This could have been Captain Jack Sparrow's NEARLY final thoughts afore being rescued by the rum runners.

Rum, Rum

Rum, rum, ye waste away,

Per'aps I'll find another taste,

That suits me more than I kin bear,

And gives me final breath of air,

Rum, rum, I wish ye'd stay,

For I kin't live another day,

And waste away on this wretched isle,

And die in my own self denial,

Rum, rum, ye taste like heaven,

But I fear it's to 'ell I'm headin',

I'll go on down to the depths below,

And dream of ye, rum, so long ago…

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ch 1, signed

oh God... i can imagine Jack singing this song... is something that i would like to see! Yummy!

ch 1, signed

Hello, I thought I should advice you: you are publishing a fic in English in a page in Spanish, so most of your potential readers just can't understand your text! Aniway, I find this fic original. Good bye!

Norma Jean the Dancing Machine
ch 1, signed

that's so's true though "Rum, rum, ye taste like heaven," yeah i can picture jack saying that..well good poem! reveiw my stories please! i admire your work and you reveiwing would mean alot! thanks!

ch 1, signed

Oh. My. Gosh. This is sad and depressing. But somehow funny... xD

Thanks guys ;)