHIELDS FAILING!

"So Tenten…who do you like? Or should I say…desire?"

A long round of "OOOOOH" and "AHHHHH" followed the very personal question. Tenten immediately found every pair of eyes centered on her red face. Well, except Temari, who had fallen asleep.


"Well what?"

"Who is your crush? Or maybe you have a secret boyfriend that we don't know about, hmm?"


"Ooohh…Ten-chan's getting rather touchy on this subject, eh girls?"

"So who is it?"

"It has gotta be Hyuuga, he's the only boy she interacts without while off duty…"

"Yeah, she's always training with him. Or at least that's what she says they're doing…"

Everyone looked back at Tenten, who had successfully turned into a two-bunned tomato. Ino snickered maliciously.

"I knew it. So, you still a virgin?"

"W-W-What d-d y-you mean?"

Temari broke the mood with a loud obtrusive snort as she rolled over and abruptly fell off the couch, hitting the ground with a loud thunk. Everyone sweatdropped.

"Anyways, so you like Neji right? Or does he like you?"

"" We're just FRIENDS Sakura, FRIENDS!"

"Suuuure…that's what everyone says…"


Temari awoke, grunting in annoyance.

"Can't you girls shut up already? I'm trying to sleep. And leave the innocent ones alone, will'ya? There's too few of them left."

The girl looked at each other in confusion.

"Who's the innocent one?"

"Tenten here of course. She's the only one never to have chased a boy actively, dated a boy, kissed a boy, hugged a boy, let alone go to Sex Edu…"

"Oh yeaaah. Tenten played hooky…with whom? WITH HYUUGA NEJI!"

Temari smacked her forehead, "They were training. Now leave the poor girl alone. At least she tries hard to be a kunoichi…"

"Are you saying we're not kunoichis?"

"No, just said you were weak ones."

Sakura and Ino issued war cries and launched themselves upon a startled Temari. Several vicious moments of cat fighting later, Temari brushed herself off as she glared at the two cowering girls. "Learn to fear the power of the tomboy!"

Tenten laughed, giving Temari a high-five. "Hmmm…I think I broke a nail...anyways, now that I'm fully awake, I'm also interested in who Tenten likes…"

"TRAITOR!" Temari giggled at Tenten, covering her mouth with her hands.

"Sorry dear, but it's just so intriguing…I mean, you've never told anyone if you liked a boy before…hell, I recall hearing that you didn't like boys in the first place…just kidding," she added hastily as Tenten blanched visibly, "So is it Hyuuga? I mean don't be shy about it, you're the only girl he trusts and acknowledges as a equal. We always see you two together in public, even when you're both off duty. Man, you two are practically soul mates."

Sakura then added, "Here's the bet; give Neji a hug and tell him you love him!"

She flashed Tenten the victory sign. Tenten instantly became lost in her thoughts once again.

Me? And Neji? We're best of friends, and…I guess I do like him…love him…yeah…but hug him? What if he rejects me?

"Tenten-san, Im pretty sure Neji-niisan likes you. You're the only girl who affects him this way…well, in fact you're the only thing that affects him this way…"


"You somehow cause him to open up…there are only two people…myself…he treats me like his younger sister, and you, his best friends and teammate."

The other girls nodded in agreement.

"C' on Tenten, we're behind 100 percent of the way!"

"Actually…I'd prefer if you didn't…I'd rather do this myself…"

"So you'll do it?"

"No." And with that, Tenten got up and left, exiting the room silently and fluidly. After she left, the girls looked at each other. Temari smiled. "Don't follow, but I just wanted to tell you guys that she's to going out to meet Neji. Probably will take up the bet…"

Tenten ran across the rooftops of Konoha, streaking across the skyline like graceful dove. Hundreds of meters below her were the bustling streets of the Village. Merchants, salesmen, and vendors were everywhere, going about their daily businesses. The aromas of hundreds of different food stands wafted through the air of the open markets.

Tenten continued to bound from house to house, tears starting to form. Temari was right, I don't know anything that I should…I'm such a reject…I've never had a "crush", gone on a date…I don't understand any of my feelings! I've…wasted too much of my life…

Suddenly, she miscalculated a jump and she tripped over the side of a building, and she plummeted down, towards the ground. She had been blinded by confusion and her tears of innocence.

She closed her eyes as she fell, suddenly too tired to try and save herself. She could sense the ground coming up to meet her, as gasps and cries of shock issued from the passersby and villagers.

Suddenly, she was moving in a different direction, soaring back up past the wooden rafters of a hotel.

She found herself in the protective arms of a Hyuuga Neji.

"Neji…" She looked up at his face, his pearl eyes staring out in front, at the horizon, as they flew towards the forest. She clung to his robes, burying her face in them.

"Thank you…"

Neji looked down at her with concern. He gazed down at the slender figure curled up in his arms, her face buried in his chest. Her prone form brought a rare smile to his serious facade.

Neji sat in the middle of the wide meadow, sitting amongst the tall grasses and wildflowers. It was times like this that he was at peace. For once…

He slumped backwards, admiring the blue clear sky, with some puffy clouds lining the edges of his view. He turned his head to watch the girl beside him sleep. Tenten was curled up into a ball, hugging her legs to herself. Neji smirked as he played with a strand of her hair, which had begun to fall out of its buns. She stirred slightly, and then turned in her sleep, to face Neji, but her face no longer held a frown. She smiled and whispered his name softly, as he placed a comforting hand on her forehead.

"So…what's troubling you?" he asked, even though he knew she wouldn't answer.

"Life causing problems for the both of us again…yes, of course…that must it. Hn…a little sleep wouldn't hurt now…"

It was his turn to start dozing off, as the two teammates basked in the sun in the freedom of the wilderness together.

End chp 1

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