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' Thinking '



Chapter 1 Enter Kikyo


Once again our heros were around a campfire after another day of shard hunting. Shippo was curled up in Kagome's sleeping bag while kilala was on the out side of it. Our favorite Inu Hanyou was sitting by his favorite tree eating ramen a.k.a. "ninja food" They were all laughing at Miroku's most recent attempt to grope Sango that they didn't notice when Kagome's back stiffened up and her laughter died down. Everyone noticed when Inuyasha stopped laughing though. He had been laughing the loudest. They all looked to the sky. Just as they thought, Kikyo's Soul Collectors were flying ahead. Inuyasha got up and ran in the direction in which they were flying.

'Maybe' thought Kagome. 'He'll notice this time. He'll notice that when ever he comes back my movements become slower. Probably not. He'll just complain that I dilly-dally. Then he'll pick me up and throw me over his shoulder and linecarry me for the rest of the day. You'd think he would notice that I get heavier every time. It's not my fault though. It's Kikyo's. Every time she come around she takes more of my soul away from me.'

Kagome signed. 8 month into the journey Kikyo had learned how to take back her soul. Only problem was she could only take back some of her soul once a month.

'I wonder how long I can go on for?' thought Kagome. 'I don't even have half of my soul left. I wonder if Inuyasha will EVER catch on that I'm slowly dying? As if. That bastered wouldn't notice if I died my hair neon PINK! O well. At least he'll be with the one he loves.'

Just then the soul collectors started coming towards camp. 'Great' thought Kagome. 'they'll be here awhile. Well may as well get it over with. Maybe this time I won't wake up. Then I wouldn't have to go through this again.'

The soul colectors flew overhead, covering Miroku and Sango in a like dust to make them fall asleep. Just like what they had done before.

A cold wind sept through camp, making Kagoime siver. She moved closer to the fire, (AN: remember that fact) just as the soul collectors came towards her.

They raped themselves around Kagome lifting her to the air. 'Why' kagome thought. 'Why doesn't Inuyasha ever realize that I'm in danger. He probably wouldn't love Kikyo as much as he does if he knew what she did to me. But then again I'm just a Shard Detctor to him. Nothing more, nothing less.' S lone tear ran down her cheek.

With Inuyasha

"Kikyo why are you coming around more?I can almost predict when your next 'visit' will be." Inuyasha asked the dead bitch Kikyo.

"Inuyasha, if I didn't know better, I would think that you don't want to see me. You make it sound like you prefer to be around my reincarnation instead of the real deal.But I'm wrong. Right Inuyasha. I'm jumping to the wrong conclusions. Arn't I." spoke the walking clay pot. (Srry. MAJOR Kikyo hater.)

Inuyasha thought for a moment. Did he really love Kikyo? The more he thought about it the more he realized he had been looking for acceptence. So had Kikyo.(also known as Bitchy McBitch Bitch) He realized that they had not loved each other. Just enjoyed each others company. Inuyasha realized that he had fallin in love with Kagome a few months back.

"Kikyo" Inuyasha spoke after a minute or two of silence. "Why is it that whenever I come to see you, when I get back to camp, Kagome looks paler than usual. And Miroku and Sango have nomemory about what happened after I left. Also why is Kagome always weaker and slower. And she ways more, like she can't support her weight?"

"Maybe she should go on a diet?" suggested Kikyo.

"Maybe you should tell me what's going on." Inuyasha said.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" came a voice from the distance.

"That was Kagome. If she was injured an dI find out you were the cause of it, not even going to hell will keep you from the pain an dsuffering I'll cause." And with that Inuyasha took off in the direction of camp.

"NNNNNOOOOO" screamed Kikyo. Her Soul Collectors didn't have enough time to escape with out Inuyasha knowing what was or should I said had been going on when Inuyasha left to see her. If they left now both Kikyo and Kagome would be killed.


A large gust of wind had forced the Soul Collectors to drop Kagome. Right over the fire pit. But thankfuly because of all the wind the fire had gone down. But that didn't matter to her back. It still hurt like hell.

Just then a figure in red appreared out of the bushes. It was Inuyasha. What he saw made his stomach turn. There laying on the forest floor was Kagome. Kikyo's Soul Collectors hanging above her with bits and pieces of her soul hanging in mid air.

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