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I'm misunderstood

Shunned from the world

The only thing I fell is pain

I'm screaming for help

I took my cold long knife out in the dead of the night. It glimmered in the moon's light.

'Kai what are you doing with that?' Dranzer asked me.

I ignored her, he was going to try to talk me out of this. I didn't want that to happen I wanted to leave this place, I wanted to be free.

But nobody's ever been there

I'm trapped

But I'm not going to let anyone know

Who knows me?

I don't even know myself

'Kai what the hell are you doing!' Dranzer yelled in my mind. I didn't care anymore I just put the knife to my wrist. Adrenaline was rushing through my whole body, I was excited, I was excited that I can actually leave the hell hole.

I'm lost

My emotions are bottle up

I can never laugh

I can never cry

I'm lonely...

'KAI PUT THAT THING DOWN!' Dranzer screamed in my head but I couldn't hear her. I was focused on the knife. I pressed the cold metal on my skin and slowly cut deep into my skin, I was sure to let the blood run. It didn't hurt, it felt more like heaven. I let the blood flow and I let myself slowly slip away.

I can't stand it

I want to leave,

Here's my last breath to the world

I slit my other wrist and watch the blood flow I let it flow into my clothes and the ground. My vision blurred and I became numb I freely let myself fall into the pool of blood I created.

'NO! KAI! DON'T DIE ON ME!' Dranzer yelled. It was the last voice I heard before I fell into my deep sleep, never to be woken again.

I can laugh now

I'm happy

Truly happy

The next day the housemaid came in and screamed at her master and the pool of blood. His blade was placed beside him a small drop of water fell from the blade. Was it a tear? What was weirder for the maid was that a small smile was placed on his face. Kai was happy, happy to get out of this hell, he was finally, truly happy.

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