The Meaning Of Love – One Shot, Liberty's Kids

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Sarah was very tired after her full day of reporting with James and Henri. When she got home, she went into her room of the Print Shop, shut the door, and pulled out her diary.

Dear Diary,

Today was a very busy day… Henri, James, and I reported on the Continental Congress.

But, (again) I wasn't interested in the story, it was him! I know it sounds silly, knowing he couldn't possibly like a girl like me.

Sarah stopped for a minute and sighed, thinking about the one boy who had won her heart… James Hiller. Yes, she know he was a patriot, (secretly she was too) and he thought she was a loyalist…but, that didn't matter to her.

"No…" Sarah whispered quietly to herself. "This cannot possibly be love yet… I'm only 15…"

Sarah realized it was starting to get late, but when she looked up to blow out her candle, some one was standing at her door, looking at her.

"J-j-ames… how long have you been standing there…." She asked.

"That doesn't matter, I just wanted to talk to you, Sarah." James answered.

"Umm.. okay, let's go to the back room, then." She suggested.

"We can't," James said. "Mr. Franklin has guests over and they're using that room."

"Alright… well, what are you standing over there for? Come in and sit." Sarah said while scooting over to make room for James.

James looked Sarah right in the eye, but not in a mad way, more like a comforting gaze. "Has.. well.. something been bothering you lately, Sarah?" James asked her.

Sarah was sort of shocked he would ask something like that to her. "No… why would you ask such a thing, James?"

"Well…" he started, "While we were reporting today, you were sort of staring at me funny, like you were mad at me. Did I do something wrong? I apologize if I did…"

Wow, Sarah thought. He's actually being a gentleman about it!

"No James, I'm not mad at you at all." Sarah decided to say.

"Then, could you at least.. explain what the looking thing was all about?" James asked, obviously curious.

"Oh, it was nothing." Sarah was blushing by now, her cheeks a rosy pink. Oh Lord… Out of all days, he has to find out NOW? Sarah thought.

James took Sarah's hand in his and said "Sarah.. please.. I feel like you're hiding something from me. I thought we were better friends than that, and friends don't keep secrets from each other."

"Well, James, you see.. that's the problem.. we're... friends." She said, let go of his hand, and let a tear roll down her cheek.

James was sort of confused by this. "W-what are you saying, exactly?"

Sarah was now regretting she said anything about this to him. She was very embarrassed actually…

"What I'm saying is, well, we're just friends, right? I was just.. well.. hoping we could be more, James Hiller…I-I-I love you… y-you were the best thing that has every happened to me since I came to America…"

James looked up at her and scooted a little closer. "Do you mean that, Sarah?"

Sarah took in a heavy breath, "Yes… James… I mean it…."

"I love you too" James said.

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