By Naoko Asakura

Disclaimer: I don't own Samurai Champloo! Wuuugh!

Author's Note: Yum. This could be taken in any way you like.

They move in silence. As fast and slick as a new blade, and twice as hot. Their deep connection and burning eyes see past the rough exteriors of just a wayward fighter and an equally lawless girl. They clash with sharpened tongues and beat eachother down with afflictive words, always reaching with aching fingers for each other's hearts and throats. Prying eyes keep them refraining from touching.

They move in tandem, and their voices gasp for breath in a call and response as they collide with eachother once again. One heart beating without leaving the other behind and they grope for eachother in the darkness with the same wanting hands. Their lips utter the opposite's name… like a mantra, or a rhapsody duet.

She's closer to shattering with each inaudible syllable he expresses against her collarbone, his eyelashes flirting with her cheeks as he trails kisses down her jaw. The detachment from her own body sends her soul reeling with the idea that she shares his euphoria.

He grips her sides as she twists graceful and feral at the same time, and marvels at how such a small girl can have such life in her. He even wonders how she can stay so desirable, what with the lack of food on a daily basis. His clouded eyes flutter closed and he seals her rosy mouth with his thin, chapped lips. For a moment, he doesn't know what to do with himself. He feels as though he were about to…


The sound of his name sets his insides on fire.


He calls her name mutely and buries his face in the crook of her neck again.


A sharp pain comes like an alarm to his head, and his eyes snap wide open. There she is, standing over him looking lovelier than ever with the sun at her back. He fights down the need to pull her down to him and instead, lands a sweeping kick at her ankles. She lands on the ground with a soft thud and before she can even begin to complain, he's already up from his temporary bed of moss and leaves.

"You're so mean! Inconsiderate jerk!" She grinds out between her teeth. Her eyes smolder with annoyance as she stands up again. Beyond them both, another man stands and pushes his glasses up the bridge of his nose. With a sigh, he turns and walks down the path. She sees him go and cries out in protest. "Jin! Wait up! Don't leave me with this loser!"

He ambles down the path lazily, only looking as she brushes past him. For a moment, he can see her flushed face and her sparkling eyes, and he chuckles lowly to himself. The other man cranes his neck to look at him with questioning eyes. He answers with another chuckle and a shrug.

"I had a good dream… What's it to you?"